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Great so far

Shipping was really fast, and setup wasn't too difficult. The only problem I had setting up was that the printer driver installation did not occur automatically as the instructions said it would. I just ended up downloading the driver from the hp support website, and it was easy to install after that. The wireless worked right away, no problems at all. The print quality is also very nice, much better than my old inkjet.

By Tanamarin on HP - Apr 11, 2013

Love The Printer - Hate the cost on Toner -

I've had this printer for a year and I love it!! The setup was easy. The print quality is excellent!!! BUT for a small home printing business it's not working out for us.....The first thing is that it is slow and if you give it too many jobs or a large job of over 100 it gets overheated and has to cool down. This is not very productive if you're trying to meet a deadline. The second item of concern is the cost of the toner. I've purchased at least three set of each color (four colors) at $50.00 (approximately)....boy adds that up... So I'm looking into getting a new one and I really hate it because of the wonderful print quality. And if you're looking for a wonderful printer and not alot of printing jobs I truly recommend this one.

By SheliaS on HP - Feb 13, 2013

This product will not print labels!

Love the size of this printer and the features of wireless printing. Big problem though when printing labels, the toner will not stay on the labels. I have already exchanged it thinking it was a faulty printer but the replacement does the same thing. I need to print labels a lot so this printer is going back!

By Joan39 on HP - Dec 17, 2012

Great cost/value and easy install

It's been installed for about a week now, so this review is about expectations and value. It does everything as marketed, the print quality is excellent, and is a great price/value for a color laserjet. It also installed on the network and all computers very easily. (That is a major improvement over my previous experiences networking HP printers!) One word of caution is the advertised dimensions. If space constraints are an issue, note that with the straight plug cord and the paper tray, the footprint is significantly larger than stated. Personally I'd think most people looking at dimensions would want to know the actual operating envelope! I was literally an 1/8" from sending it back and that only after purchasing a 90 degree power cord from another supplier.

By stedi73 on HP - May 11, 2012

Love this printer

Great Printer! No more worrying if the ink is dried up. Makes great B & W and Color prints. The printer has a very easy setup, only took a few minutes. Automatically finds the WiFi and just connect to your lap top and it loads all the drivers from the printer. Great printer. Extremely happy with this printer.

By LlamaMom on HP - Apr 3, 2013

This product is a great!

It's a very nice printer.Print is in great quality , scanner works nice and quiet. I use this printer with 3 laptops and an IPad. Air print works good and also has great quality. Less experience people may have some problems for the first set-up because the user manual book is poor.

By Darek on HP - Mar 4, 2013

Great printer; tough setup

The printer/copier, are excellent, and the basic setup is easy. The color reproduction is terrific. However, I am using my unit with a Mac and OS 10.6, one of the recommended systems, and the installation instructions are totally inadequate. There is no manual, and the basic instructions are to insert the supplied DVD and follow the on screen instructions. Well, the on screen instructions don't even begin to meet the need. Having booted and rebooted multiple times, and gone online to get help, and followed various instructions to download latest versions of various packages, I finally succumbed and called HP; after most of an hour with a very patient technical whizkid, I got the scanning working, and the wireless printing. I gave up on the wireless scanning; I'll just do that with a USB connector. So in summary, great piece of gear, but the software installation totally ruins the initial experience. BTW, I bought this unit to replace a perfectly good, and perfectly functioning HP 3in1 that could not deal with my upgrade to Snow Leopard. I fully expect this unit to become obsolete on day simply because I make the mistake of upgrading my operating system by a notch.

By BaronVon on HP - Feb 26, 2013

Works great!

For home use this printer is great. I no longer have dried out ink cartridges and get great prints black or in color. The e-print and wireless features are fantastic.

By Kat50 on HP - Dec 11, 2012

This is the best printer

I don't usually write reviews, this printer rocks!!! Not only was it easy to setup, it does everything I could possibly ask of it. I kept having issues with only printing every once in a while with an inkjet printer and was tired of the family complaining that every 4 months, when they wanted to print something, the ink was dry and I had to go get more. Wireless Laser Color, Scanner, Copier and it is the best print I have ever seen. Buy One - you won't be sorry

By Tony999 on HP - Dec 6, 2012

good printer easily purchased

The features for the price are a very good deal. eShopping on the web site was nicely done and printer arrived a day or two before expected. Graphical intructions for set up could have used a little more text description which caused a little confusion, but nothing major.

By cotrader on HP - Nov 27, 2012

this product produces documents very slowly

The print copy is excellent. The speed is way too slow!

By syzygy on HP - Nov 18, 2012

The HP Laser Jet 100 is what I was looking for.

We've had the printer for one month. So far, so good. We wanted a laser printer for print quality and cost efficiency. We were tired of changing toner cartriges and high expense. We haven't used all features yet. Still learning. It seems to be noisy but we can live with this. Our household does a lot of high school homework and all laptops are tied to the wireless so it works throughout the house.

By jcrosby1136 on HP - Nov 13, 2012

Quality print results

I've been using HP printers for over 20 years and recommend them highly. I've been pleased with their performance and longevity. The HP Laserjet Pro 100 is no exception. The quality and performance are great.

By Marilyn518 on HP - Nov 5, 2012

Great Printer for the price

I bought this printer a couple of months ago. I have used it to print "standard" home stuff including family newsletters. The print quality is fantastic, the started black toner cartridge lasted for approximately 300 pages. The initial warm up time and color prints are a little slow, for the price and print quality I can wait a few moments.

By jeffers285 on HP - Oct 15, 2012

great value

Love the product, a little slow, wish the scan feature was easier to use, but the copy and wireless print is a life saver.

By mike123456 on HP - Sep 10, 2012

Great Features (Airprint) & Easy Setup

Second HP Laserjet Pro 100 Color MFP M175nw I've pruchased this year. One for my personal use and one for my fiance. The MFP was very easy to setup and use. Purchases e HP Laserjet Pro P1606dn for black print task which is very fast and does two-sided printing.

By Kiyoshi on HP - Sep 8, 2012

Impressed with performance

Haven't used it much at this point, but so far I am very impressed. Have always loved HP products, but was unhappy with the amount of ink my inkjet printer used (or that dried up between use). Hoping that won't be an issue with my new laser printer. Printer doesn't have a slot for my SD card, but I guess that probably comes with a more expensive unit. Otherwise, I love it. Shipping timeframe was excellent. I received it 2 days after I ordered it.

By lizzielou on HP - Sep 6, 2012

Awesome for home office!

I love my new HP printer. I was afraid I wouldn't know how to set it up to my wireless and all, but with the HP DVD, setup was so easy and transparent. Colors are vivid, scanning options are super easy, the feeder works great for scanning/printing multiple-page documents. The printer takes little space so it's great for home office.

By Kantuta on HP - Aug 23, 2012

Just what I expected.

I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of set up; both wired and wireless connection to two different computers. The main use has been copying and printing from the computer(s) which has been flawless so far. I will be copying photos but have not done so yet. Although, there is no instruction manual, per se, every manuver is fairly straight forward.

By Zephyr13 on HP - Aug 22, 2012

Excellent multi function printer

Excellent printer at a great price. Super easy setup both in Windows 7 and openSuSE Linux. In Linux make sure to use the hp-setup command to install the printer. This will automatically download the correct plugin for the scanner. This printer is networked and was again very easy to set up. I have not tried the eprint function as I do not use Apple products but printing from wi-fi was again very easy to set up. Some other buyers have complained about slow printing but I have not found this to be true. Printing speed is just fine for a home or small office printer.

By Dave327 on HP - Aug 17, 2012

No more dried up ink cartridges

This printer has been excellent, easy to use. Best of all, I never find it unable to print because one of the ink cartridge has dried up or run low on ink.

By Mngmt on HP - Jun 24, 2012

Good Upgrade

This was an upgrade from our very basic printer and it's great. Very easy to use and printing quality is great. Only slight downside is the scanning function - I'm not very tech savy and I find it is not particularly user friendly.

By mands on HP - Jun 18, 2012

Great color prints

We have had the printer for a few weeks. We are delighted with the wireless capability, resolution, and the great color prints.

By ClydeKaddidlehopper on HP - May 28, 2012

Good Value

We have had the new printer now for about six weeks and are very happy with it. The quality of color print and even the black & white is very good. The first copy print time is also good. Very happy so far.

By RandyW on HP - May 7, 2012

I always buy HP printer

I like this printer because it got everything you can think of. However, the wifi setting won't accept with AT&T wireless router. I had to connect it with wired connection to the router. Hopefully, it will get new firmware to fix that.

By msh9999 on HP - May 5, 2012

Great Printer

Use the printer for work. It is awesome!!! Print pictures, slides for meetings and etc. The qualitiy is great. I have co-workers that use the scanner all the time. They want one for their desk.

By RaisingCain on HP - Apr 19, 2012

LaserJet Pro Excellent Device

This Laser Jet Pro is my second HP Laser printer. I had the first one for eight years but didn't want to invest in any more toners since the old Laser printer was no longer supported; it still works perfectly. When the new printer arrived it took me about two hours to set it up and get it operational on Windows 7. I am a 75-year old female with lots of computer experience. I have been very pleased with the print quality output. I am using this as a personal printer. It is very handy to have the scanner part of the device. It seems very natural. It fits perfectly on the same printer stand as my old one. Although the printer is hard plastic, everything snaps easily into place and seems rugged enough. The only concern when unpacking was no special packaging to remove on the color toners. I read and re-read directions to make sure before the first print test. (I had been so familiar with each toner being packaged separately.)

By LaserHappy on HP - Apr 15, 2012

Efficent good Photo Printer

My wife is photographer and she prints proof on this printer and printer does it job very well good value.

By SalihYilmaz on HP - Apr 5, 2012


Paper tray is not enclosed; Takes a long time between print job sent until cycling completes and printed page(s) come out; Setting up it's Wireless requires a Technician or person with a lot of IT knowledge (which I don't have); Wanted to be able to send a page from my laptop in my bedroom a few feet from my living room where the computer and printer are; won't do it. Tech is coming back to bring me an external DVD player that will plug into my HP Pavilion so that I can watch DVD movies of recent manufacture; (Hope he can fix the Wireless problem). The player in the computer will load and play music CDs, but will not load DVD movies and the HP and Data Doctors can't figure out why. Computer is about a year and a half old - purchased 07/31/2010. ---JJB in AZ.

By jjbphxaz on HP - Mar 3, 2012

Don't Let The Name or Price Fool You!

I have owned HP printers exclusively since about 1995. Have always recommended them to others, but this printer is the worse I have ever owned. It is noisy, it recalibrates itseslf way too frequently. This printer overheats very easily and after 30-50 pages will go into a "cool down" mode which makes it totally unsuitable for an office setting in spite of the name "Pro" being advertised. Also I have never achieved anything close to the 17 page per minute production. Over all the machine is not built sturdily, and I found that the most important features of the machine were simply not as advertised. A project that would normally take about 2 hours or less to print took me over 12 hours. If you are looking for a fax feature or automatic duplex printing, this machine does not have it.

By Himmylair on HP - Feb 22, 2012

LaserJet Pro 100 Color MFP M175nw as replacement

Picked this as a replacement for a LaserJet 3020 when my wireless print server died. The box was a little bashed by shipping, but the printer is working well so far with the LaserJet paper. It also is works well with the Apple products. (I ordered it from HP since local retailers didn't seem to stock the printer, preferring to stock less and more expensive printers) Pros - networking now built in; upgraded to color (though that was not a goal). Neutral - to avoid repeated re-configuration of the wireless, found it easier for 2nd and successive laptops (XP) to install from CD (rather than USB). I have the wireless network tightly locked-down. Aside - In the web interface to configure the printer, it isn't very clear how dependent the device is on SNMP -- so I left it read-write and depend on physical and wireless security. (I have done SNMP stacks in the past for networking devices.)

By BobWho on HP - Dec 30, 2011

Love the HP LaserJet Pro 100

The HP LaserJet Pro 100 is my first laser printer and it is great! It is a reasonable size for my limited space, and it was quite simple to install. The features I am most excited about are the ADF for easy copying and scanning legal docs, and the savings on inkjet cartridges! It's a winner.

By Carefree on HP - Dec 24, 2011

Excellent Printer

Printer performance is great. Easy to install. Had some problems connecting to Apple TimeCapsule/wireless network. I have had HP printers in the past an never have any problems.

By EKing on HP - Dec 19, 2011

So far, so good

So far, so good...Have used the printer and copier. Happy with the quality of print, both color and black. It does seem to do a lot of initializing, but nothing to complain about. Used cable to connect vs. wireless. Worked like a charm! Anxious to see how the cartridges hold up vs. the small ones. Have always been happy with my HP printers.

By sassysally on HP - Nov 10, 2011


happy with past history with hp products.

By droby on HP - Nov 9, 2011

Great Printer, Great Price

I recently purchased the LaserJet 100 Color MFP M175nw to replace a similar equipped InkJet printer. Set up on a PC was a snap and the wireless works great on on of my PC's. Setting up the wireless was less complicated than on my InkJet all-in-one and this one actually works. The print quality is excellent and the print speed is very good, even first page out. You cannot beat the performance and price point of this printer for the home. Replacing the toner will be financially painful, but when you weigh cost per page and the ease of use versus ink, its worth the few pennies per page more. My only negative is setting up the wireless on a Mac. Let's just say the software engineers need to go back to school on that one. After reading all of the help guides etc. from to troubleshoot this set up, I still have not been able to enable wireless on my daughters MacBook Pro. I would have given the overall rating a 5 star if this part worked. Very disappointed with the set up on a Mac. PC two thumbs up. Mac, two thumbs down.

By BofEagle on HP - Oct 28, 2011

Great printer/scanner/copier!

I've had this for a couple of weeks now and it is everything I hoped it would be. The color is great, the setup was easy, it supports Mac well, the network scanning is perfect. I just need to get better quality paper to show off the printing quality better for some print advertising. And all of this for a price that beats the copy stores for per-sheet cost and gives us greater flexibility.

By SteveV on HP - Oct 19, 2011

Exactly what I was looking for.

This beautiful printer is just the right size. It set up easily and works like a charm with my iMac and iPhone. The features are plentiful and intuitive. Changing the paper size couldn't be simpler. And I like that I am given the choice to have it render greys with only the black toner, to save on the colour toners, and because I prefer the neutral hue of the result. I love that it will put itself to sleep and wake quickly, so I can leave it on all of the time and not worry about the power consumption or noise. It operates much quieter than my previous laser printer. And I have been impressed with the printing speed and quality of both colour and black & white pages. I enjoy the sheen of the ink when printing photos, and the colours are quite true to the original photo-taking environment (though my screen colours are a bit different from both). My favourite feature is the scanning, particularly from the document feeder tray. I use the standard printer utility in Mac OS X. I like that it can tell whether a document is loaded, lets you choose the paper size and to stitch the pages together into a PDF. It makes it so easy. And I also like that when scanning from the flatbed, you can choose the size of the paper instead of trying to drag shapes of merely indiscriminate proportions. The one thing I would have liked to have seen, though, with the scanning is the ability to manipulate the contrast of the image, which would be particularly useful when scanning pencil. Obviously, copying is just as smooth as the scanning.

By Gershwin on HP - Oct 13, 2011

Easy Set-up

Setting up the printer was easy and fast. I had both my PC and my Mac printing wirelessly within 30 minutes. In the two weeks that I have had the printer, the time to print from a cold start is slower than expected. However, when printing multiple pages, it meets the printed specifications.

By Shnitts on HP - Oct 11, 2011

Great Printer, Great Price Point

I couldn't believe how easy it was to set up this printer. Plugged it in, hooked up the USB cable, followed the simple instructions, removed the USB cable and whamo it was done. Wireless works really good, never a problem with a lost connection etc. I have 2 Laptops hooked wirelessly to the printer and it works every time. Haven't used the fax but have used the coppier and that works great as well. Colors seem to be good and printed page is about as good as you are going to get with an inexpensive printer. I've had many HP printers over the years and I swear by them.

By Steve65 on HP - Oct 4, 2011

Great printer at great price

Great printer. My only critism would be that photos (photos only, graphics look great) are dark on normal paper. I am sure they are better on specialized paper, but haven't tried yet.

By MasterZeus on HP - Sep 23, 2011

Love this printer

I don't know what was wrong with the previous guy. But I love this printer. Fast first out page. Good speed. Excellent resolution for color prints. Love it.

By BigSmile777 on HP - Sep 14, 2011

Slow Printings & Frequent Lost Connection

Printing speeds are very slow both in black & colors. Printer needs more than a couple minutes to wake up before the slow prints can be process. Wifi connection is awfully bad......disconnection happens very often. Hate it! * Printing speeds--not as described * Not a energy saver as well * Paper tray too small * Control Panel--very limited functions

By Johnny2 on HP - Aug 12, 2011

HP Color LaserJet Pro 100 MFP - multifunction ( printer / copier / scanner ) ( color )

THE GOOD: The space-saving <b>HP LaserJet Pro 100</b> serves up professional-quality color documents with three-way network connectivity and cloud printing. THE BAD: Print speeds are slower than average, and the lack of autoduplexing means more time and paper wasted. THE BOTTOM LINE: The HP LaserJet Pro 100 is a solid color laser printer for personal use, but the high cost of...
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By - Dec 5, 2011

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