AVerMedia DVD EZMaker Video Capture Card

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Video Capture/DVD Authoring on a Budget The AVerMedia DVD EZMaker PCI offers you video capture & DVD authoring functions within an easily affordable budget. With this device, you can capture video from your VCR, or digital/analog camcorder and burn them direct to disk! Or you can personalize your video with the included editing software! In just three easy steps, you can capture, create and record! Get rid of those piles of VHS tapes! Convert them to DVD with the AFFORDABLE DVD EZMaker PCI!

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Form Factor: Internal Card

Slot/Port Type: PCI

Video Standard Supported: NTSC, PAL

Audio Video Connectors: 1 x mini-DIN Video In, 1 x Composite Video

Operating System: PC


Product Title: AVerMedia DVD EZMaker Video Capture Card

Manufacturer: AVerMedia

Power Score: 4.1 | 13 Reviews

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Strengths: Does what it says. I have had no problems at all.

Weakness: software for editing is not real good. I use Nero

Been using this card for over a year and have had no problems. It is quick and easy. You need a sound card to play the sound track. Highly recommended

By baldeagle60 - Dec 17, 2005

I got this card for digitizing my...

Strengths: Trouble-free driver and hardware operation. Full quality analog capture capability (720x480 pixels at 29.97 fps). Unbelievable price.

Weakness: Only one I can think of is, no direct support for preview during capture at highest resolution. I saw this using Virtual VCR, but the "smart tee filter preview" option takes care of this perfectly.

I got this card for digitizing my accumulated camcorder tapes. I haven't actually started the process, but the initial experimentation shows that it will work smoothly for it. I stayed away from installing the included capture/editing software after reading too many complaints about it in user reviews. I only installed the driver and have been using it with Virtual VCR with excellent results. I...
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By erginguney - Oct 15, 2004

This product did exactly what I...

Strengths: * Great for capturing clips from home videos * Simple setup - installed without any issues

Weakness: * Audio quality is adequate but not great * Software is basic

This product did exactly what I wanted it to do -- capture video at an economical price. I used it to capture clips from our home videos for editing & burning to DVD. It worked great for this with one exception -- the audio had a tinny sound to it compared to the original. I almost decided to return it because of this but decided unless someone was comparing it to the original, they probably...
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By KevinRoth - Sep 26, 2004

Installation of the AverDVD...

Strengths: Easy to use Easy to install Quality is very good for the money

Weakness: The software that accompanies this card is terrible.

Installation of the AverDVD EZMaker was a snap. The software created DVDs/VCDs that were not worth even saving. Fortunately, my DVD Burner came with decent software and that software works well with the Aver card. I've created about 50 music cds, vcds, and dvds now with a very good quality, especially considering the reasonable price of the card. Bottom line, the card is wonderful. Get different...
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By ZombieDogg - Aug 5, 2004

This is a good device to capture...

Strengths: affordable, easy to install, easy to use

Weakness: poor documentation, software is only a "lite" version

This is a good device to capture my VCR tapes to my PC. It is the cheapest capture card I found. This product appeared to satisfy my needs and works just as I anticipated it would.

By zhangck - Jun 26, 2004

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