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When they say this printer makes...

Strengths: Accepts multiple media types; Easy to use menus on the printer; Optional thumbnail page; Water and smudge resistant prints; High resolution

Weakness: Paper trays feel a bit flimsy (although they work fine); Not as much flexibility printing from Windows XP as they advertise

When they say this printer makes photo-lab quality prints, they're not kidding. I've been amazed by the printouts. People I've shown them to cannot believe that it was from a digital camera (I use a 5 mega-pixel camera) and printed at home rather than the traditional film camera and photo lab processing. The prints come out sharp. The coating on the photos is nice and clear. The coating doesn't hold fingerprints when you touch the photo, which makes handling them pretty carefree. The thumbnail feature is nice, even when you're printing from a computer.

My only disappointment is that they say on the box that you can print wallet-size prints. The driver for Windows XP only allows you to print 4X6 borderless or with borders. Even their Film Factory software doesn't let you print two wallets on the page, although it has some other options for multiple images per page. Their tech support response was "sorry, it will work from a media card". So, if you want to print two wallet images on a page, plan to copy your images off your harddrive onto a media card in order to do so.

By mlmckenzie - Sep 6, 2004

If you print from desktop, the...

Strengths: Great printer if all you need is 6x4 pictures. The print quality it’s as advertised, top lab quality. Low price per print, since the "ink", in fact pigment, will last you more then 100 photos.

Weakness: A little bit on the slow side, but considering the quality of the photos it's worth it. Also known poor Epson support.

If you print from desktop, the Epson driver will still somewhat crop your picture, even after you crop to 6x4 in Photoshop or something like that. That’s because the printer driver increases the size of the print to allow for sloppy alignment and the edges of the photo are oversprayed (printed off the edge of the paper) when borderless is selected.
If this is a problem for you, there is a work around. Just add a border of about 15 pixels before you print, and the driver will remove the border and no additional cropping of the picture.

By alfmalmac - Nov 28, 2004

This is absolutely the most...

This is absolutely the most user-friendly product we've ever had. Our 9 year old had it up and running in about 15 minutes - and it would have been even quicker if he hadn't had to install the printing cartridge, which was also a simple process, just took a few extra minutes.
These are the features we love:
1. We can take it with us to family gatherings and print photos on the spot. No computer needed, just a digital camera or even just the memory card from the camera if you want to make copies of existing photos.
2. It is lightweight.
3. Anyone can follow the directions and have it up and running quickly.
4. The photos rival any you'd get from a typical photo developing store. For amateur photographers, this is a great find. If you're a pro, you probably already have your own darkroom, but this would be a nice option for quick pictures.
5. The price is right. Should last for years.
6. The paper is typical "photo" size.

By gavinldc - Dec 8, 2004

Easy to set up and use. Very...

Easy to set up and use. Very compact and even portable. It's wonderful if you love printing 4x6 photos. Have tried to printed several pictures, the quality is good so far. As an Epson printer, ink is always cheap and replacable. The printing speed is a little slow, though.

By wtt1979 - Dec 13, 2004

I love this printer. It does...

Strengths: Portable, inexpensive per print, print quality.

Weakness: Only one size prints.

I love this printer. It does exactly what I want it to do. Print photo-lab quality pictures right at home. I love that I don't have to hook it up to the computer or anything. I just insert my XD card in the printer and off I go. The quality is amazing too. You can't tell that the prints didn't come from a photo lab. The cropping feature built right in to the printer is very usefull as well. Great Job EPSON!!!!

By parsrok - Dec 13, 2004

I immediately like the printer. It...

Strengths: compact size, good quality and design

Weakness: starter ink is low, but you can buy inks at a lower price than other printers

I immediately like the printer. It is very small and easy to carry on a vocation. I like the handle cs it makes it easy to carry. Picture quality is excellent and last long. Highly recommend.

By hawkeyesun - Dec 12, 2004

This is my third printer from...

Strengths: Good Quality! Easy Use!

Weakness: None

This is my third printer from EPSON. It always provides good quality on printing documents and photos. The nice design and high quality photo prints meet my requirements. During the setup and print, it is very simple and easy. I really enjoy its good photo quality and lightweight. Recommend!

By bluetpe - Dec 20, 2004

This printer is exceptionally easy...

Strengths: Excellent photo output! Easy to set up and use. Easily connects to Macintosh (and I presume Windows) computer.

Weakness: Only prints one size paper, but I knew that when I bought it.

This printer is exceptionally easy to set up and use. It prints great looking photo prints that really do look like they came from the photo lab. Printing can be done by either inserting the memory card or connecting the camera directly to the printer - which is a nice feature - use the camera's viewer to select and edit pictures since the printer doesn't have a viewer. Another plus for Macintosh users, it is designed to work with Macintosh - and does so quite nicely - as well as PC.

By chicojerry - Dec 15, 2004

It is a super photo printer. No...

Strengths: Great printer. High printing quality, Water and smudge resistant prints, Easy to use, Low cost per page.

Weakness: A little bit slow and limited printing size.

It is a super photo printer. No complaint comparing to other photo printers I am using now. It is very easy to use, no computer required. I really love it.

By aisefs - Dec 17, 2004

Originally I bought this as a gift...

Strengths: Small footprint, paper packs retail price breakdown is around $0.29/print and are guaranteed to produce 100 prints per pack, color image matching in software, fantastic prints rivaling photo shop

Weakness: Limited paper capacity requires reloading tray if printing many many photos, no color LCD preview for photos, user interface on printer somewhat unintuitive, poor print quality from memory card

Originally I bought this as a gift for someone but ended up keeping it for myself when I offerred to print some photos for them.

This is a great little printer, and the 100 sheet paper/ink packs are the best part about this printer. The paper packs are guaranteed to produce 100 prints, or you can return the unused paper for a refund (including shipping)!

When using the color image matching feature of the included software, the prints are outstanding. People who see the prints don't know that the photos came from a sub $200 home photo printer, and they usually turn it over to the back to look for the paper manufacturer. Everyone I've shown the photos to is always surprised when they find out that the photos came from an inkjet photo printer. They always ask which printer I used.

I tried once to print directly from the memory card slot of the printer instead of going through the software on the computer. My results weren't that great. I'm not sure if I missed a step or if the printer doesn't have the same color image matching capabilities when you print from a memory card, but the print just didn't look as appealing when I print from the computer.

I prefer to print in the "enhance find details" mode to get an even sharper print. Although this mode is much slower than the regular mode, I can see the difference in sharpness. I just let the printer run overnight.

Running the printer overnight leads me to one of my few gripes about this printer, and that is the paper capacity. The input paper capacity is much smaller than the output tray capacity. The input tray can hold maybe 30 sheets at most, and the output tray can hold the entire stack of 100 sheets. I wish that you could just load up the input tray with 100 sheets and print away all night/day. But unfortunately you have to baby sit the printer. I guess the limited input tray can be considered a good feature in case one of the ink heads gets clogged and the printer doesn't know about it. If you were to have 100 sheets in the input tray, then you could end up with 100 prints without cyan ink. So by limiting the input tray size, you limit the number of bad prints.

The printer does not usually have problems of clogged heads if you use it regularly. There is the status monitor on your computer that tells you how much ink you have left. The software is one of the better status monitors and guides that I have seen.

I would definitely recommend this printer for printing 4x6 photos.

By tonytang - Jan 12, 2005

i sent it as a gift. My friend is...

Strengths: excellent print quality. Compact size,portable. With slot for memory card on it, so don't need to connect computer with it.

Weakness: NA

i sent it as a gift. My friend is very happy with it. I think many people like it, coz' it was ever sold out in my local officedepot store before X'mas. Fortunately, I didn't wait until the last minute to prepare for those gifts.

By woodbear - Feb 14, 2005

I purchased a PictureMate for my...

Strengths: Superb picture quality. Affordable price. Compact size. Easy interface. User friendly. Wide compatability of media. No computer needed.

Weakness: Pictures take about 1 minute to print. No battery power (true portability).

I purchased a PictureMate for my dad for Father's day. It came a few hours before we were supposed to leave for the airport, but of course I could not let it sit there without showing dad how to use it! Within 10 minutes of having the printer delivered, we ran off our first picture. The quality was outstanding to say the least. True borderless printing, just as specified. It took about a minute to print a picture, but it was well worth the wait. I had my doubts about purchasing a dedicated printer for pictures, especially just for 4x6's. This printer took all of that doubt away. The quality blew me away! I will definitely be purchasing one for myself in the near future as will my brother. The only thing I could ask for in this printer, would be to have the ability to print from an internal battery. That would allow for true portability. This in no way though, will keep me from purchasing this printer!

By douglaswood34 - Jun 23, 2005

This is a very nice little unit....

Strengths: Compact, ink/paper pack reasonable, nice prints.

Weakness: no LCD screen

This is a very nice little unit. The pictures seem to come out very nice, and compared to other dedicated printers in its price range, price per print is the lowest. I have an Epson C60 that I use for larger prints but to have this printer for borderless 4x6 prints is great. I have mine hooked up to the computer. I find it easier to edit and crop the picture before sending it to the printer.

By jimbop99 - Feb 12, 2005

Easy to use for anyone

Strengths: Easy to use, nice colors, good price on paper and ink

Weakness: none

This printer is really easy to use. Anyone can use it. You can print proof sheets and the printer allows you to select which ones you want to print full size images. You can also print directly from your printer. Ink and paper packs run about $25-$30 for 100 sheets. It is a pretty good price in my opinion. The photo quality is amazing. It is just like you print at the photo lab, but you can do it easily from your home.

If you want even easier to use, get the deluxe version. This is a good deal for a budget.

By Tomoyochan - Dec 22, 2005

This photo printer is very easy to...

Strengths: Compact, great print quality.

Weakness: None

This photo printer is very easy to use. Just insert your memory card, select your photos and click print. Much easier than using my PC to print photos. Also, the print quality is very good. Highly recommended.

By wecotu - Mar 24, 2005

VERY impressed

Strengths: Great print quality, small size/weight, NO PC required, simple to use.

Weakness: NONE

I was in the market for a new photo printer and was originally looking at a different manufacturer when I stumbled across this little beauty. It appeared to have a lower resolution, but the type of ink used for this printer claimed to be longer lasting/more fade resistant. I currently also own an HP photo printer, mainly printing off 4 x 6 photos, so this printer seemed to be a more logical choice than buying another "multi-purpose" printer. The picture quality from the Epson when compared to my HP is like night and day. HP's photo paper/ink/printer combination prints out "ok" pictures, but the Epson does print out photo lab quality prints. Finger prints don't seem to stay on the pictures, and even some water wipes away with not adverse effects to the picture itself. I purchased it at Best Buy for $150, and it's definitely a great investment. I also like the fact the paper packs come with ink, so you don't have to worry about figuring out which 2 - 10 printer cartridges goes with your printer, or paying $50 + for ink refills alone.

Great buy for anyone who wants great quality along with simplicity.

By nuroppo - Oct 3, 2006

The printer is very compact, easy...

Strengths: Beautiful pictures, quality is even better than Kodak's Picture Perfect processing. Cost per print is very reasonable

Weakness: Very slow to print - takes like 2 minutes per print.

The printer is very compact, easy to tote with a handle. I found print packs for $21.99 each which equals out to like $. 22 each print. I've been using it with my computer because I edit on the computer and then print, but it is just as easy without a computer. The only downfall is how slow it prints, but the quality is superb! These prints last 5 x longer than photo lab prints - the package says they last 100 years under glass in a frame and 200 years in normal photo archiving circumstances.

By pacahrens - May 13, 2005

I received this photo printer as...

Strengths: good picture quality,easy to operate

Weakness: Speed - it takes about 2 minutes per print. That's great when I'm printing less than 30 pictures, but if one has to do more than that I would recommend sending to a photo lab

I received this photo printer as the christmas gift, i might say, it was a wonderful gift because it brought me much fun and suprise.

Good picture quality.I used to print my picture in the local duge store but when i could have my own workshop, i found that pictures come out more vivid and the color is sharper.

Easy operation.Follow the instruction,Pop in the ink. Pop on the paper. Pop in your memory card and just a couple of button presses later you have some nice pictures. Anyone can operate.

All in all, i personally think this is an awnsome picture printer worthy of recmmending.

By maynardflower - Mar 29, 2005

This is an excellent printer for...

Strengths: Excellent quality prints. Easy to use. Low cost of printing supplies.

Weakness: None that I can think of.

This is an excellent printer for 4"x6" prints. True life like photos as good as or better than the photo lab. Easy to use. Borderless prints are really amazing. I would highly recommend this printer to anyone looking for an economical printer with great quality. Remember the printer will only print as good as the camera or scanner you are using. Crappy photos won't print good, no matter what printer you use. So buy a good quality digital camera to get the best out of your printer.

By signguy99 - Dec 31, 2004

Yeah, some people wish it had and...

Strengths: Very compact. Good photo quality.

Weakness: Need to be faster

Yeah, some people wish it had and LCD to see the pictures and yes, some want it to print faster. However, this printer produces high quality photos that have a 100 to 180 year "life" span. I figure by then if the pictures fade there will be some technology to restore the photos. Buy this before you spend alot of money on another more expensive printer. It works great and it is easy enough for my wife to figure it out! Happy Holidays!

By nwu - Dec 17, 2004

I like this compact size photo...

Strengths: compact size, cheap ink

Weakness: low content of starter ink

I like this compact size photo printer. I can carry it if needed. The high resolution of the print gives more details of the pictures. The weakness of the printer is I have to buy a new ink catridge very soon.

By liuyd00 - Feb 8, 2005

I got this printer with my Nikon...

Strengths: Color and clarity are outstanding Supports Pictbridge Cheap

Weakness: Speed No LCD Preview Only 4x6 support

I got this printer with my Nikon 5400 camera - Epson and Nikon were running a promotion where if you bought both together they offered enough rebates to make the printer essentially free. After having this printer for a few weeks and 50 pictures, I would have actually paid for this printer.

By heanni - Jan 13, 2005

This is my first portable digital...

Strengths: Great quality prints! Easy to assemble and use.

Weakness: No LCD on the printer

This is my first portable digital photo printer and I am very pleased with it. I was amazed at the quality of the prints from this printer. The printer is ready "out of the box" literally and is very easy to use.
A LCD screen on the printer would make this printer PERFECT!!!!

By tealtaylor - Jan 7, 2005

When just about out of ink, it...

Strengths: Very good pictures.

Weakness: Seems to clip part of picture at top. No notification when the cartridge is just about out of ink.

When just about out of ink, it creates some really interesting pictures. Overall, I would recommend this printer. My next step may be to purchase some 3rd party ink to see if same quality.

By earyan - Jan 24, 2005

PictureMate Personal Photo Lab Inkjet Printer

Strengths: Excellent color and picture quality, easy to use and setup.

Weakness: None essentially noted.

Excellent 4x6 printer. Produces high quality, smudgeproof and waterproof pictures. Unit can be used with and without computer and very portable. Unit can use various type of card media in provided slots on the unit. Printer menu display very useful and easy to use.

By LouisMorgan - Sep 29, 2005

This printer freakin rocks.

Strengths: Love the quality of this printer. So far Ive been using it for 1 month now. Love it and the price is too good to be true!

Weakness: None so far!

Great printer. Offer's great quality and the fact that it accepts memory cards are great. I had a HP and Canon and for the money nothing beats this. Purchased it for around 65 dollars doesn't gett betterh than that!

By mastaaceagent007 - Aug 30, 2006

This is a fantastic printer. The...

Strengths: Cost-per-print. Print quality, Water & Smear resistance, user friendly, and thunb drive support

Weakness: Limited to 4x6 maximum size, no previewing on printer mini-screen

This is a fantastic printer. The prints easily rival photo labs such as Wallmart, Snapfish, RitzCamera, and many others. Cost per print is actually cheaper then advertised

By dengdeng - Mar 26, 2005

The one that started it all

Strengths: vibrant colors, low cost media, portable, print longevity/permanence

Weakness: relatively slow printing, can skew images occasionally, no competing ink sources, single multi-color ink cartridge.

I bought this printer for use in my sports photography business. I needed it to print 4x6s all day long and simply work. That is has done. This unit has printed over 2400 4x6s for me in just over 8 months.

What I like the most about this printer is that it truly is plug n play. You install the cartridge, plug it in, and it prints flawlessly. No setup hiccups, no calibration nightmares, no wasted prints. The first print to the last were beautifull.

Another note is the print cartridges provide at least 135-140 prints, especially if you print with white borders which I do. This lowers the per print cost even more.

I have had 4 clogs since I've owned it. 2 cleaning cycles each time resolved the issue. Small waste of ink, but in the grand scheme of things, not expensive at all.

One annoyance is the paper feed guide. It moves around quite easily, so if you don't pay attention when loading paper, it will print your images skewed on the page. You need to tighten the guide up against the paper to ensure perfectly straight prints. Why Epson has this movable guide is beyond me...the printer only prints why not have a solid guide rather than a movable one? It only a small complaint.

I would recommend this printer to anyone who likes to print a lot of 4x6s for personal or business use. If you leave the printer unused for long periods of time (ie:2 months) it will clog. Otherwise, it's one of those printers that sets the bar very high for the competition.

By seanmcr6 - Mar 27, 2006

This printer is awesome. With this...

Strengths: High quality prints, Compact size, easy to setup, easy to use

Weakness: Only prints in one size and only prints photos, No built in color LCD screen

This printer is awesome. With this printer, you can get photo-lab quality pictures right at home instantly. Print quality is excellent. The printer is awfully inexpensive for the quality of the prints you're getting. All in all, a great package for those who want to print photos at home, though I wish it would do more than just one size and would do regular print jobs.

By raymondmar - Mar 18, 2005

I bought this all in one prince...

Strengths: low price, high quality

Weakness: no

I bought this all in one prince from, paid less than $50 for this high quality photo priner, so far I am pleased with this printer. No complain.

By chao0105 - Dec 8, 2004

If you find yourself running to...

Strengths: FANTASTIC print quality, small size, easy to use software, optional carry case packs accessories nicely. Overall, the price is easily worth the cost of the printer.

Weakness: There are only 2 drawbacks worth mentioning in this review. If you want to print anything larger than 4x6, you are out of luck. You cannot preview your photo on the screen

If you find yourself running to anywhere else to print your digital photos (in 4x6 of course) other than at home, BUY THIS PRINTER. All things considered, I would choose this photo printer again tomorrow and twice on Sunday, and wish I had bought one before now, it would have saved me a lot of money in getting photos printed at the camera shop

By fanfan2k - Mar 27, 2005

I love this printer. It is very...

Strengths: Good price, elegant design, portable

Weakness: None

I love this printer. It is very convennient and I can carry it to anywhere I go. It has a handle. The prints are great. I just wish it could print larger pictures.

By angelazr - Mar 17, 2005

The ink is never totally used. The...

Weakness: Ink set-up is a waste of money

The ink is never totally used. The printer software never lets you use all the ink the cartridge. A very good portion is left to waste. It is a terrible buy for the money

By firie - Dec 21, 2004

The canon cartridge is cheap,...

Strengths: very good print qualify. The canon cartridge is cheap, compared to others. Looks cool. Pretty well experimence with Canon customer service before. Very friendly use.

Weakness: Only photo size. The requirement on photo paper is strict.

The canon cartridge is cheap, compared to others. This thing looks cool.Looks cool. I had ever a pretty well experimence with Canon customer service before. I bought the cp200 and there is a paper jam which destoryed my cartridge. They just changed one for me. The printer is even better than that.

By eshadow - Dec 15, 2004

Epson PictureMate

The Epson PictureMate is a $199 photo printer that uses six pigment-based inks to print on 4-by-6-inch glossy photo paperwith or without the assistance of your Mac.
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By - Sep 13, 2004

Epson PictureMate review

Epson's new PictureMate Personal Photo Lab is a single-size (6x4 inches) ink-jet photo printer that delivers low cost fade-resistant colour photo prints. It's relatively compact and can be used with, or without a PC connected. A Bluetooth module for wireless printing from compatible mobile phone is available as an option. Find out why we gave the Picturemate a RECOMMENDED rating.
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