Tripp Lite SmartPro 1000 VA Tower Digital UPS

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Line-Interactive Digital UPS System offers voltage regulation, surge suppression and battery support for personal computers, network workstations and more. Internal UPS circuits support entry-level PCs for 60 minutes or individual VCR/DVR for 3 hours during power failure. AVR circuits regulate brownouts as low as 89 volts back to usable levels without using battery power. Includes 4 battery-supported outlets, plus 4 surge suppression-only outlets. USB port enables optional unattended system shutdown without data loss; cable included. HID-compliant USB interface enables integration with built-in power management and auto shutdown of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Built-in single-line RJ-11 phone suppression jacks protect modem and satellite receiver with standard dialup/DSL phone connection. 2.2 GHz coaxial jacks protect against surges on CATV, satellite or broadcast antenna connections. 3 minute battery runtime with full load of 1000VA/500W and 10 minutes with half load of 500VA/250W. More from the Manufacturer

Quick Glance

Power Rating: 1 kVA/500 W

Max Surge Energy Rating: 480 J

Input Connectors: 1 x USB, RJ-11 Phone/DSL Modem, 4 x NEMA 5-15R - Battery Backup System, 4 x NEMA 5-15R - Surge-protected, NEMA 5-15P


Product Title: Tripp Lite SmartPro 1000 VA Tower Digital UPS

Manufacturer: Tripp Lite

Lowest Price: $104.50 from

Power Score: 4.2 | 12 Reviews

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Product Reviews (10)

Bateria para repuesto del SMART 1000 LCD

Strengths: tiene Regulador de voltaje, Pantalla LCD indicadora del nivel de carga de las baterias (incrementos de 20%)

Weakness: Baterias de repuesto..podria ser un punto debil, en mi pais ,la bateria mas comun para UPS, y las mas BARATA por ese motivo es la de GP 1272 (12vol 7.2 Ah)

Quisiera saber si alguien me puede decir el tipo de bateria que lleva adentro este UPS, porque puede ser muy bueno el UPS pero si despues a la hora de cambiar las baterias no hay o son muy dificiles de encontrar PODRIA ser problema..
Por eso quisiera saber que tipo de bateria usa..


By anonymous; - Jan 25, 2008

Decent UPS

Strengths: Display, compact size, recognized in OS as ACPI battery

Weakness: Not much backup time, backlight not defeatable, alarm can be turned off but procedure is complicated.

This is the coolest-looking UPS on the market... with the blue backlit display on the front. The information displayed isn't really that useful but fun for techies to keep an eye on the state of the AC input. It's also a nice compact size, and can orient vertically or horizontally depending on your needs (the display can be flipped accordingly). As another reviewer mentioned, it doesn't allow for...
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By d_esmond - Oct 15, 2007

Solid UPS with blue LCD in the front and a bit difficult to set up software

Strengths: Solid performance, look professional, useful battery and watts info display, software to shutdown and other functions

Weakness: Too annoying alarm whenever it is on battery, outlets are pretty close to each others, download software, software is not very easy to setup

This Tripp-Lite perform quite well with large visible LCD in the front. So far I had about 4 times power disruption, and it performed well to be on battery and shut down the system. However, the very loud alarm is annoying in that it would not stop unless the button was manually pushed. I believe you can set off the alarm, but it doesn't have the option to alarm only certain times. The software...
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By pasu - Aug 28, 2007

Superb Product

Strengths: 1000VA, strong power for home and entertainment units.

Weakness: I still don't know how to turn that blue screen back light off. It is in my bedroom and it just sometimes annoys me with that backlight. I might just find somethign to cover it up.

It does its job right. I should try it sometime by pulling the plug and see how it perform. If you have a vista, do not connect it to the computer at first. Update its latest firmware before doing so. (Well they should stick that label on top of the UPS) Overall it is a nice product.

By tabriswoo - Jul 26, 2007

A notch above the entry level units

Strengths: Adequate backup for most home PCs, has voltage regulation

Weakness: LCD is cool, but may be useless/invisible depending on where you position the device

Usually you don't get voltage regulation/power "cleaning" on low-end UPS units. I got the SmartPro for around eighty bucks or so, and was pleasantly surprised to see AVR mentioned on the box. Provides something in the neighborhood of 500 watts of battery support (max), but don't think you're going to run your PC for 20 minutes on the UPS alone---if this thing kicks in, you should be thinking...
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By kgivens - Jul 21, 2007

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