PNY NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT Graphics Card

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Features: NVIDIA CineFX 3.0 engine, Superscaler GPU architecture with 16 rendering pipelines, 350MHz core clock, 256-bit high-speed DDR3 memory interface, 1GHz memory data rate, 32GB/sec. memory bandwidth, 5.6 billion texels/sec. fill rate, 406 million vertices/sec. setup, 525 million vertices/sec. setup, 16 pixels per clock (peak), 16 textures per pixel(max in a single rendering pass), Dual 400MHz RAMDACs, Maximum display resolution 2048 x 1536 at 85Hz, Flat panel display support with resolutions up to 1600 x 1200

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Slot/Port Type: AGP 8x

Video Chipset: GeForce 6800

Interface Connection: DVI Yes, VGA Yes, S-Video Yes

Functionality: 2 Monitors

normalized-Installed Video Memory: 256


Product Title: PNY NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT Graphics Card

Manufacturer: PNY

Lowest Price: $155.25 from PinnacleMicro

Power Score: 4.9 | 11 Reviews

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I just upgraded from a(VERY FAST)...

Strengths: Very fast,easy to install

Weakness: None

I just upgraded from a(VERY FAST) Geforce 5900 witch I had overclocked at 425MHZ core and 890MHZ memory,but I can honestly say this card is faster with out overclocking it.

By srogers1 - Jan 31, 2005

So far so good and I'm sure this...

Strengths: The Card is much faster that my dated 5700U. So far I've only tested the card with is Pacific Assult graphix maxed out and the game's running great. The Cards a bit $$$$ but worth it if you have the $

Weakness: If you don't have the extra power don't waist you $. Read other reveiws and some folks have complained about the card not working well on systems without enough juice.

So far so good and I'm sure this card will be as good the PNY 5700 Ultra I'm replacing. I'm running a MSI overclockers mother board with a P4 2.8 and a gig of PC3200 RAM. Everything is tweaked a bit so I'm bound to have issues here and there but so far I like PNY vid cards and they work very well in my system so I'm sticking with them. To date I've not had any system problems or SW conflicts...
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By mhlohaus_1100025401 - Jan 18, 2005

PNY GeForce NVIDIA... It's the...

Strengths: Very fast, excellent graphics, TV-out, the list goes on.

Weakness: none

PNY GeForce NVIDIA... It's the best. This product has so many great qualities about it the list would take forever. I do have to say that if anyone is interested in getting a video card, go with PNY. They just keep getting better and better. Read all the reviews out there about the product itself and the company. Nothing but good stuff.

By swift1 - Jan 9, 2005

PNY has a great card that can be...

Strengths: 3 year warranty, can be bought for good price, can be overclocked

Weakness: No additional software in package

PNY has a great card that can be overclocked out of the box. They can often be bought at a cheaper price than other brands without any loss of quality.

By norman888 - Dec 12, 2004

The software installed easily. No...

Strengths: Unbelievable graphics. Easy installation.

Weakness: First one I received was defective. The vga fan could be quieter.

The software installed easily. No problem with drivers. The picture is perfect. Runs Doom 3 (most intensive graphics to date) without any problems or flickering. Stock, the game runs at 96 fps. I understand that the PNY card allows the ability to overclock the vga card.

By nastasin - Nov 20, 2004

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