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Servers - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

3 Star Review nas 100d


alexkakis - (October 02, 2005) Is very hard to configure this wireless hard drive the sofware is to bad, i send a email to support i have 12 day waiting answer , after this time i make i work this is good for my laptop to send to this hard drive i save space and time

2 Star Review Transport GX28 B2881 Barebone System (AMD 8131 - Socket 940 - Opteron, Opteron Dual-core - 16GB Memory Support - CD-Reader CD-ROM - Gigabit Ethernet - 1U Rack)


balzotti - (May 24, 2005) This server is extremely loud. Unless you plan on keeping it in a seperate air conditioned server room, I would go for a standard tower or 4U design instead. This may be typical of a 1U server, I just wish I would have known this before I purchased since I planned on mounting it in an open office environment.

1 Star Review Snap Server 4500 1TB


qwertyuioplkjhgfdsa - (February 25, 2005) This is truly an awful piece of technology and I strongly encourage people to seek a NAS solution in an applicance someplace else. Planning, implementing and deploying this solution has been nothing short of a nightmare. Seemingly, very little thought, time or effort was put into making this device. All the resources seem to have been spent marketing it though.

Latest Reviews

3 Star Review Get out your ear muffs

Anonymous User - (06/19/2013) This is a very loud device of the 26 servers/devices I have in my server room it if by far the loudest. I can hear it through the insulated walls. I spoke with support and they tell me the sound level is normal because it is designed to be in a server room. The instructions leave a lot to be desired as well they appear to be a version or two back.

1 Star Review It's a bang for the buck

Anonymous - (01/29/2013) All in all I give it a 11/13. Great server, I can play Runescape on it, and it can charge my coffee cup. This is definitely a bang for the buck. It comes with a snake leather mouse pad and that is amazing. The package also came with Nike shoes. Great buy.

Top Reviewers


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