Memorex 2.4x DVD+R Double Layer Media

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DVD+R Double Layer discs are write-once and burn at 2 depths on 1 side of the disc. Capable of storing up to 8.5 GB of data and approximately 240 minutes of video playback using existing DVD players. Allows the storage of long length programming, sporting events and video footage on 1 disc (an additional 120 minutes more than regular DVD's!).

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Media Type: 120mm Standard DVD Recordable Media

Media Quantity: 25


Product Title: Memorex 2.4x DVD+R Double Layer Media

Manufacturer: Memorex

Power Score: 3.5 | 16 Reviews

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Product Reviews (10)

Tried several packages

Strengths: None

Weakness: All - They simple don't work

Entire package of Memorex DVD+R DL (25) every single one was a dud.
Tried TDK's every 5th disk to make sure all else was working. They worked fine.
DON'T ever use Memorex media, they are a waste of your money and time.

By anonymous; - Apr 20, 2009

Watch compatibility - these are junk

Strengths: None

Weakness: I bought a three-pack, and got verification errors on all three burns.

Burner was a SONY DRU-710A, firmware = BYX4 (latest as of 10/05). I paid $3.33 per disk, and all three failed the file verification. Meanwhile, this drives burned RITEK dual-layer disks every day with only an occasional coaster. My recommendation = If the manufacturer of YOUR drive doesn't SPECIFICALLY recommend Memorex 2.4 DL, STAY AWAY!

By r_harvey - Oct 24, 2005

Memorex 2.4X DVD+R Dbouble Layer Media (25pack)

Strengths: The products works as expected

Weakness: None - based on 5+ burned disks.

Excellent value/price as purchased on, in retrospect should have purchased more. The product worked as expected using both Roxio and Easy CD Creator to copy double layer data DVD's and one movie.

By sotiris - Sep 30, 2005

Memorex DVD+R DL 25-pack

Strengths: Least expensive DL disks around. Burn successfully at 2.4x

Weakness: Ave $2 each compared to $.2 for single layer

Dual Layer disks are becoming affordable. It is worth spending $2 to back up a $20 DVD. Despite some negative reviews, I haven't had any coasters with Memorex disks.

By RyanOC - Sep 28, 2005

Price breakthrough for DL DVD's

Strengths: This media works for all of my DVD players

Weakness: Speed could be faster

This DVD'd are very useful for making backup copies of your best DVD movies. There are some movies that the "Extras" are a great part of the DVD so shrinking them in order to have an archived backup of one of your DVD's is not as useful.

Overall a good product for the price.

By johngarner - Sep 28, 2005

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