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Promise Ultra133 TX2 simply delivers more for your new Ultra ATA/133 drive(s). From Promise Technology, Inc., the leader in ATA controllers, Ultra133 supports Ultra ATA/133 drives with burst data transfers up to 133MB per second 33% faster than Ultra ATA/100 drives. Ultra133 also supports 66MHz PCI motherboards that offer broader bandwidth of up to 266MB/sec over the PCI bus with CRC error-checking, greater data reliability, and faster transfers. With Ultra133 TX2, you can rely on the worlds most-widely tested and implemented ATA BIOS from Promise. Just attach your new Ultra ATA/133 drive(s) and/or older Ultra ATA/100/66/or 33 drives. The Promise BIOS will recognize the make, model, and best speed setting for peak drive performance.

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Controller Type: Ultra ATA Controller

Slot/Port Type: PCI

Interface Type: Ultra ATA/133 (ATA-7)


Product Title: Promise Technology Ultra133 TX2 ATA Controller

Manufacturer: Promise Technology

Lowest Price: $34.95 from Marketplace

Power Score: 3.6 | 7 Reviews

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Strengths: Everything

Weakness: NOT for Atapi devices (CDRW/DVDRW etc)

This card is advertised for HARD DRIVES ONLY! Promise has OTHER cards if you want to hook up atapi (CDRW/DVDRW) devices, but NOT THIS ONE! This card runs multiple hard drives flawlessly as advertised, & that is ALL it is advertised for.

By whytegold - Aug 16, 2008

I originally purchased my Ultra133...

Strengths: Very easy to install, widely supported by an assortment of operating systems, and excellent performance for the price.

Weakness: Cannot boot from specific devices attached to the card on older BIOSes.

I originally purchased my Ultra133 TX2 (rebranded by Maxtor) to boot a driver larger than the BIOS was able to recognize (older hardware and the manufacturer no longer produces flash upgrades for this particular motherboard). This card worked flawlessly under FreeBSD 4.8 for over a year and a half and the performance was outstanding! I now have the card plugged into a box installed with FreeBSD...
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By zancarius - Jun 24, 2004

I have to agree with the other...

Strengths: very few ... it works with the Ultra 100 and 133 hard drives... but...

Weakness: ... it won't see MY CD-RW also for booting from it.

I have to agree with the other user on here who stated trouble with the company tech support and the bios, that gives trouble seeing anything other than a hard drive attached to the card. I also have problems with the card not allowing booting from a CD-RW, and when anything other than a hard drive is connected to the card along with the hard drive, the other devices aren't seen. to the persons...
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By doug2003 - Mar 31, 2003

I read some negative reviews on...

Strengths: Plug in, load drivers and off you go. No problems. (Easy to install, and really speeds up my old MB.)

Weakness: Have not found one.

I read some negative reviews on this card from a few sites and almost stayed away from controller cards all together. For $35.00 I decided to go ahead and take the chance. I am very pleased that I did, this card has been up and running with my new ATA100 80GB HDD now for 3 weeks and I have not had any trouble.

By connert - Dec 7, 2002

I bought a Maxtor 7200rpm ATA/133...

Strengths: Fast/Speeds up Operating Systems Boot Time and General Access in Windows. Co-existing with Motherboard IDE Controllers! (Uses IRQ9 or available)

Weakness: Installation is difficult/confusing with a fresh install of Windows 2000 - driver did not want to load directly from the Maxtor/Promise CD on a Intel440BX chipset.

I bought a Maxtor 7200rpm ATA/133 40gb drive to go with this controller to add on a Pentium III 550mhz system that was CREEPING with Windows 98 on it. I could not believe this difference in speed. I installed Windows 2000, which as mentioned was very difficult and frustrating since their driver for the card did not want to load initially, but this might be a bug in the Intel BX chipset (It would...
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By kmrussell - Nov 22, 2002

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