ATI 100-433002 Radeon 9000 Graphics Card - 128 MB DDR SDRAM - AGP 8x

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Featuring a revolutionary Quad-pipe architecture and 128MB of memory, RADEON 9000 PRO provides best-of-class performance to accelerate all popular 3D applications. Four parallel, highly optimized rendering pipelines, typically available only for the high-end gaming cards, significantly enhance performance and game-play responsiveness when compared to the standard 2-pipeline architectures found in most mid-range products.

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Slot/Port Type: AGP 8x

Video Chipset: Radeon 9000

Interface Connection: 1 x 15-pin 15-pin D-Sub VGA, 1 x DVI-I, 1 x S-Video S-Video Out

Functionality: 2 Monitors

normalized-Installed Video Memory: 128


Product Title: ATI 100-433002 Radeon 9000 Graphics Card - 128 MB DDR SDRAM - AGP 8x

Manufacturer: ATI

Power Score: 4.1 | 13 Reviews

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I have no Idea what those other...

Strengths: Very Fast for the price. Compatible with every game I have played (only the best for my baby :) ).

Weakness: Fan goes out a little too soon.

I have no Idea what those other people were talking about. I have had this card for a long time and the biggest problem I had was the fan going out. Of course a high speed video card isn't going to work in a junker of a computer. when upgrading a computer you have to take more that the video card into account. eg. RAM, BUS speed, etc..... Most of the people think if they just buy a new video card...
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By jec246 - Jun 1, 2004

I owned this product 6 months...

Strengths: NONE

Weakness: Very unreliable, NO product support

I owned this product 6 months before it died. They will NOT answer there product support email after many tries. I will not purchase or recommend another ATI product!

Bottom line- Poor product from an even worse company. Stay away from ATI

By EWA - Oct 22, 2003

I recently purchased this ATI...

Strengths: 128MB DDR, DVI-out (if you use flat panel)

Weakness: SLOW card. UNRELIABLE

I recently purchased this ATI Radeon 9000 Pro 128MB (Sapphire) card to replace my Chaintech GeForce4 MX440 64MB graphics card and I am VERY disappointed. I tested out the card with various applications (regular Windows use, viewing DVDs, etc.) and with online games. I play Counterstrike and I noticed a huge difference with performance between the two cards. When playing Counterstrike, I was...
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By dblazer - Sep 2, 2003

Well, what can say I bought that...

Strengths: This card can run delta force balck hawk down on all high quality's and 1024x768-1280x1024 resolutions and other medium end games!

Weakness: Runs rainbow six: raven shield poorly, I had to swich it the resolution to 640x480 and AA TO 2X and AF OX. I bunch of bugs on my windows xp pro from that card

Well, what can say I bought that card for DOOM III and it didn't even run rainbow six raven shield so I bought radeon 9700 gold instead and it did a lot better job!! But I recommend NVIDIA'S card from now on my dad has a geforce 2 64 mb and it even ran the game smoothly at 800x600 resolution but ofcourse medium quality and still got much better frame rates! SO I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS CARD AT...
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By DOOMGUY - Aug 6, 2003

Great card! I have an old 1ghz AMD...

Strengths: Great Card, Great Price! Great features, Great Price!

Weakness: Not the fastest - But worth what your paying for!

Great card! I have an old 1ghz AMD tbird athlon with 512 pci 133 ram... BUT THIS CARD DOES EVERYTHING I WANT IT TO! The frames on counter-strike and Unreal Tour are just that - UNREAL! It gets better frames then my friends 1.8 p4 with a pny ti-4200 and it slaughters all of the g4 MXs! I didnt need a fx 5900 or a Radeon 9800 (that my comp would bottleneck) so i got this card and oh my! I'M MORE...
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By Russo017 - Jul 28, 2003

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