Allsop Inc 52010 Media Storage Rack


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This is one of our greatest hits. We've sold more than a million of this Organizer. It's great if you're big on alphabetization or sorting by category. And even better if you're slightly lazy (be honest). Because rearranging your CDs is not high on your priority list. Slotless Disc Storage might not sound exciting, but picture this. Say you have one of those slotted storage systems and you get the new [i]No Doubt[/i] CD. To fit in between your Midnight Oil and Oasis, you go to the end of your collection and move each disc over one slot at a time. This process gets old fast. Now imagine sliding your discs over the 3/8" needed to add a new disc. That's what the CD Organizer does. It uses these spring-like fingers to hold your discs in place, but allows you to slide discs back and forth.


Product Title: Allsop Inc 52010 Media Storage Rack

Manufacturer: Allsop Inc

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