Labtec Pulse 424 3-Piece Speaker System Featuring Advanced Subwoofer

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Labtec LCS-2424 Pulse 424 3-Piece Computer Speakers


Product Title: Labtec Pulse 424 3-Piece Speaker System Featuring Advanced Subwoofer

Manufacturer: Labtec

Power Score: 4.0 | 2 Reviews

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I got these speakers like 8 months...

Strengths: great sound at lower levels. I love the sub, even though its only 20 watts, its an 8inch sub, so it still has great bass. I watched the matrix on dvd...u could hear every punch and kick very well

Weakness: screechy at peak volume, but what do u expect from a 32 watt system? the connector style in back could be better as well.

I got these speakers like 8 months ago or so, and they work great. Its good for games such as "undying", "unreal tournament" and such. i listen to mp3's as well and all 3,000 files sound great on it, as long as u don't turn it up to loud. One thing i do like, is how easy they are to set up, plug in the sub to an outlet, plug the right speaker into the computer, and into the sub and your done. I...
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By blownsubman - Jan 4, 2002

great bass, and at lower volume,...

Strengths: great bass, subwoofer is great, especially for the price

Weakness: weak satellites, good at lower volumes, but above half, distortion on the satellites is harsh, and the sub is still strong

great bass, and at lower volume, you can turn up the sub and rock, but at volume that would fill a room bigger than 10x10, the distortion is heavy from the satellites, they do a good job, but bass overpowers the highs. good when there isnt a lot of sounds, but get the satellites busy with a lot of signals, and they distort ehavily, not very bad, especially considering how cheap they are, I got...
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By Andersays - Dec 30, 2001

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