Creative Labs 5046701000 Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live Value Mfr P/N 5046701000 Sound Cards...

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Slot Type: PCI

Signal To Noise Ratio: (Not Specified)


Product Title: Creative Labs 5046701000 Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live Value Mfr P/N 5046701000 Sound Cards Accessories

Manufacturer: Creative Labs

Power Score: 3.0 | 11 Reviews

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Strengths: None

Weakness: This card sucks on Windows XP+. if you have windows 98 (which you should be upgraded from) then have this lame card. If you are currently using Windows XP and buy this card, sell on Ebay or break it.

Integrated sound is more stable than this. It is not recommended for windows xp in which i found out later. As the guy above says, i am now using a different sound card and this scummy live card is gathering dust on my closet shelf.

Its a shame it did not work, i would like to experience some "strenghts."

By anonymous; - May 28, 2006

I have installed this card 4 times...

Strengths: none

Weakness: wont work with windows xp very good

I have installed this card 4 times in my hp a350n. I have spent hours with tech support on the phone and the web. After 3 days center speaker quit working and after 5 days so did my rear channels and the mic port never worked at all. Sent back and got a new one and have the same problems at this point it is sitting in my closest gathering dust. Sound blaster blames hp and hp blames sound blaster...
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By autotech212000 - Sep 5, 2004

This sound card have its own...

Strengths: It gives a clean sound effects also have the 4.1 speaker option

Weakness: Sound quality 16-bit

This sound card have its own speciality that can convert any noisy sounds into clean clear music. It gives the bass effect very perfectly and satiesfied

By sajy2k - Feb 13, 2003

I have this card since past 18...

Strengths: Low Cost,Good performance,good software bundle

Weakness: no spdif output, only one cdrom audio connector

I have this card since past 18 months, till now i haven't faced any major problems except a few GPF's rarely, fixed it with the help of creative tech support, this is a real value for your buck. This card sounds great with a creative FPS 1600 which I brought later, music and games sound great, got two full games bundled anlong with this card, Deus ex and Thief, The eax effects of Deus Ex is Mind...
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By rajiv_kul2002 - Oct 23, 2002

The card has lots of software...

Strengths: Very very high quality sound very stable card

Weakness: i purchased in 1999 for $199.00 so for me is how much i paid.

The card has lots of software sound mixer, edit sounds, supports midi devices, microphone, joysticks, game pads and more. i have 4 speakers hooked up 2 front 2 rear and a subwofer, Video game company's always support sound blaster supported drivers built in, i have never had the sound in a game not work it always works. I have played divx, mp3, wave file's, and more. with no lag or drag at all My...
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By TrueJohn - Sep 27, 2002

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