Altec Lansing 2.1 Speaker System - 20 W RMS - Black

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Great sound with bass you can feel. This 3-piece system is a sturdy system for music and gaming that fits on your desktop and within your budget.

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Total Power: 20 W (RMS) / 50 W (PMPO)

General Features: Magnetically Shielded Satellite

Speaker Channels: 2.1


Product Title: Altec Lansing 2.1 Speaker System - 20 W RMS - Black

Manufacturer: Altec Lansing

Power Score: 3.0 | 6 Reviews

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Product Reviews (6)

Not bad looking, compact, solid...

Strengths: Crisp mid-levels to high, price

Weakness: no bass control but no big deal, as Media player has all the controls I need, including graphic equalizer...

Not bad looking, compact, solid base, hey, for the money quityerbitchen! I'd buy again at $28.00... yeah, about the same price as a fair set of headphones but fills the room with what ya want...SOUND!

By normonline - Sep 15, 2003

Too many. Im done buying Altec...

Strengths: Really low price

Weakness: Too many. -No Sub control. -Weak speaker sound. -Ugly.

Too many. Im done buying Altec Lansing products. After 4 months of use the right speaker broke (produced no sound) I sent the system back to Altec Lansing; they sent me a new system. Again, the right speaker broke. Same thing, except their was fuzziness at low and high volume. These are very low quality and cannot handle long periods of use. Just spend the extra 20$ and get logitechs or creative;...
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By loki571 - Jul 12, 2003

Got these speakers as an...

Strengths: Good speakers for gaming that wont break bank.

Weakness: No bass control.

Got these speakers as an inexpensive replacement after I blew out my others. For gaming they have been very good, especially considering the price. They are slightly above average for playing music---but for the price others need to remember that one must have realistic expectations for $30-35. The subwoofer is heavy, and would be nice to have seperate bass control, but if it's that important to...
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By piggdawg - Jul 12, 2003

I got these speakers for Christmas...

Strengths: price, ok sound

Weakness: no bass control

I got these speakers for Christmas after my fiancee insisted they were the ones to get - boy was he wrong. I plugged them in and loaded up an mp3 and the sound was horrible. The subwoofer completely overpowered any sound that came out of the satellites and made them sound cheap and boomy (and not in a good way - like someone banging on an empty cardboard tube). I thought maybe it was just that...
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By jacarter - Feb 4, 2003

First of all, these rock for the...

Strengths: Satellites are small and integrate well with subwoofer. Great for 30 bucks!!Sound is free from distortion within limits

Weakness: It's PC sound and shouldn't be judged in with "high standards".like the previous reviewer!!Limited volume but thats what you get for 30 bucks!

First of all, these rock for the price!!One shouldn't expect audio nirvana for 30 bucks..Sure if you crank it too
loud it will distort but within normal ranges its just fine!Buy a good stereo if you want to hear real quality sound.

By jman102 - Oct 20, 2002

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