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Good Printer

Strengths: It has every feature available and it's easy to use!

Weakness: CD installation took over an hour, I'm running Vista Ultimate, 3Gig CPU with 3Gig RAM. I would also like it if this printer was a laser printer instead of ink jet.

I purchased this printer to replace another ink jet printer and fax machine. I installed this printer and fell in love with it, it has all the feature you would ever want in an all-in-one printer (Print, Fax, Scan, Bluetooth, Wired and Wireless Networking, just to name a few). HP also did a nice job ensuring that all these features were easy to use and at a push of a button.

By aescribens; - Dec 13, 2007

Wonderful Printer for Home Office Use

Strengths: LCD screen, auto feed scan documents, prints excellent pictures. Great for Realtors & FAX mode

Weakness: Auto Sheet Feeder sometimes has problems pulling in pages.

Overall this is a wonderful printer. FAX ability allow you to use calling cards. For me that was huge as I don't have a long distance carrier on my home land line. This helps keep our costs down. Unit monitors the inbound calls for FAX tones when someone answers the phone and will auto pick up the FAX. The auto sheet feeder for scanning is also helpful, with a realtor in our home this allows a time saving when dealing with large amount of documents. Install the latest software from the HP website. I had no problems installing this printer onto our home LAN network. All 8 PC's on our LAN have access to the printer.

By mjeong - Jun 4, 2008

Nice but nothing special

Strengths: Document Feeder plus flatbed scanner. Ink comes in 6 different colors

Weakness: Ink is expensive Scanning is so-so

We bought this all in one printer to replace both our old printer and scanner. We really like having the 50 page document feeder and this is the only "Home" all in one printer that HP makes that has a feeder tray.
We tend to scan a lot of images and the All in one works, but the scanning is less than par.
The photo printer itself produces some very nice colors and we really like have each color ink in it's own cartridge. The only bad thing about the cartridges are that they are pretty expensive and you find yourself buying around 4 to 6 at a time.

By hyt1900 - Apr 4, 2008

Worst printer ever

Strengths: Good printing quality WiFi works

Weakness: Jams about every third use. Requires constant paper jam clearing followed by cleaning. Will not print in black and white. Spends most of its time making noise and "preparing". Slow.

This is the worst printer I've ever owned. It's been a disaster since the day I got it. It jams every third print job. When it jams, you have to take it apart, and clean it or it will jam again. This is not very practical unless you enjoy cleaning printers instead of doing work. It's very slow and spends most of its time whirring and clunking and sending messages saying it's "preparing" or "calibrating". It won't print in black and white. If one of the color cartridges is empty, it refuses to print even black and white documents.

This is the worst printer I've ever owned. I hate it more than I can say. It is going to the dump as soon as I get my new one.


By righter - Aug 30, 2010

Do not buy this printer!!

Strengths: Nice photos

Weakness: very slow, constant problems!

About 3 months after purchasing this printer I started experiencing difficulty. The printer kept displaying a carriage jam error. There was no paper jam, it turned out to be a hardware issue that HP techs could not repair. Their suggestion was to upgrade to another printer. After this experience I would not want to own another HP printer.

By anonymous; - Jan 6, 2010

Short life for this printer

Strengths: photo quality

Weakness: short life

I have always purchased HP printers and liked them. This one was no exception. This printer had excellent photo print quality, high speed printing and easy to use. BUT after only 3 months things started not working. First I couldn't print photos then I couldn't use the scanner. After owning this printer for only 4 months it became completely unusable.

By pogostick87 - Aug 26, 2009


Strengths: Print Quality Ease of Use It works fine WHEN IT IS WORKING!

Weakness: Not dependable

I spend more time with HP tech support trying to make this thing work than I do trying to earn a living. After 10 months the fax crapped out. HP sent a replacement--I had to pay $ 30 to get it to me in less than the standard 7-10 days.
It was printing fine and all of a sudden the replacement quit. After more hours in the phone with HP they corrected a driver problem. The light blue ink ran out and it does not recognize the replacement (HP cartridge)! Nopw waiting for another week to get a second replacement.

By anonymous; - Jul 23, 2009


Strengths: Nice layout Attractive Good document feeder

Weakness: Ink costs me about $3.00 for each full size print. Customer service abysmal. Refused to pass me to manager. Less expensive to discard printer than to support it.

Very, very slow to 'prep' between prints. sometimes up to 3 or 4 minutes wait time.
Advertised speed is only under limited circumstances, not average usage. An expensive lesson.

By lynnscotty - May 4, 2009

HPC7280 -- Don't buy this printer!

Strengths: Excellent features. Hardware is superb.

Weakness: Software that will cause you the biggest headaches ever.

I don't understand why anyone is giving this printer a good review. Yes, it prints very well. Yes, it has lots of cool features (look at any other positive review). But my overall user experience with this printer makes me very suspicious of the user reviews posted on this website.

We installed the printer software on two separate laptops in this household (both Windows XP). In both cases, the software sucked up so much RAM, our icons would no longer appear on our desktops.

Now I'm having problems running MS Office programs -- I'm not sure if it's related, but seeing as *both* our laptops are experiencing problems, directly after installing the HP software, it seems logical.

I uninstalled the HP software, and guess what, it's STILL running processes in the background.

I'm not even going to bother trying to call customer service after all the nightmare experiences I've read about from other users. I'm returning it and starting all over with something else.

This means I have to reformat my harddrive, an inconvenience, but I'll take that over all the garbage that's been left all over it by HP.

By anonymous; - Nov 20, 2008

Slow & cumbersome

Strengths: Looks good

Weakness: Slow, not efficient on Vista, Constant problems, paper jams, paper capacity small

I was impressed by the design and functions of this printer but was highly disappointed immediately. I have had constant problems with it - horribly slow, jams up paper constantly, holds almost no paper, goes through ink like water and constantly has problems with internet printing. If I were you, I would pass on this one - I wish I did!

By anonymous; - May 18, 2008

not so great

Strengths: it prints a good picture when is acually prints

Weakness: it never prints.

I still have 5 documents from a few weeks ago waiting to get to the printer. All it deos is turn on and turn off. I have tried everything to fix it and it costed me more money to do that than to actually purchase it.

By anonymous; - Apr 9, 2008

A serious look at the HP-C7280 All-in-one

Strengths: Excellent Printer/Good Scanner/Wireless Printing/Good Fax

Weakness: HP-02 Tanks do not hold very much ink. In some cases, 3.5 Ml of ink. Followed up by the fact that the C7280 fights you like the devil if you want to use a compatible ink source. Lousy tech support.

HP could have had a clear winner with this product. But they failed with the miserable software included with this printer. Not all the features function on the software, and can cause your PC to hang like a convict with a death sentence. Next, HP puts a gun to your head by forcing you to use they're genuine HP-02 ink tanks. This thing hates compatibles, and if it doesn't find certain codes on the ink chips, then it gives you non-stop harrasement. Everything from Printer head failure warnings that don't really exist, to threat after threat of voided warranty to non-stop pop-ups about you using Non-Genuine HP Products. As if I'm too stupid to know that I put a compatible in, that I need to be told this late-breaking info.

Tech support on anything involving this printer is a hassle. You get these people in India who cannot even speak english. It's hard enough to try to trouble-shoot a software issue, but now you have a language barrier as well. Good luck with that. These people have no skills at all and don't belong answering a tech support phone for HP. They frequently tell you solutions to problems you don't even have. And are unrelated to your original issue. And if you find yourself on the wrong end of one of these idiots, you can find yourself in worse trouble than you started with.

Several calls to Tech support found me in a situation where they couldn't fix my issue, and claimed I would get a call within 24-Hrs from a "senior tech." 3 weeks later. I'm still waiting for that call. I have spent more time on the phone with them trying to get a scanning issue resolved, then getting any work done. This is again, due to horrible software glitches that should have been found prior to sales.

I find myself unable to ever buy another HP product because of these issues. They have no problem taking my cash. But cannot be bothered with decent customer service in the United States. Have a great one HP. I hear your competitor calling.

By anonymous; - Oct 11, 2007

Great printer

Strengths: Wireless capability, duplexing, ADF, Faxing, Photos, 6 ink cartridges, color lcd screen, card slots.

Weakness: 100 Sheet Paper tray

I love this printer. I got a great deal on it from Staples a few months ago when they substituted it for the C7180. I love the wireless feature and the duplexing. The only downfall IMO is the small paper tray, would have liked a bigger one.

By swipter - Dec 23, 2007

HP Photosmart C7280

Strengths: Full featured.

Weakness: Loud, slow duplexer.

This printer has pretty much all the features you want. A copier, scanner, fax, and of course, printer. The addons are a nice duplexer which lets you automatically print on both sides of the page, but the disadvantage is that once it prints on one side, it has to wait for the ink to dry before printing on the back. The machine is also pretty loud compared to other printers. Excellent photo quality though, and cheap ink.

By hugocarmichael - Dec 10, 2007

HP Photosmart C7280 All-In-One Printer

Strengths: All in one feature, easy to use. Nice printing and copying qualities. ADF works fine without jams. In addition, the card reader feature is really helpful.

Weakness: Takes very long time to install the software. Some parts of the software are not helpful or user-friendly.

This is a very nice ALL in one printer (fax, copy, scan, and print). It is really easy to follow. The wireless and duplexing features are amazing. Printing and copying qualities are excellent. This printer also comes with a flash card reader feature. Some drawbacks I found out were that the installation process could take very long time, also software come in the package are not very user-friendly. Price of the printer is kind of high.

By geoffreyz2000 - Dec 27, 2007

Good printer, wireless networking nice in theory

Strengths: Duplexing, wireless networking (in theory), automatic document feeder

Weakness: cannot duplex photocopies, cannot duplex documents used through the automatic document feeder, wireless networking falls in and out, wired networking doesn't work as well as it should.

I bought this AIO because it has duplexing capabilities, and an automatic document feeder. Duplexing was important for obvious reasons, and the ADF was key because few things are more annoying than having to manually place a 40 page document on the scanner or copier screen. I was *very* excited that the ADF works well, especially when scanning.

However, the ADF does *not* work when you are trying to copy or scan two-sided pages. There also is no option that allows you to scan odd pages first and then even pages, so that you can eventually combine the scanned or copied pieces together into one printed or saved document. This means that both the ADF and the duplexer functions are rendered useless when your original document is two-sided. This is a huge minus for me. Even a software update could resolve intensely annoying issue.

The duplexer also doesn't work when you want to photocopy a one-sided document (but want it printed on two sides).

Secondly, there are a few networking issues with the printer. When networked wirelessly, the printer kept getting "lost" and then coming back into range. This led me to hook the printer up through a wired network.

But even on the wired network, when you are at the printer, in theory you should be able to "scan to" a computer. For whatever reason, the printer cannot always "find" my computer. Sometimes it can, sometimes it can't.

I've spent hours upon hours on the phone with HP installing and reinstalling the printer so that I can resolve its network issues. If the software weren't so bulky, maybe it would've taken less time, but the software is an absolute nightmare.

Once the printer is set up, it works fine (minus the features mentioned above). Just have the patience to set it up. Several times.

By arnoota - Feb 26, 2008

This printer cost me days and hours of frustration

Strengths: Has all the features I wanted

Weakness: The software is a nightmare. It eats up 90% or more of your cpu while doing nothing. It takes days to install.

I was sold on all the features but did not listen to others saying stay away from this printer. HP tech's taking control of my computer took over 8 hours to get this printer installed on my laptop. ExPro SP2 up to date. The software on both my laptop and pc takes better than 90% of my cpu. HP could not fix this and said they would call me back in a day. Thanks HP, I have spent more than three days of my own time on this installation and I can work my day around you calling my back in a 24 hour window. If you check your task manager and see svchost.exe running at 90% it is the HP software sucking up your cpu.

By Coolhoward - Dec 1, 2007

HP 7280 Only/Biggest Piece of Junk I've Purchased from HP

Strengths: Once you FINALLY get it to install, it's great--WHEN IT WORKS.

Weakness: I simply CANNOT COUNT ON IT to work. And it It always seems to fail me at the worst possible time.

It took forever to install. (A problem I have had more recdently with new HP printers.) I simply cannot count on it to be ready to scan when I need it to be ready the most. I would never bet my life on it being ready to scan. Most of the time, I have to restart the computer. And even then it gives me stupid and bogus server errors. Then it locks up. Prints nice pictures and the fax works ok, but DO NOT COUNT ON IT TO SCAN WHEN YOU NEED IT TO.

By gsailor - May 1, 2009


Strengths: Great features, if only you could install/use them.

Weakness: Software is abyssmal and unusable

I've had this for six months and no HP rep can tell me yet how to install it correctly. The installation package on the CD as well as the update from the website generate random FATAL ERRORS.

I've never been able to install anything but printing on a network scan to computer, no nothing.

I've never even been able to install PRINTING from the USB connection.

By wallyrahjr - Dec 7, 2008

Great Printer

Strengths: Easy to set up...Love the wireless and photo printing from the copier.

Weakness: A bit larger than I wanted. But the sacrifice was worth it!

I just used it today , but I love it already! It has many features, fax, copy, and its Wireless!. You can edit photos from copier, no computer needed. Glad I purchased this one. I love HP Printers

By chershop08 - Apr 19, 2008

A True All-In-One Office Machine - Nice Hi-Gloss Appearance

Strengths: - Top-Notch Software package - Wireless & Network Features - Rich Photo Quality - USB Card Reader to get rid of clutters

Weakness: - Small Print Cartridge

This one printer completed my office including multiple pages faxing, with others I have to insert one by one to fax, rich color photo printing, super fine scanning. My 10 year old HP Scanner still works perfectly till this day, but I was so impressed with HP product, esp this new one. A little trouble with wireless setup, but it works rather than a promise. Features-rich software, multi-function hardware & nice glossy appearance are all we want to go for. Highly recommended.

By davidtran32 - Apr 23, 2008


I like the C7280 All-in-one because it works. I have owned this model for almost a year and have not had one paper jam, missed fax, scan, or copy. What else can you ask from this machine?

By Bman on HP - May 23, 2009


For the first couple of months i loved my new printer, after that it jams everytime i print so out of 20 prints maybe get 2 decent copies. I will not recomend this unit to anyone its a huge hassle.

By Tiny on HP - May 14, 2009

Photomart C7280 All in One

I recommend that anyone that needs a new printer consider this printer. I have found that the quality of the output of this printer is very high class and is one of the best printers I have ever used.

By dlrocha on HP - May 12, 2009

C7289 All in One

this is aclunky piece of equipment. TAkes a lot of ink and constantly needs to be rebooted. Under no circumstances should you waste any hard earn money on this lemon

By UpJohn on HP - May 11, 2009

Bad Driver Disk, Nice Printer

I looked around quite a bit before I decided to go with this printer. I liked the idea of the 802.11g (although it slowed down my network), so we could print off our laptops without having a dedicated print server. I had read the reviews on several sites so I knew that it had some issues. I wasn't thrilled that I had a bad software install right off the bat.(It was a clean install on a new machine and I had a hunch that it was my driver disk) I expected some issues because of my inexperience with Vista but I have 20 years of PC experience and I can get almost anything to work. However when I installed on my XP laptop and had the same problems, I d/led the software off of the web, and had no issues. It's noisy starting up (understatement) but I love the print quality for photo's. I don't print much in draft mode but I was fine with the results on what I did. If you are a serious Home-office user I would tell you not to get it but for light home-office use it's a very good printer.

By JustBri on HP - Apr 25, 2009

Definately an All-in-One!!

Has everything you need with the quality you want. I'll be keeping this one!!

By fribbit44 on HP - Apr 24, 2009

Good Machine but noisy

This all in one machine works very good. The photos are of excellent quality and it is simple to use. Only real negative is the machine is very noisy at start up and after printing.

By Richie29407 on HP - Apr 22, 2009

No Brainer Printer

It does everything. Right from the box it recognized my wireless network and is very easy on ink as long as you don't want to print in color every time....all printers are like that. Photos in hi res rival anything you'd ever get from the store. Fast draft mode is so fast its hard to keep up with. I'd buy another in a heartbeat.

By momule on HP - Apr 20, 2009

very noisy

This is the noisiest HP printer I have ever had. Combining that with more than average paper jams does not make for a high rating.

By syrettj on HP - Apr 20, 2009

great machine

i bought this machine a week ago and i love it. it does so much and prints photos very nice.i would recommend this machine.

By tuscany on HP - Apr 19, 2009


After reading all of the reviews on this product, I became suspicious of the problems some were having.I loaded the software disc and immediately could not get past the initial update page.It turns out I deleted the hp update software on my computer and it could not check for new updates, so I corrected that issue and the software installed just fine. after printing some of my pictures taken from a 2 megapixel cam and a 6 megapixel cam,I can see a big difference in the copies. Beautiful prints from the 6mp camera. All of the other features worked fine on their own. So if you start with good quality pictures, this printer will give you excellent quality copies and very fast, so go for it. It is easy to setup, easy to use and does what it claims to with great results.

By jcdanvers on HP - Apr 17, 2009

Great Printer

I have to admit that I was somewhat skeptical about this printer because of some of the other postings about setting it up on a wireless network. However, I trusted my instincts and went ahead and bought one. Shipping was fast, only took 3 days from the time I ordered until I received it (at 6:40 in the morning via FedEx). I literally followed the instructions to the letter and had it up and running on my network in 20 minutes. Instructions were clear and concise. What took the longest was entering my WEP info on the keyboard. It took me a little over an hour to set up the printer on my network and install the software on my two computers (one is a wireless notebook and the other a desktop PC). Printing on this is a little slow to start but is very clear. Having 6 color cartridges the photo printing is absolutely great. The only downfall that I found is that you have to have the printer turned on when you submit a print job, it will not automatically turn on like my HP 7260 does when you submit a print job to it. The total functionality of this printer is great and I would tell anyone to buy this all in one printer.

By 501Retired on HP - Apr 16, 2009

Hewlett-Packard C7280

Strengths: Printer works great

Weakness: Software is a horror with Vista and WORD added.

After using word, it crashes and word reboots its self. HP has a work around that is useless and they say a new driver is in the works. It takes over a year! Very frustrating.

By amiabledave50 - Apr 12, 2009

C7280 up and running in no time, software installed on three computers

Strengths: Good print quality, user friendly software, nice button layout and flexibility on control panel, all in one capability

Weakness: None so far

I bought this refurbished, thinking that the process of re-doing the device would make sure that it would work out of the box. It did. I took the chance that I could work around any software issues by downloading the drivers from the HP website. So, I had it waiting on my desktop when I installed the HP software on the included CD. I have a LAN with two PC's and one wireless laptop. I decided to hard wire this AIO and not go wireless. I was successful in loading the HP software from the CD, with only one difficulty on a PC which immediately self corrected merely by opening the downloaded drivers, after which it completed the install. Everything seems to be working. Document feeder, fax, printer and scan have all been used and the performance is great. I like the idea of separate ink cartridges. I have to be able to save money on ink with this arrangement. I'd recommend this for purchase if you have a fair amount of tech savvy. And, be sure to download the drivers from the HP website and have them ready to go when you install. I have an older HP 7550 directly connected to one of my PC's and I'm very much tempted to buy another of these (refurb of course), and connect it in wireless so my wife can print all her church bulletins and not wear this one out.

By naplesnick - Apr 9, 2009

Bitter Sweet/Get the Service Contract!

Love the features of this unit, but have had a lot of problems. Sheet feeder feeds multiple sheets. Replaced the unit in warranty. Wouldn't connect wirelessly but Tech Help solved the problem. Put in new ink cartridge and the unit failed, having it replaced. Get the Service Contract. I also like the upgrade feature. If the unit fails you can upgrade to a newer unit or replace the same at a better price. It keeps you coming back.

By thePatriot on HP - Apr 8, 2009

won't work

I have installed and uninstalled at least five times and still will not load correctly. I have checked every article and tried everything online. It all checks out, but stalls and then freezes my internet acess. I hate the fact that the duplex option requires a manual fix every time I want to use it.

By stillnothappy on HP - Apr 1, 2009

have it for ONE YEAR & so far so good

wanted something really nice for my new laptop last year & bought the C7280 all in one... everything is great & i have it hooked up to my laptop & when i take my laptop out & about i just reconnect the usb cord and no the printer, copier, scanner, & fax function...LOVE the photosmart creating thing is you can even use it as an internal fax if you don't have a phone line and it goes into an "inbox" type mailbox like email...BEST THING IS YOU CAN BUY FROM HP A "COMBO 02 INK & PHOTO PAPER" as you save $ and always have ink & authentic HP photopaper when you need it...also I use HP multipurpose paper for copy/print... HAVE not used the wireless feature but i know it's there when i have to set up all things wireless... GREAT PRODUCT... easy set up, nice tech help who made sure my fax worked and also a "trial number" to make sure your outgoing fax feature works, too... VERY FINE PRODUCT...THANK YOU... hope nothing happens now that i wrote this sterling review...fingers crossed...i am not "mechanical"...

By MIAMIHEAT on HP - Mar 26, 2009

I love it

I love this printer. Scanner function works great, especially with the page feeder. The only thing that is missing is a dual-sided page feeding scanner... and none of them have that. Good printer. Get it!

By Benistpope on HP - Mar 24, 2009

It's alive.

So, it's noisy but it's perfect for me right now at this instant in time. Whoa, Nelly.

By zoroaster on HP - Mar 20, 2009

Had to return it

Strengths: Wouldn't know - software wouldn't install despite help from tech person

Weakness: not being able to use it because software wouldn't install. No updated driver on line to fix the problem.

I had a two-year-old HP all-in-one that worked well and upgraded to the Vista era 7280. Despite all of my efforts, the software would not install and there was no updated driver to fix this problem. Other individuals were having the same problem. I refuse to spend 10 to 15 hours trying to fix the developer's problems, so I returned it. Think I'll go back to my old printer, once again.

By anonymous; - Mar 9, 2009


I bought my printer back in September of 2008. I shopped around a bit because this is my third printer and I wasn't overly pleased with my previous two printers. Since I don't have a data line in my house, the only feature that I haven't had a chance to use yet is the fax. All of the other features: printer, copier, scanner and photo printer are, simply put, TOP NOTCH!!! This printer is fast and the print/copy/scan quality is EXCELLENT. I REALLY like that it prints multiple page documents in descending page order, so I never have to reorder the pages when I take them off of the printer. The duplex attachment is a true MONEY SAVER!!! I use the HP Advanced Photo Paper and my prints are always crisp and clear...lab quality. I like being able to set up custom printing profiles that I can select depending on the project I'm working on instead of having to always change the printer settings. The software that comes with the printer is a nice addition. I've done all sorts of projects; scrapbook pages, photo books, calendars, invitations, etc...all with professional quality. The wireless setup was a breeze. I followed the onscreen instructions and it literally took less than 2 minutes. I can't say enough good things about this printer. It is DEFINITELY a great value. If you're shopping for a printer, you'd be crazy if you didn't check out this printer. You won't be disappointed. GREAT JOB HP !!!

By QTeePy on HP - Feb 25, 2009

not happy with vivera ink

Our biggest problem with this printer is the crummy ink. We thought it was going to be great to only have to replace the empty one. And it is, BUT the ink smears and if it gets a little bit wet it runs. My wife's brochures stink because if they get "runs" on them then they look unprofessional. Thought it was going to be "print quality"....

By dnewman on HP - Feb 19, 2009

Will not print PDF files

Wireless is less then expected. I would not recommend this prnter to anyone.

By Fitz on HP - Feb 18, 2009

4th model failure in less than 1 year

I initially purchased a C7280 in March, 2008. 11 months later, I'm on my fourth (yep, you heard right) unit. The first three all failed with paper jams when printing. Supposedly, this model tries to be smart and determine whether you are printing to plain or photo paper. If plain, it uses rollers to transport the paper. If photo, it engages little sprockets to help the thicker photo paper along. Well, when the sensor gets dirty, plain paper gets confused for photo paper. Up pops the sprockets and causes feed jams. There is no way to clean the sensor -- oops! To top it off, I received my 4th refurb unit 2 days ago and it cannot make copies or send faxes without inserting a nice, 2-inch black bar on the margain of the paper. I've had it and have requested a chat with a manager and a refund. I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent in chats or on the phone dealing with this piece of trash. Do not get one! It is totally unreliable.

By rjk51 on HP - Feb 15, 2009

Third one was the charm!

Excellent product! This is my third printer in less than a month . . .I couldn't find anything that I REALLY liked until I tested this printer in the store. My previous printer (the one I was trying to replace) had the the PC Fax feature & I loved it (helped to save a tree), so I wanted to make sure I had that particular feature, again. This printer's wireless setup was way too easy! The color printing is rich . . . prints pretty fast, too. Finally, I have a printer where the paper lies flat & doesn't stand on its end (creates paper jams); you only have to change the "one" ink cartridge that runs out. I do wish it had the disk labeling feature, though. Oh! And it's pretty, too!

By 3rdTime on HP - Feb 15, 2009


Strengths: Does everything I want easy.

Weakness: Would be nice if it had bigger paper storage.

When I received this printer I was worried about the problems that have been stated in reviews getting it to work with the computer. In less that 2 hours I had it unpacked, installed the software in t

By Photosmart C7280; - Feb 11, 2009

very pleased

I'm very happy with this does get a little noisey will priniting but its not that bad..........print quality is execellent and so is the photo printing.......the fax, scanning and copier are perfect features..........the only thing i wish it had is laser disc labeling then the total package would be complete............but overall its an excellent product.

By deelaa on HP - Feb 10, 2009

Great product.

This product is awsome. It is very user friendly and the wireless connection was easy to set up. I printed all my wedding invitations, ceremony programs and thank you cards using this machine and it was great. Everyone thought it was done professionally.

By Robin25 on HP - Feb 10, 2009

Very Happy

I recently purchased this all in one photosmart printer and so far have been very happy with it. I almost didn't because of the review regarding installation, however, I'm glad I did. I had absolutely no problems with the installation. I have 2 laptops that are connecting wirelessly to the printer and they both work fine. The picture printing quality is great. I would highly recommend this printer for a home wireless network setup.

By Chicagoan on HP - Feb 9, 2009

Plug and play all the way

It's been a few years since I bought a new printer. My old Photosmart printer was, well, old, so I retired it even though it still works. I figured technology must have changed since 2003. I was right. This printer works great and the print is stunning. This unit is as plug-and-play as anything I've ever bought. The software takes a good 15 minutes to load and requires user input from time to time so you can't hit install and walk away, but once it's loaded you're good to go. The only thing out of the ordinary I found is when you ask it to duplex it tells me the duplexer is not installed, but it is. Just ignore the warning and it goes right into duplex mode and does flip and print the second side without a hitch. Beautiful finish and fit. You don't have to hide this in a closet. I have it on the desk next to my computer and it looks great. My eyes tell me the Photosmart printout is sharper than the old unit I had. There must have been some tweaks done to something, because the old printer I had was a Photosmart and this one does a better job. You won't be sorry with this printer.

By Chip123789654 on HP - Feb 6, 2009


There are way too many software malfunctions with this printer. Do not buy it or you will be in for one long headache.

By morthia on HP - Feb 4, 2009


We have had the 7280 for about six months now. Our IT guy has been here at least 5 times to get it back on line where it will print. He spends hours and hours each time, it works for a short time then, caput! It stops printing. Cannot figure out the problem ourselves and now the IT guy can't either. I wouldn't give you a penny for the thing. It's certainly very expensive to try to maintain for use when you have to pay the guy $40/hr to fix it every few days. Wish I'd gotten someething else for sure.

By Griffin on HP - Jan 30, 2009

Beware print heads

This printer has separate print heads from the ink. Eventually they wear out and the printer must be replaced since the print heads are not replaceable. The printer will refuse to print and give you a cryptic message that means the print heads are worn out.

By Brent1 on HP - Jan 29, 2009

C7280 All-in-One Good product for me!

Have had the printer for a couple of months now and it has performed great. Using the wireless setup with two desktops running Vista 64 bit and one desktop running XP 32 bit. Printer excepts print from all three. Love the duplex printing, hopefully HP will fix the message that says duplexing is not available. The print quality is fine for me since I did not purchase it to print a lot of photos. Prints fast enough for my purposes and has more options than I will ever use. Overall it has been a great product so far.

By Luckyme on HP - Jan 26, 2009

Worse Printer Ever

My biggest mistake was purchasing this printer C7280. This is my second one and this one doesn't work either. ANYTIME you try to PRINT something, It come up with the ERROR MESSAGE >>Out Of Paper>>OUT OF PAPER>>OUT OF PAPER. Get used to it...It is the only thing you'll see if you purchase this printer.

By HeyTwins on HP - Jan 26, 2009


I have had this printer for a few months, and I have not been very happy with it. I have had numerous problems getting it to print, and the print quality does not seem anywhere as good as my old 2210 model. My main complaint though, is that I never know when it is going to refuse to print at all. Now I an going to try removing the software and reinstalling i. This is the time of year that I am really going to be needing it, and I am hoping that it will start working better. I have had many HP printers in the past 20 years or so, but never one like this.

By underdog on HP - Jan 25, 2009

Par Player

This is a great printer if the paper does not jam. I have had it for two months and had to have it sent back to HP. The last time the paper jammed, a plastic piece broke off of the paper feed. I hope sending it back to factory will fix the problem because otherwise, the quality of the printing, including photo's is very good.

By ParPlayer on HP - Jan 23, 2009

Wireless scan works, but NO PRINTING

HP C7280 MacBook (2008) Skybroadband wireless router Installed all software successsfuly. all devices are wireless. SCAN WORKS. NOT PRINTING!!! Connected printer to the router with cable - everything works. Screeming for help!

By Nickus on HP - Jan 22, 2009

Wow! What a machine!

My first Hp Photosmart (5 years old and really put through its paces) finally gave up its ghost, and I looked very closely at this C7280 before I signed on the dotted line. I am a freelance photographer, but most of my photo printing is done through print labs, so I use the printer mostly for marketing pieces and brochures, as well as the occasional printed snapshot. I seriously considered an officejet 7680 because of its legal size paper capability, but I wanted to have the option for printing pro-quality photos in house in case I needed to. I also have been wanting a duplexing printer for quite some time. I just received the printer, so I can't say anything about its longevity, but I have tested its features, and all I can say is WOW! The photo quality is the best I have ever seen, and the text output is laser quality. The location of the memory card slots is convenient, and the control panel is easy to reach, easy to read, and operates intuitively. I would have given this printer a full 5-star rating except for one thing that was not clear in any of descriptions, and that I wish has been addressed. But please note, this issue is not a deal killer by any means! The duplexing feature only works on files sent from the computer, not on scanned copies. Not a big deal, since I can scan the doc I want to print double sided and then output on double sided pages, but it is an extra step that would be handy to avoid. It means you need the computer to run a two sided copy. Bottom line: This is a great printer, at a decent price that will serve home users and small businesses very well. And, it is backed by HP quality.

By McBaker on HP - Jan 17, 2009

generally a good home printer

I purchased this printer to replace an old HP 6L, Photosmart 7550 and fax machine over 6 months ago. The goal was to reduce the foot print of all the devices and consolidate. I was looking at the officejet 7780 too but decided against it since it wasn't on sale. I got this one on sale with free shipping. 1. fax machine - standard nothing fancy, 2. scanner - decent but it should handle legal paper too. 3. photo printer - color of the pictures are off if you do not use HP paper; if you use HP paper, the color is good. I never had this issue using non-HP photo paper on the HP7550. 4. WIRELESS - can I say it was easy to set up and I love it! 5. Installation - i didn't have a problem after reading all the problems people had with using the supplied software. I downloaded teh latest version from the site and manually installed only the components I wanted. I recommend this as this software is bloated. 6. HP needs to fix the driver for this printer - I like to print duplex - yes trying to be Green. The driver has a bug in it because a message box pops up saying the duplexer isn't installed. I've gone through all the options on the HP tech forums and the help desk wasn't helpful. Just click print and it will print in duplex. 7. print quality - i'm not to thrilled with it. I expected much more crisp printing but I am comparing it to a laserjet. Print can be much sharper. I use my old laserjet for better quality print. Overall, a decent printer home printer. Yes, some things can be improved however it meets the needs for a home office printer without breaking the bank.

By etcetc on HP - Jan 8, 2009

Great Printer - Great Price

Excellent photo quality. Fast Black and white printing. Fax is satisfactory. Wireless is a great asset. We can print from anywhere in the office.

By musicdude on HP - Jan 6, 2009

Fantastic Printer

This is my fifth HP printer and all are still working great, just wanted to go wireless. Easy to set up, just follow the instructions on the screen. Don't forget about your firewall. Very please with the quality of photos. Like the fact of printing on both sides. Makes great copies and fast. We installed from the disk on Vista and XP with our wireless. Thanks HP.

By Thanksfromus on HP - Jan 1, 2009


This is a super printer for both photos and business use....The color ink individual cartridges could be larger capacity.

By LBR1 on HP - Dec 26, 2008

Software Improvement Needed

I have used HP priinters for years and still would not purchase another brand. The print quality is great, print cartridges easy to change, however wireless use and software needs some improvement. Wireless printing was very slow. Software has to be reinstalled abount every other week. Was very disappointed in the Photo essentials software that came with the printer. It would be a much improbed printer if the software was improved and more stable.

By re50 on HP - Dec 23, 2008

Does not support SmartMedia Memory cards

After purchasing I discovered this printer does not support SmartMedia Memory Cards. I realize these are no longer available but this would not have been difficult to do after all the last HP computer I purchased late last year still supported. In addition it would have been a good idea for HP to provide an SmartMedia adapter accessory that could plug into the front USB port or atleast supply feedback that the ones already available will not work or will work.

By lesneywacko on HP - Dec 15, 2008

hp 7280

I purchased this unit about a year ago, and very satisfied with the features, performance, and quality of photos. Its an awesome little Printer.

By rmack on HP - Dec 13, 2008

Awesome Photo Prints

A compact photo printer that produces vivid color prints. Prints quietly except when printing envelopes. I like the chime when a print is finished! The ability to establish shortcuts for printing options is a great feature in preferences. A couple of clicks with often used options is all it takes to be printing. The fact that faxing can't be done from a Vista Home Premium system is a negative. No trouble faxing from the printer itself, however. I was impressed when it kept automatically redialing a fax number until it got connected. Ink cartridge replacement is very easy and convenient. The scanner does a great job with photos and text. It was easy to set up on my home network. I am using a hidden network name (SSID) and WPA. When I set the laptop up, I had to click on the advance option and enter the IP address of the printer on my network so the printer could be found. I thought this was straight forward and only mention it to help others. Lastly, be sure to download the latest software from HP when setting up the printer. All in all it is great machine and a pleasure to use.

By lvhobo on HP - Dec 6, 2008

Excellent Product

I have been using my C7280 for over a year now. It was purchased to replace an Officejet 520 all in one which was several years old that I was very satisfied with. I have had no problems with this machine and the color ink cartridges are individual colors so i don't have to replace the entire cartridge when just one color runs out. I do a lot of printing, copying, scanning and faxing and need a very reliable machine. The C7280 has exceeded all my expectations.

By JoeM2 on HP - Dec 5, 2008

the best

I had HP years ago, good printer then, and service was superior when I had a problem. Foolish me, I tried different printers since, but just recently purchased a HP 7280, I will never ever buy anything but HP from now on, this printer is far superior to anything out there. Easy to set up, easy to use, superior print quality. Thank you HP. About to purchase another.

By mjr50 on HP - Dec 2, 2008

Great printer

I have had my printer for a year and do a lot of printing. I am just now changing the ink. Makes great pictures. This is the second HP print I have bought and wouldn't buy any other brand.

By ladeda on HP - Dec 2, 2008


This printer is beyond GREAT! It is very easy to set up and the wireless feature is awesome! I have a laptop computer as well as a desktop and they both are connected to this printer using the wireless feature and let me tell you, it is wonderful. No snarl of cable connections. The double trays (regular paper and photo paper) is so nice. No messing around with changing paper or ink cartridges. The FAX feature is super. If you don't buy this printer, you are missing out on a really fantastic printer. I had an HP printer I bought several years ago and thought it was really good, but this one puts it to shame. I am thrilled that I bought this printer. I did not find this printer noisy as some reviews have stated. The quality and speed of printing is really great. I am impressed. This is a great printer/copier/scanner/fax. A lot of bang for the buck!

By Foxy on HP - Nov 30, 2008


Pros: > was on sale > all-in-one Contras: > EXTREMELY loud compared to other printers (starts by switching it on: loud noises and lots of trembling so that entire desk is shaking, parts are moving inside, lasts for at least 20 sekonds. Same thing before shutting down and each time it prints. Once in a while it would happen without any reason or any printing/scanning initiations from my side). >EXTREMELY inflexible: The upper plastic part covering the paper sheets completely blocks the view on what you are trying to do with your papers. I also print a lot of odd non-standard formats and with other printers I never had a problem before. This one simply covers me with error messages and refuses to print anything that is not a standard format. Very frustrating.

By PCfreak on HP - Nov 24, 2008

home use is great

home use of this C7280 all-in-one is great. Easy to use functions. set-up was a snap. My experience after a year of owning this is to get it. Picture printing on the correct pic paper is easy as sin and really sharp. i bought the bluetooth adapter so i can take pics with my camera and bluetooth pics to printer. i use photosmart express to sharpen and fix pics and create albums and this comes out great. good for small project on the side use to create presents like photo albums. my friends couldn't afford a real photographer and i used my HP R742 dig camera combined with this printer and program on my PC to make them a phto album. They loved it. it came out better than some pro's i have seen. So by wod of mouth i do weddings cheap but there's a catch. i gotta eat and bring my girl along. other than that this is a highly reccomended printer, scanner , fax, and photo maker. BUY IT!!!!!!

By aeroguy65 on HP - Nov 21, 2008

HP 7280 All-in-one

I've had my 7280 for about 10 months. While print quality is excellent, I have some issues with this printer. It has constant paper jams when printing more than one page, especially when printing in the "fast/economical" print setting. It is also noisy and goes through a lot of heavy motion as it is "readies itself" in prepartion to print. This can be very distracting at times. I've used HP printers (and a couple of competitive products) for years, and this printer is the first printer I have not been satisfied with. I cannot recommend it without reservation, especially if you intend to use print fast draft feature much. (I use it to save ink!)

By merlin9412 on HP - Nov 21, 2008

HP, great stuff!

I worked on the railroad for 32 years and the only computer equipment we used was Hewlett-Packard. Reason being was it was simple to use and it was very durable. I've owned 4 all-in-one printers now, 2-Brother and 2-HP. There is no comparison. The HP is by far the better equipment. This Model 7280 was the easiest to install of all of them. Directions were very simple to follow and before I knew it, it printed out a sheet and told me exactly what all was working and told me I was ready to begin. Great Stuff HP.........

By Anonymous on HP - Nov 21, 2008

Excellent all rounder

Bought this beauty 6 months ago and haven't looked back. Installation and day to day use by MAC excellent. PC installation a little tedious but works fine. Fax simple and straight forward. Scanning of documents - brilliant and photo printing and photo scanning is even better. Just scanned and enlarged photos to A4 - cant fault it. Simple to do and excellent reproduction - better than the original. Duplexing - a real boon Wireless operation - why wasn't it invented years ago!

By Siggers on HP - Nov 17, 2008

Great Product

Before purchasing this product I had networked a friends home/office. He asked me to networked this printer to all pcs/laptops in home. After seeing this product after installation I had to compliment my home and laptop pc with it..Great product.

By wlm1 on HP - Nov 14, 2008

I am Very impressed

I bought a brand new Brother All in one and after 3 months I ran out of black ink so I replaced the cartridge and the next day I was out of ink again I never could find out where the ink was going and I could not get any help from Brother so I threw the printer out.....GRRRRRRR. I bought the HP PhotoSmart C7280 and I love it...I was suprised to find that it has 5 different ink cartridges and that worries me a bit but so far I LOVE this printer. I am not afarid to recommend this printer at all......I should have known better then to buy anything other then an HP printer as my first printer was HP and it is still printing to this day and it is 12 years old..

By thegale on HP - Nov 6, 2008

Printer with many issues C7280

I recently bought these printer because i was looking for a color inkjet that would print both pictures and documents, with double-sided option and wireless/wired network connection. This printer has all these features and it looked like a great product. Unfortunetly the printer has a lot of problems. The first problem that i found is that i couldn't print two-sided documents. It appears that when you do a wireless connection to the printer the software can't detect the two-side module. This is not a problem if you limit yourself to connect with a USB cable. The next days more problems appeared: printer will go to offline status, All-in-one sofware will hang and go to no respond stauts, excesive time delay for printing to start and my other computers would not detect the printer at all. After two weeks of trying to fix these issues, i had to return the printer. This printer has great features and printing quality, so i hope Hp will fix all these issue. A special mention to the Tech support team that provided timely and relevant information during the last two weeks.

By EngGuy on HP - Nov 4, 2008

Nice Replacement All in one Printer

I have had this Photosmart C7280 for one week. So far So Good. I got the printer after my Photosmart 3210xi died. I like the fact that I can now get the pictures from the memory card to the computer without haveing another piece of equipment. The photo print quality is also good. I also like that fact that I can connect all of my computers to it through a wireless connection. Base on my limited (1 Week) experience with this printer. I would recommend it to my friends.

By waltpnc on HP - Nov 3, 2008


I'm not sure how I was able to live without this printer. It's fantastic and best of all the inks are affordable and allows for a wider range of colors. Thanks HP

By Firmo on HP - Oct 24, 2008


I have owned this product for several months after my other name brand all-in-one broke. I connected this product up using the software and didn't encounter any problems. It is very user friendly. I have used all the features on it and could not ask for anything more. Very satisfied with the performance of the machine and quality of photos and text and the simplicity and ease for using the different features. Absolutely love the automatic duplex printing feature and the LCD display editing. Have used other name brand copiers, computers, etc but always come back to HP. The best value and quality for the money. They really are the leader of the pack. Have always loved HP products as they stand behind their products and you can talk to real live English speaking people you can understand - no automatic menu driven buttons to push - to talk with when you do encounter problems. A real plus. The biggest and most important reason to stay with HP and the quality products they produce. A total package. Keep up the good job HP and I'll continue to use HP products.

By mamaw67 on HP - Oct 19, 2008

Great printer

I purchased the HP C7250 printer to replace a Photosmart 1000. Being this is an all in one, there is no comparison. The quality of pictures are beyond expectations. I also purchased a HP DV7- 1175nr laptop and now I havbe a wireless printer that I can use from anywhere in my home. This printer is the best of my previou three HP printers.

By dbaywes on HP - Oct 15, 2008

Excellent Printer

I read the negative reviews also but this was the machine with all the features I wanted. It was easy to install and is great to use. Love the freedom of copying anything, even 100 year old photos and have them come out better than originals.

By a2kate on HP - Oct 6, 2008

You Don't Need The Noise

I have had printers by HP before that were great, this one misses the mark. NOISEY, SLOW, TEMPERMENTAL, If I didn't only purchase it 5 months ago I would toss it and get something different. Sorry, but this one ...yuk!

By Cantgetanysleep on HP - Oct 1, 2008

Great, but a few problems

I have had this printer since January, 2008. I have 3 laptops and 2 printers set up on my home wireless network. All are HP products. Maybe I have a problem with my wireless router, but it takes up to a minute for the printer to start working from the time I hit "Print". The C7280 does a great job with copying and photos. It seems like I am replacing a cartridge frequently, but I do a lot of color printing of pictures and greeting cards. I have used 6 magenta, 5 black, yellow and cyan, and 2 light cyan and light magenta cartridges since I bought it. My usage page shows that I have printed 2037 pages and less than 40 photos. One of my main complaints about this printer is that I cannot print envelopes other than a #10 business envelope. If I load the smaller envelopes, I get an error on the printer and the only option given is to cancel the print job. I do a lot of greeting cards. If I didn't have my Photosmart 2710 set up on my wireless network, I wouldn't be able to print the envelopes for my quarter sheet size cards, or even the half-sheet size cards. I do like the sheet feeder on this printer. It really speeds up copy jobs of multiple pages. The duplex printing is a great benefit which saves a lot of paper, but sometimes the last line on the first page is cut off and I haven't figured out why.

By Mayrankil on HP - Sep 21, 2008

Excellent but for the runny ink

Excellent multifuction machine for photos and home business. Unfortunately the ink runs too quickly with a drop of water the document is ruined. Luckily it copies scans and faxes quickly. This I find to be a short. I've had lots of ink jet printers and the ink is very water soluble. Also it'll print double sided. Too bad it doesn't have duplex scanning. WiFi is the biggest plus.

By T1g3r on HP - Sep 12, 2008

Excellent All-In-One

I just purchased the C7280. Prior to purchasing I read all of the reviews and because of them I almost didn't purchase this printer combo. A lot of the comments were negative. Not being a computer geek I was skeptical. I following the instructions that came with the printer to the letter and I didn't have any problems at all. The installation went so smooth and I tried every option available and all of the options worked without a hitch. Printing, copying, faxing, photo printing, and scanning were all above my expectations considering some of the reviews I read. Thanks HP for once again making a quality product.

By Cavimom on HP - Sep 8, 2008

Good Printer

Strengths: Has all the necessary features

Weakness: Software Nightmare

Has all the necessary features.
The software takes a long time to load ,after loading ,it did not work properly.It took all day to get this printer software to work.Called tech support three times.The software that came with the printer did not load all the software correct.Finally one of the techs had me to load the software from the internet,now its working find.Basic instruction need improving.

By master702 - Sep 1, 2008


I bought this printer when I moved into my dorm. It does everything I want it to. I have to print documents for class, but I also print bunches of photos. I haven't had any problems with it, other than when printing labels it tells me the paper is upside down, but that is because it thinks it is photo paper because the wax paper on the back is glossy. I have never had a single issue with any HP product I have ever owned, and if I ever would have a problem, HP's customer service is always helpful. I would recommend this to anyone.

By nkemp15 on HP - Aug 31, 2008

HP Photosmart C7280 is an Awesome Machine

I've always had HP printers and had no issues with any of them. I purchased my C7280 back in April 08 from the HP website to replace an aging PSC 950. I setup my main desktop using the USB cable and the setup disk that came with the printer. Setup was easy and the unit has worked flawless from the start. Picture quality is excellent, duplexer works great when printing multi page documents from your PC, cost for the ink cartridges is cheaper and I like the ability to replace only the cartridge that is empty. Having wireless on this printer made setting up 2 laptops and a desktop with wireless access a piece of cake. The automatic document feeder makes making copies of multiple pages alot easier. So if you are looking to buy a new printer you can't go wrong with the purchase of one of these machines.

By earn454 on HP - Aug 23, 2008

Great Addition to Home

Great Printer. I have just one problem, is when it goes off line, I do have to reboot computer with the all-in-one on to use the scanner feature. I have windows Vista and the all-in-one is hooked up to a Linksys router for the home network. Great features for the price.

By SgtZSquad on HP - Aug 23, 2008

C7280-All In One is the bomb

I bought it in April 08 and now it is Aug. 08 I love this printer I can do so much with it and it Prints Pictures wonderfully. I have never been so happy with a product. I had a another printer before and this one puts it to shame. I have never used my other computer and printer since I bought this one.It is compact and convient too. On a scale 1 to 10 10 being the best I would rate it a 10 across the board with no problems. I scanned all of my pictures so i have a hard file of them in case if something happens to them. I will be covered. The scanning is a little noisey but I still love my c7280.

By Traylynn on HP - Aug 20, 2008

Ink smearing

This unit does not work well with important documents as the ink never really dries. Smudges from sweaty hands makes documents look awful. Works great for pictures.

By Marilyn54 on HP - Aug 18, 2008

simply the best

Nice to look at. Great sounds. Great print quality. Wireless service is easy to use and makes printing a dream. I have had this one for 6 months. I only with that I had gotten it sooner.

By keykey on HP - Aug 3, 2008

Hot item and using it is simple

When advertised most things only operate at 75%, and works properly half the time.Well, the HP C7280 All in One does what they say and then some, and it is so, simple too operate that I believe a three year old could be showed how too use it and could use it as well as anyone can. Its just fantastic, I love mine and wouldn't trade it for anything else!!!!!!!! Tonster

By Tonster on HP - Jul 31, 2008

No Fan

I was a BIG HP fan before I purchased the C7280 Photosmart. This has to be the worst all-in-one I have owned. I have had driver issues from day one. I have install & uninstall the drivers many a times. It still ask me to install the disk because the installation has not completed. It's not a simple machine to operate.

By Anonymous on HP - Jul 30, 2008

Photosmart 7280 Review

I purchased this printer about 6 months ago and about two weeks after I regretted the purchase. The status tells me the printer is connected to my network but does not print. When it finally starts printing, it jams. In addition, it sits on now printing forever. I thought changing my setting to fast grayscale printing only, would speed up printing however, it actually increased my wait time. When the blue and pink ink ran out the printer would not print grayscale only. At this very moment, I am still waiting for an 8 page black text document to finish printing. Needless to say, I have competed my review however, my document is still printing. I would love to thank HP for the printers features however, since the features lack performace I will not.

By Displeased on HP - Jul 23, 2008

Overall Excellent Value When on Sale

I caught this on sale on the HP site about a month ago for $179.99 and I grabbed it. Overall, I'm satisfied and it's certainly a good value at that price. The main problem I have with this printer is that the photos print with too much of a yellowish tint compared to what's seen on the screen. The same thing happens when scanning photos. The HP tech person took control of my computer remotely, and checked some things then concluded that I needed a replacement printer. The replacement was sent without any charges, but the results are the same. I can compensate to some degree using the limited color adjustment in the printing software. It's just annoying that the primary feature of this printer (being a "photosmart") is supposed to be lab quality photo prints, and that is where it performs the worst. I actually use the other all-in-one features more than I print photos, so I can live with it. Another con that others have mentioned is that it is very noisy. It goes through some noisy gyrations when starting up each time, and it's somewhat noisy when printing. But the noise is not a concern for me. The duplex feature is nice, but it does not allow for duplex when copying; only when printing. I have a combination wired/wireless router and the printer is working both on my desktop via the ethernet cable and on my laptop wirelessly so that is nice. Overall, I'm satisifed with the features and performance of this printer, except for the poor color reproduction when printing photos. I can't believe they would let a product get out with this defect, so maybe there is something wrong with the software or my system somewhere. My previous cheap HP 5150 printed better quality photos but it was not an all-in-one.

By rjg426 on HP - Jul 21, 2008

HP Photosmart C7280

HP Photosmart C7280 receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 2.72 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #23 all-in-one printer of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS' formula gives a picture of important consumer features, market value, and a...
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By - Nov 24, 2008

HP Photosmart C7280 All-in-One has collected 17 expert reviews for HP Photosmart C7280 All-in-One and the average expert rating is 76 of 100. The average score reflects the expert community’s view on this product. Click below and use to see all ratings, product awards and conclusions.
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By - Nov 4, 2008

ReviewGist for HP (Hewlett-Packard) Photosmart C7280 All-In-One Printer

Quality is Good according to 12 Printer experts. -- "Color-photo quality was terrific, close to what I expect to see from a more expensive photo printer or a professional photo lab." -- "the graphics are good enough to give to an important client or customer you need to impress with your professionalism." -- "Graphics are easily good enough for any...
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By - Jan 25, 2010

HP Photosmart C7280

The Photosmart C7280 is a general purpose, all-in-one inkjet printer, scanner, copier and fax machine from HP. Primarily designed for light home/home office use due to its rather small ink cartridges, the C7280 allows you to print a large variety of paper sizes from a computer or straight from your cameras memory card in high quality. Using a memory card reader, ethernet network connection and...
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By - Sep 23, 2011