PNY Verto VCG4MX42PPB GeForce 420 Graphic Card SDRAM - AGP 2x


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The Verto MX 420 graphics card, part of the hot new GeForce4 MX series, offers exciting new features to the mainstream gaming market never before available. This multi-display GPU includes high-speed features that bring cutting-edge performance to 3D/2D games and applications. NVIDIA Lightspeed Memory Architecture (LMA) II and nView display technology allow more fluid frame rates and user flexibility. NVIDIA Accuview Antialiasing enhances cinematic realism of multi-textured games and enables high resolution, full-screen antialiased game play. With this combination of powerful features, Verto MX 420 is sure to forever change your graphics world.

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Slot/Port Type: AGP 2x

Video Chipset: GeForce 420

Interface Connection: 1 x 15-pin VGA

normalized-Installed Video Memory: 64


Product Title: PNY Verto VCG4MX42PPB GeForce 420 Graphic Card SDRAM - AGP 2x

Manufacturer: PNY

Lowest Price: $243.84 from

Power Score: 3.5 | 4 Reviews

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Product Reviews (4)

I have a dual display using 2 PNY...

Strengths: Inexpensive PCI VGA, DDR mem, TV video out, overall good card

Weakness: GF4 is not much improvement from GF3

I have a dual display using 2 PNY cards; 1 VGA and 1 PCI and they work beautifully. SIDE NOTE: Every now and then I'll see a review that is completely ignorable. However, the previous review was so ignorant that I have to comment. What is this person talking about? You are asking questings about VGA when you bought a PCI card. If I worked in tech support and you called me I would also re-direct...
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By w84me2p - Apr 6, 2003

This card works perfectly on a...

Strengths: fast, reliable, rewarding for its price

Weakness: Don't loose the software, because if you reload Win XP OS you may have to download drivers...but still not the end of the world

This card works perfectly on a lousy motherboard (I815 chipset.) Excellent for the ultimate 3D extreme graphic games. Since I got it, it's being hard to keep away a whole bunch of experienced kids that want to play on my machine lol

By mmaxcomputers - Sep 15, 2002

I was sorry to hear the complaints...

Strengths: Excellent performance to cost ratio

Weakness: Sdram as opposed to DDR but hey would you notice the difference?

I was sorry to hear the complaints of the above buyer. I read all the FAQs on the PNY and Nvidia site and followed directions. I put the agp card in my cheapo dual (WinXP/Redhat Linux)Emachine T1400. First I followed directions and installed the new VIA north and south bridge onboard chip-set upgrades. I than made sure my bios was set to agp versus pci and inserted the board. I followed the...
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By bigtrough - Jul 24, 2002

I called the company and asked for...

Weakness: Terrible customer support. So how can they provide a lifetime warranty if the support stink!

I called the company and asked for tech support and they insisted on giving the email address. I refused and was passed on to someone else and said to call in 5 min. I called and was forced to left a message. My message was simple "I am building a Pentium 4 that requires an AGP 4X, the graphics card I have is GeForce2, 64Mb and supports AGP 2X/4X. From what I've read newly purchased devices are...
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By Tix - Jul 22, 2002

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