Power Color Radeon 9550 Graphics Card


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RADEON 9550 delivers a cinematic experience to devoted gamers and casual enthusiasts alike, featuring optimized DirectX 9.0 and AGP 8X support to push 3D games to their limit.

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Interface Connection: DVI Yes, VGA Yes, S-Video Yes

Slot/Port Type: AGP 8x

Video Chipset: Radeon 9550

normalized-Installed Video Memory: 256


Product Title: Power Color Radeon 9550 Graphics Card

Manufacturer: Power Color

Lowest Price: $156.40 from PinnacleMicro

Power Score: 4.3 | 3 Reviews

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Radeon 9550 R96-LD3 Video Card (256MB, AGP 8X, DVI, 2D/3D w/ TV-Out)

Strengths: Speed, memory, price

Weakness: two versions

Finally, I can play Flight Sim with every detail set to high. With my old card, playing Flight Sim with high detail would result in jerky motion due to insufficient memory. Radeon 9550 can handle tasks with ease for it has 256MB to throw. But the only catch is that you will not know which version you will recieve. There is a standard version with fan. There is also a slim down version with only...
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By alasam - Jan 28, 2006

Sweet spot AGP video card on price / performance

Strengths: More than enough capability to extend the life of older PIV (2.4GHz) computer to play current somewhat demanding video games (Black and White 2; Civ 4)

Weakness: More powerful cards exist, that will really knock your socks off; ATI cards and some games don't play nicely

I needed to upgrade 3 Pentium IV computers - which had MX440 video cards - with more video capability to play current video games at acceptable quality. These are all PIV 2.4Ghz machines. The current card just wouldn't run the game at all. My objective - upgrade the AGP video on the PCs to provide more than good enough quality - extending the life of the PC for a year or two - and not break the...
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By ellory - Dec 22, 2005

Like most people, I bought only 1...

Strengths: True Directx 9.0 support. Fairly smooth 3D rendering when playing Nascar 3 with all video settings set to at least Medium.

Weakness: Picture did get stuck (pause for 1/2 second or so) from time to time, but maybe because I was pushing it too hard, not a big problem though.

Like most people, I bought only 1 video card so it's impossible for me to benchmark with other cards, but for 80 bucks, you get true Directx 9.0, while 9500 supports only 8.0. I hear the chip is actually the same as 9600. If you have a tight budget, this is a steal. I am using DVI and I am quite satisfied with the picture I get when I watch DVDs and play games.

By Chinusa - May 17, 2005

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