Guillemot/Hercules Maxi Sound Game Theater XP 6.1 Surround

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Product Title: Guillemot/Hercules Maxi Sound Game Theater XP 6.1 Surround

Manufacturer: Guillemot/Hercules

Power Score: 4.5 | 4 Reviews

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Excellent Card 8 year user,

Strengths: No problems, not even with Win XP

Weakness: The RCA input jacks on the front of the rack came loose, solder connections, easy fix.

Owned this card since 2000, still using it in 2008. all Operating systems Win/98/ME/XP used it on 5 different computers in the last 8 years Never had any issues with product.

By mrsscarry - Jan 20, 2008

I replaced my creative SB platinum...

Strengths: The card is a true 20bit sampler. Where as Creative will fall back to 16bit. My drivers installed without a hitch. The card sounds great and has enough connections to handle most external devices.

Weakness: None so far.

I replaced my creative SB platinum with this card. I can say I will never use another creative product again. This card out performs creative's hands down! The drivers and software installed without a hitch on my XP box. The sample rates are better and highier then creatives. The Yamaha GTX software works great. I waited Nine months for someone to come along with a better product! I will say...
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By Comply - Sep 8, 2002

I have only had the Game Theater...

Strengths: Digital Audio- External Rack- price

Weakness: Drivers!!! and only a 20 bit sound card compared to 24 bit with the soundblaster Audigy platnum ex

I have only had the Game Theater XP for a short while but I've already ran into a few small problems. First, the drivers don't work will with windows 98 or 98se. I can't see any of the text in the configuration window. It sounds great but it is hard to adjust. However, i duel boot with windows 2000 and it works MARVELOUSLY with 2000!!! It outshines my old sound blaster by a ton. The optical and...
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By the_sound_guru - Mar 7, 2002

I upgraded to the GTXP from a...

Strengths: -Lots of connections on the external rack -Very good positionnal audio

Weakness: -Drivers for WinXP need a lot of work -USB ports do not detect all USB devices

I upgraded to the GTXP from a SBLive Value, and I never regretted that move. The GTXP sounds better in my oppinion than the SBLive, and of course, you get the external rack. this rack is the promary reason why anyone would want to buy a GTXP, it is truly great. The only things wrong about the GTXP are that the USB hub in the breakout box is not able to detect all USB devices. For example, it was...
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By JDenis_007 - Sep 21, 2001

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