APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #48

Spill Proof, Maintenance Free Lead Acid Hot-swappable - MPN: RBC48
Product Details
APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #48 has Battery replacement without tools, Hot-swappable batteries, Plug-and-Play installation and User-replaceable batteries.
Product Title APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #48
Manufacturer APC
Additional Specifications
Altitude: 0 ft to 50000 ft Storage
Battery Type: Spill-proof, Maintenance-free Lead Acid Hot-swappable
Package Details: 1 x Replacement Battery Cartridge
Brand Name: APC
Humidity: 0 to 95% Relative Humidity Storage
Frequency Band: Battery replacement without toolsPlug-and-Play installationUser-replaceable batteriesBattery mounting: Stand alone battery stack
Temperature: 5F (-15C) to 113F (45C) Storage
Shipping Weight: 32 lb
Parent Retsku: B007A3VGU8
Output Voltage: 24 V DC
Units Per Pallet: 40

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