Santa Cruz PCI Sound Card w/ Digital Signal Processor

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Slot Type: PCI

Signal To Noise Ratio: 96 dB


Product Title: Santa Cruz PCI Sound Card w/ Digital Signal Processor

Power Score: 4.0 | 15 Reviews

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Significant improvement in sound...

Strengths: Easy to set up

Weakness: CD documentation is an overview only, no depth.

Significant improvement in sound quality compared to my Soundblaster AWE 64 using the same speaker system. No glitches in sound at the beginning of each song. Very happy with this product.

By gbriles - Nov 21, 2004

The Santa Cruz card gives that...

Strengths: Incredible sound, 6 speaker setup capability, controllable effects, and the sound decoder is incredible.

Weakness: No physical manual with descriptions of the different parts of the sound card.

The Santa Cruz card gives that extra kick back into sound quality and allows you to setup your speaker system from standard two-speaker set to six-speaker surround sound capability, which is great for movies and incredible for games with alot of sound effects. There are different effects you may control for your music, games, and movies so that you can adjust balance to your liking. I have...
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By AEBeretSniper - Jan 27, 2004

I just got this card a few days...

Strengths: Fantastic sound, also supports 5.1

Weakness: Has MIDI port not Firewire

I just got this card a few days ago, so far it is much better that creatives line of sound cards. It sound great, this is the best sound card you can buy!

By agilley007 - Jan 20, 2004

People who complain about Win98...

Strengths: Great sound quality. Easily configurable no matter what type of speaker set up you use. I play 5.1 surround movies through my Sony home receiver and get excellent sound quality.

Weakness: None. If you know what you are doing, you should never need tech support.

People who complain about Win98 not working with the SC have to realize that Win98 is junk to begin with. Upgrade to the much more stable XP and you will have no problems at all. Although, I never had problems with my SC when I had Win98. Why pay more for a high end sound card when this one does every thing you need for around 60.00.

By spagmumps - Nov 30, 2003

i have windows xp pro. sp1 running...

Strengths: great crisp sound, various sound effects features...and most of all, it works!

Weakness: the stupid sound icon on the sys tray which can be easily removed.

i have windows xp pro. sp1 running on a dell 400sc server. i originally had the soundblaster audigy 1394 gamer which i've used for about 2 months. after installing the drivers, along with the web update, the card would work fine...for about 2 days. i kept loosing sound in the 2 rear speakers on my monsoon 505 5.1 speakers. this would piss me off so much because i would have to uninstall the SB...
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By VAL78 - Sep 23, 2003

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