Sony SRS-D4 2.1 Speaker Speaker System

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Product Title: Sony SRS-D4 2.1 Speaker Speaker System

Manufacturer: Sony

Power Score: 4.7 | 3 Reviews

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Fantastic sound for the price!

I was used to just having sound come from the built in speakers on my iMac. They are generally regarded as good quality. However I was browsing and decided to give these a shot, and it was the BEST CHOICE EVER! For the price, this setup cannot be beat. The sound kills anything coming out of built in speakers, and the bass is strong but not insane. Setup took literally seconds, and I was...
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By JSOnnega on Sony - Official Store - Feb 5, 2013

Great Sound, great Bass, fine functions !

It has a great & Clear Sound... It IS True that Sounds Better on a SONY ! : Like NO Other : Is it Live ? or is it SONY ! make.believe !

By LOVEWarrior777 on Sony - Official Store - Sep 22, 2012

A awesome set of desktop computer speakers!!!!

I went to Best Buy today looking at speakers for my computer, and at first i was going to go with logitech or insignia, but i saw the Sony SRS-D4 speaker set sitting there and i decided to give it a chance. I am so happy i did that because these speakers and the subwoofer are the best computer speakers i have ever had. The Base is fantastic, and can be controlled to suit your own tastes. The...
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By borgattack on Sony - Official Store - Aug 31, 2012

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