Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1850 MC-Kit Hybrid Video Recorder

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WinTV-HVR-1850 is a PCI Express X1 board. It contains two tuners: a digital TV tuner to receive ATSC and QAM channels plus a 125-channel cable ready TV tuner. For ATSC and QAM digital TV, all 18 ATSC formats including 1080i can be watched or recorded to disk as a MPEG-2 Program Stream. A highly integrated MPEG-1/2 hardware encoder based on the Conexant -418 is on-board for recording analog cable TV to disk. The playback of the recorded ATSC and QAM digital TV and MPEG-2 encoded analog programs are done through a software MPEG-2.

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Form Factor: Internal Card

Slot/Port Type: PCI Express x1

Video Standard Supported: ATSC, NTSC

Audio Video Connectors: 1 x Composite Video, 1 x FM, 2 x TV, 2 x RCA Audio In

Operating System: PC


Product Title: Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1850 MC-Kit Hybrid Video Recorder

Manufacturer: Hauppauge

Power Score: 4.1 | 11 Reviews

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One of the best Freevo cards out there

Strengths: Fast on-board hardware encoding/decoding. USB IR blaster and remote included. Native Vista MCE support.

Weakness: Instead of FM, it would have been nice to have two cable tuners and an ATSC tuner on one card.

The over-the-air reception on this card is great. I can pull in over 10 local HDTV channels with a basic set of bunny-ears. Couple this with an HD cable box and the IR blaster and you are set for life. I really wish they had made it a dual tuner card with ATSC instead of including the worthless FM tuner... oh well.

By WhetWurm - Apr 8, 2008

Good tuner with many features

Strengths: Dual tuner with radio reception; video processing does not slow down computer

Weakness: None so far

The card fit easily into the little used PCI Express slot on my computer. Windows update found the most recent driver after the supplied driver was installed. After reading about the many problems with the included WinTV software I opted to use Sage TV as an alternate. This software provides many options and is very reliable. Over- the-air reception (with an antenna) is good and cable reception...
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By techno2 - Apr 7, 2008

WinTV-HVR-1800 Media Center Kit TV Tuner Nice core product but could be better

Strengths: Supported by major pvr software Easy installation Nice picture

Weakness: The Remote (everything about it)

I've used this company's products for years with good results. This item performs as well as expected. BUT you can buy it without the remote (no media center kit) and be just as well off. The remote is laid out poor, with tiny pictures instead of words for major MC functions. It feels cheap and looks the same. Note to the manufacturer, you'll want to improve this if you want repeat buyers from...
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By stevencraig - Mar 26, 2008

Pretty good tuner

Strengths: Finally got an ATSC card supporting QAM!

Weakness: No QAM support under Mediacenter (that I'm aware of) - not really a weakness of the card though...

I was looking to upgrade the ATSC tuner in my mediacenter pc, and came across this one from Hauppauge. I've purchased several of their tuner cards in the past with mostly positive results, so there was little hesitation with purchasing this one. In my case, a major plus was the card's use of the pcie x1 slot which was not in use in my system and which freed up one of the two pci slots on the...
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By dressel - Feb 17, 2008

Great Hardware, Awful Software

Strengths: PCIe x1 Slot Compatible, Useful Accessories Included, ATSC/QAM support, Vista Ready

Weakness: Bundled Software Package (must use for QAM), Multiple Tuner Issues

The hardware in the box is great. The card is awesome and well built. The remote is somewhat cheap feeling but acceptable. The IR box and blaster look and work fine. This card works quite well with Vista Media Center. I have a dual-tuner configuration though, and there are problems with IR and certain programs. The card does what it is supposed to do and worked without problems. The included...
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By Techiec - Feb 17, 2008

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