Netgear ProSafe GS116 16-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

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Now you can have a powerful, high-speed network on a small scale. NETGEAR's GS116 Gigabit Ethernet Switch lets you build a system that provides a full, dedicated 1000 Mbps connections so you can move very large files across your network instantly. The standardsbased GS116 helps to protect your existing and future network infrastructure investments by painlessly integrating other 10, 100, and 1000 Mbps devices. This potent switch is ideal for workgroups or quickly upgrading workstations to full Gigabit speed, plus it's packed with ease-of-use features to simplify your workday experience. It's compact design fits neatly into small work spaces and, since it's self-cooling without a fan, it runs silently and unobtrusively.


Product Title: Netgear ProSafe GS116 16-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Manufacturer: Netgear

Lowest Price: $119.99 from Best Buy

Power Score: 4.0 | 12 Reviews

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Product Reviews (11)

Netgear 16-port gigabit ethernet switch

Strengths: Quiet operation; just plain works; lifetime warranty

Weakness: LED indicators need to be on front, versus next to cable plug-in; no rackmount kit

I was upgrading from two 8-port switches to a single 16-port. I was trying to reduce clutter and save some energy. Plus I'd get two extra ports, as one of the ports on each device is tied up connecting the two together. It worked like a champ first time! It does get hot, so keep this in mind by providing good ventilation. Netgear provides a lifetime warranty on this device, which is not...
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By SDTechDeals - Jun 2, 2008

Netgear Rocks!

Strengths: Easy install - great, fast. gigabit throughput - nice compact size.

Weakness: None...

What can I say but it's a great product at an excellent price. Netgear does a very nice job of designing and building easy to use, quality products at a fair price.

By ckmartinez - Jun 2, 2008

Excellent unmanaged switch for a home/small business network with Gig-E nodes

Strengths: * 16 10/100/1000 Ports at a reasonable price * Lifetime warranty * NetGear quality * Auto-uplink feature on all ports

Weakness: None

I installed this switch as a replacement for an older NetGear 16-port 10/100 auto-sensing switch, which has been in trouble-free service for about 4 years. This device is used on a small network of 8 computers, 3 network-based printers, and a server. The server NIC supports Gigabit Ethernet and by installing this switch, I was able to significantly increase its throughput. The switch installed...
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By zhuchok - May 22, 2008

Nice little switch

Strengths: small, fast, quiet, inexpensive

Weakness: runs a little warm

I bought this switch because it was the least expensive 16-port gigabit switch that I could find. The fact that it was also the smallest, fastest (2 Gbps/port), quietest (no fan), and came from a major manufacturer was just gravy. Although I haven't really pushed the max throughput yet, I'm happy with it. I have mine sitting on a shelf in a rack, which works OK. It might be nice if Netgear...
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By obiwanyj - Sep 17, 2007

Yes the Jumbo frame support really works.

Strengths: No fan. Silent. Jumbo frame support.

Weakness: No VLANS, no SNMP. But that is not really expected for this price point.

One of the reasons I upgraded to this switch was it advertized Jumbo frame support. After swapping out the switch, I changed my adapter settings enable Jumbo 9014 frame size, and everything is working great.

By BK Rogers - Jul 16, 2007

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