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Great, inexpensive HDTV PCI tuner

Strengths: Low price, great picture includes remote.

Weakness: Documentation is a joke.

Having research this tuner before buying I went to the AVS forum for help on installation. There I found updated driver links and info ( much better than supplied by Kworld) as to how to use. Tuner works great - to bad the company does not supply documentation and very spotty support.

By dooner1 - Nov 22, 2006

ATSC-110 PCI Digital / Analog HDTV Tuner

Strengths: digital & analog

Weakness: No FM

Best for its price. This units not just a tuner but has video capture, Time Elapse Function, Time Shifting Technology, remote control, all the necessary software to get it up and running plus a one year warrant. Works great on my computer. Can even turn off the computer with the remote. Installation was a breeze. Had no problems with the software installation. I got a digital off-air indoor antenna and I get all the channels. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting off-air digital TV without having to pay Hi cable or satellite prices.

By overtork - Oct 21, 2006

ATSC-110 PCI Digital / Analog HDTV Tuner

Strengths: Using an Terk HDTVo Amplified OTA Antenna in the attic, the tuner picks up all local DTV Signals with good signal strength

Weakness: When watching TV - if you Web Surf, when scrolling thru page the sound breaks up minutley

Great ATSC/NTSC HDTV Tuner Card. No problems with install or usuage. Tried recording game (3 Hours), used 25GB for the recording. Records and PlayBack really well. No Stutters watching live or recorded video. The channels I get in Atlanta are Fox, TBS, ABC & CBS with a Terk, HDTV antenna. If signal strength is less than 70, picture and audio is jittery. Seems dependent on antenna. The HDTV Record quality is almost as good as live. The menu is simple and easy to use. Self explanatory menu system.

Very pleased with the performance for the purchase price

By rusblue - Dec 17, 2006


Strengths: none

Weakness: many

shame on Kworld .... a useless "manual", they have no support or way of making sense out of this confusing product ... but worst of all the composite video capture picture was ghastly

By anonymous; - Dec 2, 2005

A great and affordable HDTV tuner for you PC...

Strengths: Free SnapStream BeyondTv, Great Picture Quality, Easy Installation...

Weakness: No FM Tuner, Limited Documentation and they dont even give batteries for the remote.

Installation was a breeze compared to other HDTV tuners. Great software bundle that transforms your pc to an HDTV pvr. Although only local channels work for HD, because of FCC regulations, it still is a great piece of product. The software just makes this program top notch... The manual though felt lacking and the packaging was so-so, but its amazing once its inside your pc.

By stansowy - Nov 3, 2005

Works well as a tuner but....

Strengths: Good price.

Weakness: Sorry documentation. Slow or no support from KWorld. RAM sucker.

Worked great after I spent two days figuring out why my Windows Media Player quit working. Finally found a new driver for my integrated audio (Analog Devices SoundMax) through Dell. No response from an email I sent to KWorld. This was not an easy installation because of the audio problem and no troubleshooting documentation. If your tech savvy though I'd recommend it.

By kbp1961 - Feb 28, 2006

Works, but CPU is buy when Beyond TV is running

Strengths: Very affordable

Weakness: Bad documentation

This card works fine for me on an XP Home PC, P4 @ 2.8 w/o HT, 1G MB 800 FSB RAM. You must have a good VGA card and an outdoor antenna.

By johnko6212 - Dec 28, 2005

Good low cost HDTV tuner

Strengths: Excellent video/audio. Easy to install

Weakness: Have to pay a subscription fee for EPG after 30 days if you use the boundled BeyondTV 3.8.

I purchased this card as a second tuner so that I can watch and record or record two shows at the same time. It works with BeyondTV 4 beautifully. The bundled BeyondTV 3.8 is a very limited version. Better to upgrade to BeyondTV 4.

If you get choppy video/audio, first check the signal strength; then make sure you have a fast computer and your graphics card support DirectX 9.0.

By htpcguy - Jan 12, 2006

Great Value

Strengths: Easy to install and a great price...

Weakness: No batteries with the remote

I'm impressed with the ease of installation and the great picture quality. If you have XP MCE you will need to install an additional tuner as well. Please see the KWORLD website for more information.

By mander11 - Jul 20, 2006

Junky product - should not be sold

Strengths: None found except that it can do HDTV

Weakness: Lots of them, see my comments

I've had the worst experience with this card.
Ever since HDTV cable became popular, I wanted to watch TV in HD on my computer. This was one of the first HD tuners.

First of all, the software is crap. SnapStream's BeyondTV is a monster full of bugs.
* When I switch to Live TV mode, it takes 10-15 seconds before it actually shows me the live TV. Moreover, it's not LIVE at all, it's a live feed delayed by 5-10 seconds, making it pretty hard to change channels on my cable box or go through the channel guide with my cable remote. I press a button and wait 5 seconds for things to change - completely unacceptable.
By the way, I've just recently upgraded to Vista, and now the delay jumped up to 10 seconds.
* Beyond TV doesn't know how to work with your OS well, the screen saver in particular. First, it doesn't disable the screen saver after I switch into Full Screen mode. 15 minutes later the screen saver kicks in. I press a button on my keyboard to go back to watching TV, and Beyond TV hangs my computer for 30 seconds (!!!!), then starts showing the stuff I was watching 15 minutes ago -- yes, it has been recording from the moment I switched to Live TV, and now it's showing me exactly that. I have to stop and restart Live TV mode - additional 15 seconds.
* Here's another quirk - after the steps above, Beyond TV completely disables the screen saver - so my computer can sit in an UNLOCKED mode for days, which means anyone can read my e-mail/documents/etc, unless I specifically lock my computer with WindowsKey+L. I contacted SnapStream but wasn't given any answer on the screen saver problem. Upgrading to the latest version didn't help.
* Poor configuration settings - I don't care about the DVR features but there doesnt' seem to be a way to disable them. all I want to do is watch live TV. Can't seem to find where to disable it from downloading channel lineup too - I don't need it either.
* It requires that you register when installing, e.g. create an account on their site. C'mon guys, all I want to do is watch TV.
* Video is choppy and stops once in a while, especially when in Full Screen mode. I have a pretty good video card and a Pentium Core 2 Duo, so it's not my computer to blame here. I've tried using antenna input, S-Video, and Composite, and even a different cable box altogether - same situation.
* The card is not recognized by the Microsoft Media Center in Vista; otherwise I would have gotten rid of BeyondTV.

I'm not sure if most of the problems I'm having is due to the bad hardware or software but frankly I don't care.
I used to have a Hauppauge card, which worked for me for over 7 years. I moved it between 3 different computers and 3 operating systems in those years (Win98, Win2000, WinXP) and never had any problems.

Now that Hauppauge finally has a HDTV tuner (released Feb07, as they had promised me via e-mail), I'm going to order one from them.

By metalchopper - Mar 29, 2007

ATSC Tuner

Strengths: Reasonable price; works well with Windows Media Center.

The promised rebate is a con-trick. It demands non-existent receipts. The packing receipt is not enough and there was no sales receipt. Don't waste your time with the paperwork.

By robdip - May 17, 2006

HDTV Card (ATSC-110)

Strengths: easy setup, picture quality

Weakness: sometimes freezes

I bought this HDTV tuner card when there was a promotion. The installation was painless. The Beyond TV software scans for channels and shows you the signal strength. The picture quality is quite good. But if you change channels fast before pictures show up, sometimes the software freezes. I figured this is a software problem rather than a hardware problem.

By zhipingzhou - Jan 28, 2007

Good card for OTA digital tv

Strengths: clear, strong picture. easy to install, works with programs like beyond tv

Weakness: poor documentation and support

The card works great for OTA digital TV. Also works alomost flawlessly with Beyond TV. If you have a strong signal you can pick up channels with an indoor antenna but is more reliable with outdoor.

You'll also need a good video card and/or a powerful cpu to play back the recordings.

By aarongrose - Feb 27, 2007

very good tv capture card

Strengths: inexpensive, qam digital cable capture, linux compatible

Weakness: windows mce conflict

I am using this card in my media pc (shuttle xpc, xfx 6300 nvidia w/dvi out, windows mce). The card works well under gbpvr, although I had some trouble at first installing it in MCE (conflict with MCE capture driver). The card is also supposed to work under Linux, with MythTV but I have not tried it yet in that configuration.

By vpvl66 - Feb 13, 2007

Good HDTV PCI Card

Strengths: HDTV on the cheap; Good interface with BeyondTV 4

Weakness: requires OTA antenna

I am quite happy with this purchase. I was not really intending to build a home theater pc, but wanted to play around for just that day. My Windows Media Center PC 2005 recognized the card just fine. However, I already had purchased Beyond TV 4, so have been using that. Also works great. I've now got more remotes than I know what to do with!

unlike the ATI HDTV card, this does *NOT* include an over-the-air antenna, so you will have to pick one up on your own. I have a silver sensor antenna, and it works great when I aim it out of my second story window.

If you can get this at a good post-rebate price, I'd go for it! Speaking of rebates, I have read bad things about KWORLD, so hopefully I won't be updating my review in a few months claiming that they ripped me off!! HOPE YOU ARE LISTENING KWORLD! ;-)

By sierra_nevadas - Dec 21, 2006

Good product.

Strengths: Free BeyondTv Picture Quality

Weakness: No FM Tuner, difficult to get rebate

The picuter quality is great and I am happy with it. Installation was not too difficult. It comes with nice softwares.
I heard that it is very difficult to receive a rebate from KWorld. Be sure to make coipies and email them often if you bought this with rebate and if you want it!

By respseller - Dec 18, 2006

KWorld ATSC-110 PCI Digital / Analog HDTV Tuner

Strengths: NA

Weakness: Poor customer support. Send email and no reply. The manual is hard to understand. Never fullfill the rebate.

The cheapest HDTV tuner card in the market but just works great. Have been watching HDTV in my 20 inch LCD monitor for a while and very reliable. Definitely worth the price.
However KWorld is a company in Taiwan and has a poor reputation of customer service and honoring the mail-in rebate (There was a $30 mail-in rebate from the Mfr). 10 weeks passed and never receive the check.
If there is no rebate, I will buy it again.

By netnus - Aug 18, 2006

check other product with the same price range

Strengths: easy to setup, good picture quality.

Weakness: good Beyond TV bundle but not a full version, slow software, remote doesn't work with Beyond Tv or other software. won't reply to email,

Basically outline the pros and cons of the product. Bought the product and decided to give the rebate offer a trial to see if it's actually not working as stated by other posters. Will not buy anymore KWorld products if the rebate is not honored. Somehow the remote is not working. Pressing the power button keep asking me to re-initialize the tv application settings. The drop down menu doesn't have any selections for the application. Sent email and no reply from tech support.

By anonymous; - Apr 19, 2007

Good Hardware but Troublesome Overall

Strengths: Can receive HDTV in addition to analog TV, low price

Weakness: Minimal documentation, bad product key for software

No matter how good the hardware is, without the software to run it, it is useless. Once the PCI card was installed, I was able to install the driver but numerous attempts to install the included Beyond TV failed with a warning about "invalid product key" even though I input the exact key found on the CD sleeve. I ended up using other software, so I can say that the hardware works fine.

By kenkc - Dec 23, 2006

Green Screen

Strengths: Very good picture quality

Weakness: Green Screen

When i first got this, i was very happy, it had a great picture and cool software (beyondtv se). But a few weeks into owning it, i found that when i setup recordings, it would sometimes go to the wrong channel, i actually recorded two programs in a row on the same channel, recorded first program fine, then for no reason changed to different channel for second. Also, it eventually started getting this "green screen" when recording, so the entire screen was almost completely green. Needless to say I am returning it to get a different tuner (ATI wonder elite possibly.)

By Milhouse; - Aug 15, 2006

Works well as a tuner but....

Strengths: Good price.

Weakness: Sorry documentation. Slow or no support from KWorld. RAM sucker.

Worked great after I spent two days figuring out why my Windows Media Player wouldn't work. Finally found a new driver for my soundcard board (Analog Devices SoundMax). No response from an email I sent to KWorld. This was not an easy installation because of the soundcard problem and no troubleshooting documentation. If your tech savvy though I'd recommend it.

By anonymous; - Feb 28, 2006

Very weak customer support

Strengths: Easy to install, feature packed

Weakness: Kworld is very slow to respond to customer support

I purchased the Kworld ATSC-110 in December of 2005
After having for about 3 weeks the S-video port stopped working. After several E-mails to kworld support, each email took Kworld over a week to respond to, they have stopped replaying to my emails, and have refused to give me a RMA number to have the unit serviced under Warranty

The Tuner seems to be very good. It picks up even weak channels. However due to the very poor customer response I will never buy another Kworld product again.

By anonymous; - Feb 3, 2006