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I don't know why others are having...

Strengths: Amazing quality, decent speed.

Weakness: Expensive ink (but what inkjet doesn't have expensive ink?)

I don't know why others are having speed problems. The advertised speed is accurate -- you must choose draft quality to get this speed. The advertised "normal" black speed is 7ppm, and "best" black speed, 1ppm. (Color speeds are 15, 5, and 1, repectively.) You gotta read the small print, people, and notice it says "up to". Also, if you have spooling turned on, your computer's speed will make a difference. If you can't wait one minute for your page to print, look elsewhere. However, for a $120 (after rebates) printer, this is a great deal.

Text is crisp and can almost fool me into thinking it's from a laser. There are (at least yet) *no* gaps or fades in the output.

The photos from this printer are almost indistinguishable from a "real" photo. The 4x6 full-bleed makes your printer a mobile fotomat. This printer includes a automatic paper quailty sensor that adjusts the output for each paper type. If you will print photos, do yourself a favor and purchase a photo ink cartridge and HP photo paper with this printer.

Highly recommended.

By derbbre - Nov 30, 2003

The HP 5650 is a great improvement...

Strengths: Very good print quailty; both in black and color.

Weakness: none

The HP 5650 is a great improvement over our last printer (lEMARK). The paper is easy to load into the machine (front load, not the top), its easy to install ink cartridges and the unit takes up less space on our desk.. The black and color copys are excellent, not to mention photo pictures using their #58 color cartridge. A great inkjet printer for the price.

By DELL3 - Jan 14, 2004

Nice looking and supposed to be...

Strengths: Has some improved features and more flexibilty than my old Deskjet 882C

Weakness: Advertised 21 pages/min. It's slower than my old 882C. About 5 ppm would be closer. The print screen feature has a popup window to select the print. In some screens it prints blocking your screen.

Nice looking and supposed to be fast (21 ppm). Has more features than my old printer. More color and print quality adjustments. But I bought it for its advertised speed and it's slower than my old printer. I plan to send it back unless HP can show me it's not setup properly. One review I read said 7ppm. I though that must be a mistake. It's not!!

By carlnewman - Nov 23, 2003

This printer is fast, does great...

Strengths: good price, fast, ease to instal and quiet.

Weakness: need to remove all of the paper to print envelope, expensive ink.

This printer is fast, does great quality prints and is pretty quiet. I also like the very cheap price and the sleek design. The printing speed is amazing!

By onlycool - Oct 6, 2004

Bought this printer about 3 months...

Strengths: easy to set up, easy to use. good quality

Weakness: none yet

Bought this printer about 3 months ago. No problems so far. It is very easy to use and provides reasonable quality. It is pretty fast and quite

By llevites - Sep 27, 2004

We purchased 4 and they are...

Strengths: Setup was easy, printer speed is great and print quality is very good.

Weakness: None.

We purchased 4 and they are utilized by multiple users at one time and they have been very satisfied with the printer's performance. Setup was very easy and printer speed is an improvement over our previous printer and the quality is very good.

By sholtgra - Feb 11, 2004

HP produces excellent printers....

Strengths: HP produces excellent printers

Weakness: No weakness unless the product is improperly used

HP produces excellent printers. Maintenance is easy to obtained. Toner cartridges are easily purchased. The cartridges are easy to replace. I will continue to purchase HP Printers until I feel the quality of the printers are not good or a better printer comes along

By BURCHT - Apr 15, 2004

I bought this unit to replace an 8...

Strengths: Great print quality, reasonably fast, excellent value.

Weakness: Expensive ink cartridges.

I bought this unit to replace an 8 year old HP Deskjet which finally ground to a halt. I printed out a test sheet and was amazed at the quality of the color picture, given that I was using plain paper and only the standard 3 color cartridge.

I note that many current printers have eliminated the parallel port interface. This one still has it, and that was a factor in my decision to buy it.

This model is about 2 years old and may be about due to be discontinued by HP. That may explain why it is being sold at a large discount. Since I probably will use it for at least 5 years anyway, I don't mind that it isn't the absolute latest model. I was more interested in saving some money.

By johnb3030 - Jan 13, 2005

This is a nice printer for the...

Strengths: ok print quality, but not that great. I owned this only for 15 days and upgrade it to HP 5850

Weakness: slow printing, fast ink consumption, ink is not cheap

This is a nice printer for the entry level, but not more. Don't use that for high-quality printing tasks. For familiy use, i think that's probably ok.

By eshadow - Jan 1, 2005

This is a very good small machine...

Strengths: easy to set up and use, acceptable speed

Weakness: not find yet

This is a very good small machine which produces good quality printing with an acceptable speed. It is very easy to set up, even you know very few about computer.the printer is also very easy to use, and reliable, no problem so far for me. so this is a very good machine with a good price, excellent

By xsli77 - Nov 21, 2004

larger than last printer. But...

Strengths: quick in both color and B/W envelope feed is quick

Weakness: unable to do one envelope at a time. must remove all paper to do a quick envbelope

larger than last printer. But makes up for it in speed and quality. unable to do one envelope at a time. must remove all paper to do a quick envbelope. earlier hp printers had the capability to do one envelope without emptying paper tray.

By pbjoho - Jun 30, 2004

Print quality on photo paper is...

Strengths: Photo print quality, ease.

Weakness: Slower printing than expected.

Print quality on photo paper is AMAZING! We recently returned an Epson printer because it couldn't do the job -- this one makes it look like we developed them professionally. We bought and used the optional photo ink cartridge to print photos and it really helped. The automatic paper reader is nice, too. The only problem is we can't figure out how to make it print plain black and white documents quickly. But we've only had it for two weeks -- we'll probably figure it out.

By misskeri - Jan 14, 2004

I have owned HP Deskjet and...

Strengths: Very flexible and high quality printer for the price. The photo reproduction is very good. External print controls are a real time saver.

Weakness: The printer is a little slow getting started and makes a lot of noise feeding paper. The ink supply is small, and expensive.

I have owned HP Deskjet and Officejet products for years and you can't beat the HP quality and technical support. We have several 5650's in the office and I bought this model based on quality and price combination

By rbweddle - Jan 2, 2004

The HP 5650 is a good choice for...

Strengths: Price, printer speed, excellent graphics quality, easy to set-up/use.

Weakness: None.

The HP 5650 is a good choice for home or office. The printer is fast and provides excellent print quality in both color and black and white. Front paper load another plus vs. top loading printers. A great ink jet printer for the price.

By jvangeest - Nov 18, 2004

With a black transparent cover,...

Strengths: Good-looking style

Weakness: Too loud

With a black transparent cover, this printer looks great on my computer desk. This 5650 is a bit better than my original Deskjet 940. The printing speed is fast enough for me and its quality is very clear. The best printer I've ever had.

By kelvin9e - Jun 2, 2004

Performs well

Strengths: Prints clearly and quickly

Weakness: Ink cartridges seem small

So far so good with the HP 5650 which replaced my HP 970 cxi. It has been performing well for this first week that I've had it. I recommend it.

By anonymous; - Nov 22, 2005

I bought this inkjet printer about...

Strengths: good quality

Weakness: ink expensive

I bought this inkjet printer about one and a half years ago. I think I made the right decision buying it. The quality is very good. However, as with all inkjet printers, the ink costs too much. So I stopped using it after the ink ran out after 3 months.

By zshen - Jun 21, 2005

HP DeskJet 5650

HP DeskJet 5650 receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 2.53 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #107 inkjet printer of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS' formula gives a picture of important consumer features, market value, and a...
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By - Jul 16, 2008

The HP DeskJet 5650 is the found in the...

The HP DeskJet 5650 is the found in the mid-range of the series as it offers higher quality professional photo printing and several new features. This model offers a print speed and quality button on the front of the printer, an optional automatic two-sided printing accessory or 250 page printing tray, and an increased speed of 21 pages per minute. It also has the new HP Photoret III colour...
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By - Jul 28, 2011