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Mac Mini Dock

Strengths: Design, Price

Weakness: Stays powered when computer is shutdown.

Mac mini is a great entry level machine, but it is seriously lacking in the USB/Firewire ports. This hub fits nicely below your mini. It provides 1 of each type of port in the front of the hub for easy short term connections. The number of ports it provides was sufficient for my needs. My only complaints are that the white of hub is slightly off the mini's and powered on status light is always on even when the mini is shutdown.

By jgranato - Jan 2, 2006

Perfect Companion for Mac Mini

Strengths: Number of ports, bus-powered

Weakness: None I can find

Given the paucity of ports on the original Mac Mini, this device is great. I ran out of available ports, with too many USB 2.0 devices. This allows me to plug everything in at once and get full USB 2.0 speed. My flash drive even works with this hub. Previously, my only option was to swap the flash drive and the iPod connector, plugging them directly into the Mac. The iPod, the flash drive and the USB compact flash card reader would not work with other bus-powered hubs such as the one in the keyboard, but they work flawlessly with this Belkin hub. It was a much better, less expensive option for me than the Hard Drive/USB/Firewire hub combos, as I don't need the extra hard disk space. Also, the short connector cables are nice as they do not create further cable clutter.

By insomniac91 - Aug 20, 2006

Belkin Hub perfect for Mac Mini

Strengths: Sits right under the computer, easy installation, no additional power cords

Weakness: Power light is always on even when Mac Mini is turned off

This is a great addition to my Mac Mini, which has only 2 USB ports and 1 Firewire port. With the 4 USB ports and 2 Firewire ports provided in the hub, I have been able to simultaneously hookup my Ipod, digital camera, external harddrive, and printer with ease. No more hassle of having to swap out cords. If you have lots of gadgets to hookup, this is a good way to do so. The only complaint is that the power light stays on even when the computer is turned off.

By loganjc - Sep 28, 2006

Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and FireWire 6-Port Hub for Mac mini

Strengths: size, price, cable length

Weakness: cable length

The size of this hub is quite small, which is perfect for people with limited space. The cables that comes with it are very short. That could be a plus or minus depending on your needs. Overall, it's a good product at a reasonable price. A perfect companion for the Mac Mini.

By mat621 - Feb 29, 2008

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