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Industial Printer for Home and Small Office Applications

Strengths: Good print quality, works with Mac and Windows.

Weakness: 8.5 inch paper width, heavy, 250 sheet paper capacity

I got tired of paying printer manufacturers rediculous amounts of money for ink jet cartriges that were always empty or needed cleaning, so I purchased this laser printer. It looks and feels like the Xerox machine at work, but the cost is more reasonable. That means that it is big and heavy. I use the same small printer/file cabinet stand that I used for my inkjet printers and it works fine. It performs like an industrial machine in many ways as well.

The print quality is superior for text and color graphics, on par with the $5,000 machine I use at work. I was supprised that the print quality for photographs is pretty good. It may not perform as well as some inkjet printers when they are new for photos, but in my experience, inkjet printer in this price range only produce good prints when they are new or have a new cartrige installed. Even then, print lines are apparent in many cases. This machine is not perfect with facial tones, but there are no lines or streaks on the page. This machine does have an printing option for enhanced photos, which seems to have some impact, but I still send out pictures if I need a high quality print.

I have used this printer in moderation for a month, and the toner level readout is still at 100%. The warmup time is reasonable, although I suspect it uses a lot of electricity while warming up as my lights tend to flicker when I first send a print from the computer.

I have used the secondary sheet feeder only once, but the paper did feed slightly out of square. In that case I did use glossy paper which had no issues in the primary sheet holder.

The bottom line with this printer is that when I want to print something, I just print it. I do not need to think about whether the printer cartrige is full, or clean, or if the print head needs calibrated. Just print it, and get it.

By anonymous; - Jun 29, 2010

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By - Mar 1, 2010

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By - Jan 12, 2010