HP (Hewlett-Packard) PhotoSmart p1315 (17 PPM, 2400x2400 DPI, Color, 16MB)


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Refurbished Photosmart 1315 photo-direct inkjet printer - C8634A

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Printer Type: Inkjet

Interface Connection: Infrared - iRDA Wireless (iRDA-SIR), Parallel - 25 pin D-shell (IEEE 1284A), USB - 4-pin Universal Serial Bus

System Type: Apple Macintosh, PC, PowerPC

Black & White Print Speed: 17 ppm


Product Title: HP (Hewlett-Packard) PhotoSmart p1315 (17 PPM, 2400x2400 DPI, Color, 16MB)

Manufacturer: HP (Hewlett-Packard)

Lowest Price: $343.41 from PinnacleMicro

Power Score: 4.3 | 7 Reviews

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over all this is an awesome...

Strengths: card reader, high quality photos, and lcd

Weakness: cost of ink could be cheaper

over all this is an awesome printer, no software problems, i havent had any paper jams, actually i really have no complaints about it. it doesnt print the fastest but the quality is worth the wait. as for others who do have problems as far as software goes, i know for a fact that it works well with windows 98, 2000, xp home and professional. as for windows me, you will have problems with most...
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By chibo - Jun 9, 2003

This printer is awesome! It is...

Strengths: Many features and options not found on other printers, very quiet printing, slow ink usage, separate 4x6 photo tray

Weakness: No 6 color ink system, no borderless printing

This printer is awesome! It is very quiet when priting except when loading. The ink consumption is very slow which is a great thing compared to my old Epson which drank ink quicker than water. Automatic paper type sensor adjusts print settings automatically. It looks like a laser beam shooting across the paper. LCD is bright and very helpful. Solid construction and quality. HP also has provided...
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By consumer12345 - May 15, 2003

I love not having to use my PC to...

Strengths: Easy to use, don't have to go through the PC, able to print directly from memory stick.

Weakness: Although print time is slow, it is worth the wait.

I love not having to use my PC to print pictures (I now only use it as an archive). With the LCD and menu-driven features, this printer is so easy to use. The photo quality is fantastic. I usually print an index page, and then set up my entire print job (multiple photos, different # copies, different sizes) and leave it to do its thing. I recommend it for anyone who has a digital camera.

By BahamaMama - Mar 13, 2002


Strengths: Easy to set up, prints great text & photos. Now has a rebate available. Good value for your money.I've seen many printers at the same price which are NOT half as good.Offers many extras.

Weakness: Should include USB cable for the price

WOULD BUY AGAIN!!! GOOD VALUE W/ REBATE.WORTH THE EXTRA MONEY OVER THE 1215. Printer uses average ink and comes with good software programs. HP has really given the customer what they want. the proof of this is that many stores are currently out-of-stock on this item.

By dysan109 - Feb 22, 2002

I was planning on buying either...

Strengths: lcd screen...easy to use w/o pc...sepia, black & white, antique color features...good imaging software...good photo quality

Weakness: high price...hard to load paper...paper jams especially for the 4x6 paper tray...expensive ink cartidges...slow to print both color and text...does not automatically turn on when print job initiated

I was planning on buying either the HP1315 or the Canon S800. It was a very hard decision, as both printers had both good points (and bad). As I searched high and low for both printers (they were both out of stock), I ended up leaning toward the HP1315. An office supply store was nice enough to special order it for me. Overall, I was very impressed with the ease of use of the HP1315. I love the...
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By jayellevee - Jan 24, 2002

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