ATI RADEON 9800 PRO Graphics Card

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RADEON 9800 Series of visual processors is the most visually advanced 3D performer on the planet, delivering an immersive, cinematic experience for the most demanding next-generation games with 128MB of DDR memory and a 256-bit memory interface. Merging advanced stability with revolutionary features, RADEON 9800 Series is the only Visual Processing family in its 2nd generation.

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Video Chipset: Radeon 9800 PRO

Interface Connection: DVI Yes, VGA Yes, S-Video Yes

Slot/Port Type: AGP 8x

Functionality: 2 Monitors

normalized-Installed Video Memory: 128


Product Title: ATI RADEON 9800 PRO Graphics Card

Manufacturer: ATI

Power Score: 4.4 | 30 Reviews

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ATI RADEON 9800 PRO Graphics Card.

Strengths: Great card when it first appeared. Worked well with most software and very few problems. Lasted longer than 9 years.

Weakness: Limited usefulness on new software requirements.

This card has lasted me for over nine years of extensive use. I had it in a Dell XPS and it finally gave up the ghost. I think the fan may have quit working on it causing it to overheat and cause vertical lines to appear on my monitor.

By anonymous; - Sep 13, 2012

ati dosnt honor warenty

Strengths: great graphics

Weakness: ati customer service

card is great untill you need to use the warrenty. the fan stoped on mine cant buy the fan anywhere so you have to send it in to have a new one put on. it took five weeks before i got it "fixed" when i got it back it was a diffrent card diffrent serial number and put green lines on the screen where you couldnt view the screen. called them back always got voice mail never a call back opened...
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By jasonsmmnds - Oct 1, 2007

One of the Greatest Video cards of all time

Strengths: Can play many of the "modern" games at good frames per second, compared to other cards that are 4 years old. still beats many of the lower end new generation cards fps wise. ati has a great warranty

Weakness: it's an old card only 128mb ram

if you have a newer card these came with the same gpu's as the 9800xt's so you can theoretically run it like a 9800xt without the 256mb of ram. if you can find a card for less than a eighty dollars it's a good deal. I'd choose this over the ati 1300's, and geforce 6200s any day. at 15-70fps i still pwn on CSS.

By konman43 - Apr 11, 2006

Constantly Crashes

Strengths: Display is impressive right before it crashes

Weakness: crashes constantly

I have totally troubleshot my entire system. We conducted multiple reformats. Comes down to the graphics card. Wben the card is replaced system is stable - put card back in - crash city.

By anonymous; - Dec 30, 2005

I purchased this along with my...

Strengths: Smooth, Great Price ($149.99 after rebates)

Weakness: When I play a game or do 3dMark It crashes, I think

I purchased this along with my HDTV Wonder. Read my review on that too! Whenever I run 3dMark05 or 3dMark03 everything will be fine for like 30 sec or 1 min. All of a sudden my computer beeps and the screen shows some wired crazy stuff, usaully a rought multicolored-dark colored look to it. I have sent ATI 3 emails and have not otten any responce in over 12 days. Very frusterated. I can play...
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By JeffMyren - Dec 4, 2004

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