Creative Labs MegaWorks 6.1 Speaker System - 575 W RMS

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Introducing the first 6.1 THX certified PC speaker designed specifically for use with Sound Blaster Audigy 2. The Creative MegaWorks THX 6.1 650 is the most powerful PC speaker ever produced, delivering mindblowing 6.1 surround sound action, in Dolby Digital EX movies and Microsoft DirectSound 3D games. Creative MegaWorks THX 6.1 650 incorporates seven-channel BASH amplification, 600 Watts of Total System Burst Power, and 99dB SNR clarity in a compact speaker design. Six high quality magnetically shielded speakers are each featuring a high precision 3.5 driver with powerful yet small rare-earth magnet to deliver a seamless blend of audio output between all six speakers and the subwoofer. Its massive, dual-flared ported, wood subwoofer with a downfiring 8 long throw driver delivers true Low Frequency Effects that are required for riveting 6.1 playback.

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General Features: THX Certified

Total Power: 575 W (RMS) / 600 W (PMPO)

Speaker Channels: 6.1


Product Title: Creative Labs MegaWorks 6.1 Speaker System - 575 W RMS

Manufacturer: Creative Labs

Power Score: 3.6 | 9 Reviews

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These Speakers Kick A$$

Strengths: Clarity, Bass, control of music

Weakness: none cords are plenty long if your just hooking them up to your computer

these speakers rock
my best friend got these and they literally shake his house
it blows your mind what these can do
great for games and music
i plan on getting them myself
i thank my friend for that
when we go outside with the speakers and woofer turned all the way up you can feel the vibrations on the neighbors house

By BlackFate - Aug 27, 2005

I got these speakers along with...

Strengths: Quality of sound, connectivity and features (I got the 1 bundled with DDTS 100 decoder) and CHEAP !

Weakness: The loudness isn't too high, but again for the price I can't complain. Center speaker holder isn't strong enough. No delay setup possible for surround speakers. Short speaker connector wires.

I got these speakers along with the DDTS 100 decoder from about 2 months ago. It costs $450 if bought separately. Could have actually gone for Bose Acoustimass 6 series II for $400 at Sam's Club. But quality was a priority to me. These Creative speakers are actually part of very popular Cambridge Soundworks home theater systems and that's the reason behind the quality. The more I...
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By rexian - Apr 29, 2004

sounds amazing (even at loud...

Strengths: THX, Great sound. get that extra rear channel. Automaitc upmixing when not connected to 6.1 sourse. Aux input. Gold Plated connectors the whole way through.

Weakness: Cables arn't long enough (for pc connection and satellite connection). No digital inputs. Remote isn't wireless.

sounds amazing (even at loud volumes). Great with DVD's. MP3's sound amazing. very durable and strong. Great companion with the Audigy 2. The sub can handle a lot of bass.

By skelden993 - Feb 29, 2004

WARNING: Never admit to Creative...

Strengths: Good match to Audigy 2 sound card.

Weakness: First set kept blowing it's fuse. Creative Labs could not supply another one for long time.

WARNING: Never admit to Creative Labs that you replaced a burnt fuse as they claim that that voids the warranty. Just tell them "it dose not work at all". I also notice the stupid design of the center speeker stand, that it falls down by it's own weight. It really is a pain to repack all these speakers. Plus UPS would not give me proof that I had shipped them back. They just said "It's in the...
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By bowmanll - Dec 7, 2003


Strengths: Sounds great ... that is if it works.

Weakness: This speaker is woefully unreliable..! PLEASE DON'T BUY THIS SPEAKER!

PLEASE DON'T BUY THIS SPEAKERS ... IT DOES NOT WORK AND WILL NOT WORK! Before I bought this speaker, I read the reviews on this site that others had writen and when one guy mentioned that this speakers did did not work, a few people got on his neck and shouted at him! I ignored his warning, bought two of this speakers, one online, one from Best Buy. BOTH QUIT WORKING AFTER A FEW DAYS! NONE LASTED...
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By skYPot - Oct 7, 2003

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