Creative Labs I-Trigue L3500 2.1 Speaker System - 48 W RMS - Black

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Let the rich notes and warm tones of Creative I-Trigue® L3500 2.1 speaker system entertain you. The exquisite miniature tower-like style of I-Trigue® L3500 satellite speaker incorporates a Lateral Firing Transducer (LFT), and 2 premium Titanium micro drivers, adding acoustic fidelity beyond ordinary desktop speakers. Typical of high end home stereo speakers, you'll benefit from bi-amplification -with independent power driving the LFT driver, and the Titanium micro drviers, allowing peak performance from each speaker. You'll experience a fuller, more expansive soundstage and stronger lower mid range audio, creating a seamless blend of low, mid, and high range audio output. Combined with the power from the 30-Watt RMS subwoofer for a total system power performance of 100 Watts - you're in for a soul-stirring desktop music performance, of symphonic proportions.

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General Features: Magnetically Shielded

Total Power: 48 W (RMS) / 100 W (PMPO)

Speaker Channels: 2.1


Product Title: Creative Labs I-Trigue L3500 2.1 Speaker System - 48 W RMS - Black

Manufacturer: Creative Labs

Power Score: 4.2 | 13 Reviews

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Problem with the Audio Control Pod

Strengths: The speakers sound fine

Weakness: The plastic Audio Control Pod gets extremely hot in one spot

I bought these from Cambridge SoundWorks for $80 total, $21 less than the next lowest price. They sound fine. The only real problem is that the Audio Control Pod gets so hot it is beginning to melt in one spot. The speaker set is wired correctly, the audio input is from a Sound Blaster card, and the speaker volume is low.

By qwpweiiiie - Jan 11, 2006

Using with laptop, gives you more...

Strengths: Very nice sound quality and nice look for a nice price

Weakness: sometimes disturbing bass

Using with laptop, gives you more than expected from 2.1 speakers. The only problem is that the micro drivers are not protected, so keep away your fingers!

By akcelik - Jun 17, 2005

even though the mid-range is...

Strengths: Clear upper-range. strong bass.

Weakness: mid-range is a bit weak and is somewhat noticible.

even though the mid-range is somewhat weak, the sound is clear and powerful and it is a good product, though i was expecting a bit more from these speakers. i thought i would get the whole package with this system since i enjoyed the i-trigue 2200's.

By skatterack - Feb 21, 2005

While I these 2.1 speakers do not...

Strengths: Compact and sturdy design. Sound quality is well balanced and natural sounding. Remote control

Weakness: The sound quality is not as rich as achieved with Altec Lansing's $60-range speakers. No treble or mid-range sound control options.

While I these 2.1 speakers do not meet my original goal to replace my old Altec Lansing speakers with similar or richer sound, they have a lot of positive attributes. The individual components are well designed and appear to be sturdy in construction. They fit tight spaces and accommodate picky tastes (like mine). The sound is very natural and that also did not disappoint. The installation and...
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By mciceran - Feb 20, 2005

Prior to this purchase I had a...

Strengths: great highs and lows, seperate controls for volume&bass levels

Weakness: none

Prior to this purchase I had a similar speaker set from a different company. I was told by a friend that Creative was an excellant company for audio devices.This system is awesome it sounds as good as my home audio system. The bass really thumps-if u want it too. There are also plug in ports for other audio devices on the audio control pod for MP3 players and also a M port connector for other MP3...
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By mikenice232 - Jan 31, 2005

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