Creative Labs Audigy Platinum Sound Blaster SB0090P

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Utilizes Creative Lab's Audigy chip EAX Advanced HD offers 3D audio performance Built-in Dolby Digital decoder for true 5.1 multi-channel playback Full bandwidth and 96 DMA channels Includes wireless remote control and front panel Internal Audigy Drive with accessible connectors

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Slot Type: PCI

Signal To Noise Ratio: 100 dB


Product Title: Creative Labs Audigy Platinum Sound Blaster SB0090P

Manufacturer: Creative Labs

Power Score: 3.5 | 6 Reviews

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Purchased from online retailer...

Strengths: Ease of installation, sound quality, features features features

Weakness: No Linux Drivers, need better speakers to take advantage of sound quality

Purchased from online retailer $170 including shipping...Awesome product, no complaints regarding sound quality or installation/compatibility. Running on a stable win2k p4 system with ample RAM.

By AugustWest - Apr 25, 2002

This card replaced an aging PCI...

Strengths: Easy installation, front access controls are very nice (especially the addition of a firewire port), sounds are rich, remote control is cute. The command bar uptop can be hidden.

Weakness: The card may cause some games to crash resulting in a hardlock.

This card replaced an aging PCI 128 Creative Labs. Installation was very simple. The Audigy only takes up an additional slot if your case does not sport a joystick mount. Happily I have not been plagued by those issues as with my AWE-64. The sound always comes on. I first installed the card into my main P4 gaming computer residing in a 19" rack; but sacrificing one of the few external drive slots...
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By Odi - Mar 31, 2002

Good card, although I have...

Strengths: Nice Front Panel, Great Sound, Firewire Support. Easy Instal.

Weakness: Hidden program that runs in your background that pools system info and sends it to Creative. Not mentioned anywhere in readme, and had very general cover-you-butt statement in agreement.

Good card, although I have problems with Papyrus Nascar Racing 4 and 2002 Racing Season and its 3d sound. That's more of an issue with Papyrus than Creative. Creatives hidden program pissed me off. I don't like people snooping on my computer.....
I'm thinking of selling this card on Ebay. Its good, but if it doesn't run my game I'll get something else.

By J_Fellenbaum - Feb 21, 2002

This card sucks! It makes a loud...

Strengths: I would say the strengths are the sound produced, but I have had nothing but problems with this sound card. The strengths have become weaknesses.

Weakness: The card makes a loud shrilling sound after so many minutes of continuous play, and it locks up my computer. This card is feces (I cannot use the other word), and believe me, that is a compliment.

This card sucks! It makes a loud sound and locks my computer. The support is not good as well. It takes the support engineers 7 days to respond to one question. The suggestions the support personnel have made have not worked and they even suggest I make hardware and BIOS changes to my computer. DO NOT BUY THIS CRAPPY CARD. I am going to sell mine on ebay and give someone else problems and...
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By currter - Feb 12, 2002

Well worth the investment....

Strengths: All

Weakness: No Linux Drivers

Well worth the investment. Although Creative has backed off on the software bundle that they used to include, I would have given it the best rating, but Creative does not have Linux drivers.

By Linus68 - Dec 31, 2001

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