Epson Stylus 820 Photo Printer

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The best buy in 6-color Photo Quality printing, the EPSON Stylus Photo 820 offers fast photos and text, plus BorderFree printing and superior Photo Inks for photos that look like they came from the photo lab.

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Functions: Photo Printer

Printer Type: Color Inkjet Printer

Interface Connection: USB Yes, Parallel Yes

System Type: PC, Mac

Black & White Print Speed: 12 ppm


Product Title: Epson Stylus 820 Photo Printer

Manufacturer: Epson

Power Score: 2.1 | 8 Reviews

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Product Reviews (8)

I had this for about 6 months,...

Strengths: Photos turn out good

Weakness: VERY NOISY Takes forever to warm up Prints slowly

I had this for about 6 months, when the vertical lines started. It wasn't that hte nozzles needed cleaning, but the rollers were getting ink on them and it would put a streak across my page. Now i clean it and can print two pages without the streak before i have to clean it again.

By Sillysara495 - Aug 3, 2004

Epson sells cheap printers...

Strengths: Good picture quality when jets aren't clogged

Weakness: Expensive inks, SLOW , Jets clog

Epson sells cheap printers (probably at little or no profit) just to push their ink sales. Their multiple-color ink cartridge is vey expensive and runs out quickly. The color of the cartridge is opaque so so can't see how much ink is left. The warning mssg "Low ink" comes on when you still have ~ 30% left (someone told me there is a lawsuit regarding this). Very rarely do you use up the different...
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By Rathman - Mar 31, 2004

This printer is a total piece of...

Strengths: Absolutely None, When it finally prints without clogging, you can get a decent print.

Weakness: Inability to print in any consistent manner, you have to clean the heads almost every time you print, gobbles ink like crazy, very noisy

This printer is a total piece of garbage. I suppose you get what you pay for, but after owning an Epson Stylus 1520, I thought that Epson would make a good printer no matter what the cost. This is by far the WORST printer I have ever used.

By kalay - Mar 20, 2004

Worst printer I have ever owned!...

Strengths: Excelent photos (when it prints). Cheap in price for printer (until you consider how much ink you must buy for it)

Weakness: Needs constant cleaning of inkheads. Sometimes after every second or third print. Prints out blank pages a lot. Very noisy.

Worst printer I have ever owned! Printed great photos at first, but I'm mostly printing black and white text now. With all the times I have had to clean the inkheads I have gone through several new color cartridges, never getting to use the color for photos. This seems to be a waste to me. Bought it mostly for photos, but have too many problems getting it to print even black and white text. If...
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By Snapytom2000 - Feb 22, 2004

Have purchased 3 sets of new...

Strengths: None

Weakness: Does not work

Have purchased 3 sets of new cartridges, Black and color. Have only been able to print 4 acceptable invoice. I figure those cost me over $20 each. Ink clogs if I do not print for 4 or 5 days, Printer will not clean printheads, Tech support says "print more often" I will never buy Epson again. I urge you to do the same. I plan to post this message in every location I can.

By magic99 - Dec 2, 2003

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