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Do not buy this scanner if you're...

Strengths: Programmable quick buttons on front, good flatbad scan quality and software.

Weakness: Weak film scanning, overpriced.

Do not buy this scanner if you're thinking about scanning more than just a few photos now and then. I thought it would save me some time by making quick contact prints of my slides and negatives, but I was way wrong. Even small film scans of, say, 400x600 pixels took about 60 seconds (way too long if you've got a lot of photos). If you want to make a high resolution scan at 2400 dpi, then after you hit the start button go and make some coffee, have a snack and come back later... it might be done then. If you want to batch scan 4 slides, or, God forbid, 8 neg's, then just leave it running overnight. I don't mean to harp on it too much, but my 4-year-old Nikon Coolscan IV can do all these things in seconds or a few minutes at the most, and you can buy these on Ebay for less than $300.

That said, (if you're still reading this I'm impressed), the flatbed scanning capabilities of this machine are great. The buttons on the front are great for copying to your printer and scanning at different resolutions and color schemes. But the only redeeming quality about this unit is that my old parallel-port scanner was on the fritz. It should be priced under $100 (I paid $127 before shipping and tax).

By birdman 1101 - Jan 6, 2005

I was looking for a high image...

Strengths: Good software bundle, excellent image and text quality, easy to use interface, copy to printer works

Weakness: Slow scanning speed, noisy, no power switch, include Photoshop Element 1.0

I was looking for a high image quality FAST flat bed scanner and found 2 within my budget both MSRP$199, Canon 8000F and Epson 3170 so I bought 2 to compare. Both exhibit excellent image and text quality, both include negative/slide adapter and both have great software bundle.
However, 8000F comes with Photoshop Element 1.0 where as Epson 3170 comes with Element 2.0 which is $50 value by itself.
The slow scan speed of this 8000F makes this unsuitable for my need. Preview takes 7 second as oppose to 4 sec advertised speed. Scanning color photo full bed at 300dpi takes 43 sec, 96dpi takes 23 sec. The canon website says this is a fast scanner but my test proves otherwise. With the same PC setup for Epson 3170, preview takes only 4 sec, 300dpi color photo full bed takes 23 sec, and 96dpi takes 9.3 sec.
8000F is also noisier than the 3170. Another minor problem is 8000F does not have a power switch like the Epson.
One good thing about the 8000F is the copy to printer function works and OCR is a tiny bit more accurate than 3170.
Canon makes great printer which I also own but their scanner is a disappointment.
I would not recommend user to buy this scanner.

By jasoncwlee - Mar 16, 2004

Using a Mac with Panther I did not...

Strengths: Great Scanner for pictures and good with negatives. Easy to use

Weakness: No software for Mac OSX Panther in the box. Not so good on slides

Using a Mac with Panther I did not bother with software included in the box. Downloaded drivers and toolbox from Canon, everything worked fine, from the front outside panel (printing directly to a Lexmark printer included) to setting up the toolbox to work with my Photoshop and my Photo Elements II. Only I is included in the box, that only runs on OS9 (classic). The OCR software included does not work on Panther, not even on classic. I bought Omnipage pro X and the OCR function is now better than any other scanners I tried.
PROS: Beautiful looking scanner, huge after my LIDE, beautiful scanning capabilities on pictures, great on negatives, not too good on slides but great on OCR.
CONS: Long time for lamp to adjust every time you change settings, only once if you keep scanning at same setting for a while. Scanning itself is very fast, lamp adjustment being slow takes away from speed.
For Mac OSX Panther, use your own software and drivers and you get a great scanner for your system. A little slower than Epson because of lamp adjustment, but far better for the Mac and great customer service from Canon.
Mine was defective from Newegg, Canon replaced it overnight after 1 phone call.

By fafedd - Apr 26, 2004

I upgraded to the CanoScan 8000F...

Strengths: Excellent image and text quality, very complete software bundle, easy to use, ability to scan 35mm film and slides, very well built and fast.

Weakness: None

I upgraded to the CanoScan 8000F from an old Mustek and I am totaly impressed with the results. The CanoScan 8000F performs stunning image scans. Skin tones are very accurate and natural. Very few, if any, adjustments needed in photo editing software. Hard to tell original from scanned image.
Text scans are excellent.
It installed fast and with no problems in Windows XP.
Also a nice feature is the ability to scan 35mm film and slides. I have tried the 35mm film scan with very good results.
On my experience the CanoScan 8000F is a winner and I would highly recommend it.

By spn_tx - Mar 1, 2004

I bought it to copy 6000 slides -...

Strengths: Powerful, Fast, Excellent Quality

Weakness: A bit pricey but excellent quality

I bought it to copy 6000 slides - it has been WONDERFUL! Results feature a high quality reproduction - great software included with purchase to touch up the copies. It copies 4 slides at once, but USB 2.0 speeds things along. Easy installation on my WinXP system. Highly recommended!

By WL7M - Dec 29, 2002

I was used to a slow scanner and...

Strengths: Image quality, ease of use and installation.

Weakness: Noisy, slow.

I was used to a slow scanner and I'm in no rush, sothe speed doesn't bother me. And it is more talkative than my old scaner, but that doesn't really bother me, either. So both "weaknesses" aren't ones I'm going to complain about. It gets much better scans than my old scanner, though, and was a breeze to install. So far I don't have any complaints!

By daviddeen - Mar 31, 2004

So far so good - easy to scan and...

Strengths: Very easy to use with one touch button scanning. A sleek style that fits well with my home office layout

Weakness: Not as friendly to Mac's OSX as literature would lead me to believe. Slide insert does not fit my 35mm older slides so I had to adapt.

So far so good - easy to scan and print right from the scanner. email attachments are a snap. Customer Service is very helpful and prompt - no long waits on hold.

By JimmeToot - Mar 31, 2004