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This is a great hardware device,...

Strengths: Ability to take analoge video and audio and convert to digital

Weakness: zero customer support, Pinical has no idea what they are doing.Ond when you call expect to be on hold for over an hour waiting to talk to a human.

This is a great hardware device, the problem is the software. My package did not come with a serial number on the install disk, I had to call Pinnacle to get a number I was on hold for over an hour before I actually talked to a human, by the way it is not a toll free number so you can add that cost the price of the unit another 6 bucks for the phone call and a bunch of aggravation, if you use a cordless phone make sure it is fully charged before calling support that would really stink if you lost them after waiting for an hour.
Every thing is tied to the software number that they didn’t include with the product, then you have to fax your receipt to Pinnacle to get them to send you a serial number for the software , which by the way they did not respond to that is why I called. you think they would let you get the drivers on line but no you need that code number for the software. it was misleading as to how to install.
after spending hours trying every possible way you could read the serial number off the dazzle 150 unit and trying to enter it , I gave up and called Pinnacle.
while on hold they tell you to go to there web site to get the answers , but don’t bother if you don’t have the code number they don’t even want to know you.

I found there software to be confusing and difficult to use, I have an older Dazzle Unit DC80 and the software package that came with that was much better unfortunately it will not work with the DVC-150.

I had an over all bad experience with this product, I was ready to take it back , I would recommend that if you purchase this product and have the same problem it would be easier and cheaper to get a key number from a crack site.

By the way if you have trouble after 90 days Pinnicle charges 15 bucks a call for support . I hope more manufactures start to make this sort of product , because the DCV-150 is just not worth the problems.

PS> When I get my phone bill I intend on requesting reimbursement from Pinnacle for that phone call since it was their mess up not enclosing the serial number to begin with.

By Timekeepr - Feb 21, 2004

I never did get the Dazzle 150 to...

Weakness: Non-existant product support from Pinnacle

I never did get the Dazzle 150 to work. The AC adapter was non-functional. However, when I wrote, and called Pinnacle in an attempt to get a replacement I was merely refered to their knowledge base and never got an answer from them that came close to solving my non-power-up problem.

By bfdchief - Jun 12, 2004

I really tried to get this product...

Strengths: Good picture and audio conversion quality.

Weakness: Hardware is incompatible with any Quick Cam or web cam. Software has numerous glitches. Periodically hangs. Reinstalling software a nightmare.

I really tried to get this product to work. I had a Logitech QuickCam 4000 installed and it had a USB port conflict with the DVC hardware. Pinnacle says their DVC is incompatible with web cams and if you try to run them you will cause system instability. Brother are they right in this. The software also hogged my soundcard and I lost functionality on 2 other programs. What really fried me was discovering the very basic nature of the software features provided with this package. It seems every time you try to use a feature on this product you need to purchase yet another of the seemingly endless "activation keys". Another factor to consider I haven't seen mentioned here: they have configured the hardware driver for the DVC to work only with their software. So much for keeping the convertor and using another software package.

Another nightmare is the instability of this software. I first ran it on a 1.5G DEll; later on a 3G newly purchased Dell 8400. In both cases after about 6 or so startups I would get error messages of a missing DLL. This required reinstalling the software and the associated patches. I just had another error where I can't reinstall the patches.


By jtcasejr - Feb 28, 2005

My son got this product for xmas....

Strengths: Say What???

Weakness: BUGS, Hangs, NO TECH SUPPORT!! They are RUDE!

My son got this product for xmas. Never opened the box for a month or two. Then finaly did a movie of a new born in family. Spent ours capturing pics, movies and music. Went to output to VCR, and the program HANGS!! Cant get it to work for nothing! Tech support was RUDE!! I replaced product, thinking hmm maybe a bad one. NOPE.. THEIR ALL BAD!!!!!!
Exports to AVI and MPEG (somtimes) I have a kick butt PC plenty ram, HD drive and video. Even tried software on another PC same Lock up!! I'm a tech, so tried latest drivers, latest revisions, repluging things in different orders, different VCRs output to TV (NOTHING). I notice that some people use other utils to make it work. If I buy a car, I'm not going to push it to work every day.

By rembocanoe - Jun 18, 2004

Don't buy this turkey

Strengths: none

Weakness: software

I share the pain of the others who have had problems with this product. Can't recognize USB device. I re-installed, downloaded drivers, tried the support site (which was useless and had broken links). When I tried to get online support, the site said it was closed due to holiday. This was on February 28th, 2006. Must be a holiday in India, eh?

By ccc6106 - Feb 28, 2006

I have always liked Dazzle but...

Strengths: Problem free installation. Good picture quality.

Weakness: No power off button.

I have always liked Dazzle but this one really does the job. I installed and was ready to go in no time. The software that comes with it is very good and easy to learn. Great quality images.

By ypetrova - May 11, 2004

Using a Dell Laptop, 1.5Ghz...

Strengths: ease of use

Weakness: no power off button

Using a Dell Laptop, 1.5Ghz Pentium M, 512Mbytes Ram, XP Pro. Works great! XP and the USB2.0 found the device, Capturing satellite feeds from a DISH PVR, have started my DVD collection. Cheaper than a DVD recorder. Files recorded as MPEG2 and SVCD. Edited out all the commercials and created a seamless video. I've read a lot of negative reviews, but I think they are more operater induced than this hardware or software. This was as plug and play as you can get.

By Trekr - Jul 6, 2004

Overall this seems to be a great...

Strengths: Easy to install. Software is easy to use. Doesn't take up much space.

Weakness: Every program this comes with is a "quick" or simplified version. Full versions with practical features cost extra instead of being included.

Overall this seems to be a great beginning point. I have found it easy to install and the software is very simple to use. My only two complaints are that the software could have included more functionality since it is included with the product and I have also found it tricky to get the capture started successfully from my camcorder. It will say it is capturing but it really isn't and when it finally does, it will have a format error after stopping and I have to start over again. I have managed to get it to work successfully and I am satisfied with purchasing this item. I think I just need to learn to use the item better.

By DNAGr4bb3r - Jan 14, 2005

Product Stinks

Strengths: None

Weakness: Hangs up on output to videotape

After wating an entire day to get this product to work. I boxed it up and took it back. Only captures a small amout of product and freezes up. The software was difficult to install and the software hangs up on install. Doesn't Pinnacle have a quality control department.
I really liked the earlier studio products, but their products are going downhill!!!

By anonymous; - Nov 27, 2005