Netgear ProSafe FVS338 VPN/Firewall

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Netgear's ProSafe VPN/Firewall with 8 Port 10/100 switch and WAN dial-up Failover is an SNMP-Manageable, high-performance network solution that furnishes multidimensional security. Fully equipped and broadband capable, this Virtual Private Network (VPN) firewall comes with connection insurance, a built-in serial port for dial-up access. This practical feature means your business can maintain operation if your broadband Internet connection fails. It lets you retain an analog modem for emergency backup and also provides a migration path from analog to broadband, making the transition effortless.


Product Title: Netgear ProSafe FVS338 VPN/Firewall

Manufacturer: Netgear

Lowest Price: $138.00 from PinnacleMicro

Power Score: 3.6 | 7 Reviews

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Netgear FVS338 with version 3.x Firmware

Strengths: FAST, Stable, Reliable, Low Power

Weakness: Still not what you could call Intuitive Setup

I recently upgraded to a 30 Mbps broadband connection, and found I had finally outpaced my Pentium-class Linux Gateway/Firewall that was drawing as much as 100 watts. Additionally, the low end switches I was connecting through had a nasty habit of dropping out irregularly. This unit is overkill for my current uses (rated throughput: "LAN-to-WAN: up to 75 Mbps. 3DES IPsec tunnel: Up to 19 Mbps"),...
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By softbear - Jul 9, 2008

If you know what you are doing, it's great!

Strengths: Intuitive setup screens, good online help, many advanced features for VPN connectivity, port forwarding, static routes, etc.

Weakness: Standard tech support is pretty bad. However, if you ask to be sent to 2nd level support they usually put you through to someone who knows what they are doing.

We have been using Netgear routers for about five years and have been very pleased. We have about 20 of the FVS338's deployed doing point to point VPN tunnels, connecting buildings together, doing WAN's, etc. and they are working very well. The first thing you should do is upgrade the firmware since the firmware that comes with the unit is usually at least one rev old. (this is true of almost...
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By ccmgtech - Nov 2, 2007

OK once firmware is 2.0

Strengths: 90Mbps LAN WAN speed. Hub and spoke or point to point VPN works with FVS338's and the older FVS318's (which is what i needed to accomplish) Firewall rules for both inbound and outbound traffic.

Weakness: 1.x firmware on my unit was unfit for use. Had to upgrade to 2.0 before things started to work. (newer models may come with 2.x or newer).

Some other routers were too slow for my internet connection (FiOS). This one allwos for an easy hub & spoke VPN configuration. Netgear telephone support is useless. Best bet is to use the forms and request the beta firmwares if something doesn't work as expected. Blocking chatty outbound traffic is great. Before this i had to use a linux box to block the chatty windows machines. With the FVS338,...
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By wilson; - Jan 9, 2007

FVS338 - pretty good

I have installed 2 of these for a router-based site-to-site VPN connection for a client, and while the learning curve was a little hairy with IPSec policies, encryption algorithms, etc, once it was configured, it has been very stable. I have another client using 1 of these in front of a Windows SBS network and has worked very consistently (once firmware was updated and configured). While I agree...
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By wildcat50k - Jan 2, 2007

Netgear FVS338.....don't think about it

Strengths: VPN End Point....I think

Weakness: Buggy user interface

Purchased two of these units to VPN between my home and office. My old VPN from Netgear got zapped during a lightning storm. Surprised at how the quality of Netgear has deteriorated. I could not get the Group and Hosts function to work. Any name I used for a reserved DHCP address always got reset to Unkown. I called tech support and they were clueless. The person (probably in India) had to keep...
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By OV; - Oct 7, 2006

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