Kworld VS-ATSC110R Digital/Analog HDTV Tuner PCI

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When it's good time to turn your Personal Computer into home multimedia entertainment? Combines with Digital TV, Analog TV, Multimedia capture, Real-Time recording. Saving you big bucks which you won't have to purchase another new electronic equipments.Here it is, the solution of all. Introducing ATSC 110, the Digital / Analog HDTV Tuner PCI card specially designed for PC. Capable of receiving both ATSC TV and Analog TV signal. In other word, it means you could watch up to over 100 channels (Varies by many factors). Enhances your viewing experience with HDTV quality and supports up to 1920 x 1080i resolution with Dolby Digital AC3 Audio output which offers theatre like sound quality.

Quick Glance

Form Factor: Internal Card

Slot/Port Type: PCI

Video Standard Supported: ATSC, NTSC

Audio Video Connectors: 1 x TV, 1 x TV, 1 x mini-DIN, 1 x RCA Video In, 1 x Phone Jack Audio In, 1 x Phone Jack Audio Out, 1 x AC3 Audio Out

Operating System: PC


Product Title: Kworld VS-ATSC110R Digital/Analog HDTV Tuner PCI

Manufacturer: Kworld

Power Score: 3.2 | 22 Reviews

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