Logitech Z Series Z-340 2.1 Speaker System - 33 W RMS

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This speaker system delivers the sound quality of systems costing much more while filling almost any room with clear sound. The three-piece Z-340 offers 33 watts of RMS power, 20 watts in the subwoofer and 6.5 watts in each satellite. You get thumping bass sounds along with silky smooth midrange and high frequencies. Subwoofer design delivers twice the bass energy of similar systemsStylish satellites stand on desk or mount on the wallGreat for PCs and portable CD and MP3 players

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General Features: Subwoofer Included

Total Power: 33 W (RMS)

Speaker Channels: 2.1


Product Title: Logitech Z Series Z-340 2.1 Speaker System - 33 W RMS

Manufacturer: Logitech

Power Score: 4.5 | 11 Reviews

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The subwoofer alone is 7 inches,...

Strengths: Quality bass at very high volumes. No distortion whatsoever.

Weakness: Mids are missing but thats why windows media player has an equalizer.

The subwoofer alone is 7 inches, which is bigger than the usual 5 or 6 inches. No matter how much power you put into a subwoofer, the bigger it is the louder because it moves more particles in the air. The bass is definetely better than other brands.

By traquetoman - Oct 4, 2004

Everyone else hates the blue...

Strengths: Low Price, awsome Sub

Weakness: None

Everyone else hates the blue light, and it IS bright, but only if you are looking directly at it, which I dont, so no problem there. I think the blue light looks cool.

Again, great sound, kickin' subwoofer, low low price, cant beat it!

By Sephiroth311 - Feb 18, 2004

These speakers are very very good,...

Strengths: Very powerful sub, good price.

Weakness: Satellites need more power.

These speakers are very very good, also the price is awesome. I have the sub under the computer desk and it sound so powerful even when its not turned up all the way. By far the best speakers in this price range.

By dopetony01 - Jan 20, 2004

Overall you can't beat this...

Strengths: A great set of 2.1 speakers for the price.

Weakness: One minor gripe: the blue LED is annoying. But, I simply covered it. A quick once over with a black permenant marker or similar item solves this minor complaint.

Overall you can't beat this speaker combo for the price. It's a nice little package that is a great Bang for the Buck. What else can you say? They have a great price and they work. And that's it.

By LinksMaster - Nov 13, 2003

I have two sets of Z-340...

Strengths: Quality for price..

Weakness: A little light in the low mids and very high frequencies...can't put speakers at eye level with the deathstar blue LED - very distracting. Addendum: wiring/connector.

I have two sets of Z-340 speakers...both $25+tax after rebate from Best Buy. I bought the first set to replace a cheesy CA 2.1 system that went bad. I bought these basically for the price ... and was extremely suprised. These speakers sound great, especially with a signal processing sound card/mobo to adjust their weaknesses. The second set I bought for my wife's just because I couldn't resist...
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By iconcilio - Jul 15, 2003

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