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Best TV card I've ever bought!

Strengths: QAM tuner, 10 bit, MCE remote, low profile bracket

Weakness: slow channel tuning, Qam mapping

I've bought many over the years all the way from the original isa WinTV's tp the latest Leadteks. This is by far the best card out there. The analogue inputs capture beautifully and records HD QAM signals with no degration. The remote is well crafted with all the buttons needed. The software works flawlessly but needs help for QAM mapping. I put this in a Antec Minuet case and it fit perfectly with the included half height bracket.

By foghorn2 - Feb 3, 2006

Great Product

Strengths: QAM tuning, Sharp pictures, complete package

Weakness: Not compatible with XP MCE 2005, TitanTV guide interfacing not the best

I bought this card to as it can decode HDTV via QAM. Most HDTV tuner cards currently only decode HDTV via ATSC (antennae). The picture is stunning, the manual well written, and even includes a low profile bracket for those of you with SFF PC's. I've never been happier with a non name brand product before. The FusionHDTV software is very capable, easy to use & stable. Recording in full HD takes up quite a bit of HDD space, but it's not a big deal to me.

By paazel - Oct 25, 2006

My First HDTV Experience - Pros and Cons

Strengths: Great Cable Digital & QAM HDTV Pictures and Sound.

Weakness: Snowy analog cable. Channel mapping very poor. No channel naming ???? Delayed choppy channel changing - not smooth. I don't think manual is well written. User interface is quite confusing. More.......

Picture and Sound on cable digital / HDTV / QAM is awesome.

Everything else is pretty poor. User interface, channel mapping, naming (none ?), users guide poorly written, slow/choppy channel changes, confusing controls and buttons. I'd like to try different software in place of this.

By blueribb - Nov 7, 2006

FusionHDTV 5 Gold Plus TV Card - DigiRECHD5

Strengths: Best HD Tuner with TERK TV3 Support Linux and Windows

Weakness: N/A

I'm highly recommend this product, because it does not have the flag!
I get all the local HD channels with my antenna up in the attic. I also able to see HD channel from our Cable Service (Adelphia), but not the premium channels..Darn!

I would of give this product a FIVE stars, but HDTV5-USB a USB2.0 High Definition (FusionHDTV5 USB Gold) is much better.

By FireWire2 - Dec 27, 2005

In fact, many North American HTPC...

In fact, many North American HTPC owners routinely install multiple single-tuner NTSC cards so they can record one program while watching another, many along with an additional OTA HDTV card . This virtually mandates larger cases, where greater numbers of PCI slots may be more easily used to accommodate more TV hardware. The products mentioned in the following sections are popular, affordable and...
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