Reviews for Computers America Stylus C88+ Inkjet Printer - Color - 5760 x 1440 dpi Print - Plain Paper Print - Desktop

$102.24 - $140.43

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Unhappy with printer

This printer has been nothing but a pain. The paper feeds poorly. Almost always jams, no matter how much paper is in the feeder. The only thing I like about this printer is the single ink cartridges. This allows me to buy a cartridge at a time instead of

By mojo2rusty on Adorama - Jul 24, 2008

Great Printer

This is my third Epson C88 printer and I have been pleased with all. I do a lot of cards and other printing and I like the clear colors I get. I only get a new one when it says "service needed" some parts have reach their life. When this happens don't kno

By creativeauntie on Adorama - Jan 10, 2013

Okay for some things

this is a great printer for photos and other graphics. However, I would not recommend it for use with a continuous ink flow system as this is my 3rd C88+ in the past 2years. It is better for simple home projects and not professional jobs.

By JMill on Adorama - Jan 9, 2011

Superb Printer

Strengths: Photo printing is simply amazing for this price level. Print speed is pretty quick. Ink doesn't dry out very quickly, unlike previous Stylus printer models.

Weakness: As with all other Epson printers, text printing is not as good as with HP units. The ink tends to bleed just a bit, making text appear slighly fuzzy compared to HP DeskJet output.

I have owned a number of Epson printers, and I manage even more of them for my employer. They have always been very reliable units, nearly always outlasting their HP counterparts.

The main strength that has sold me on Epson all along is their magnificent photo printing. This tradition continues on the C88, and only gets better. ...and faster.

I always print on full-size photo paper for my final output, then crop the paper to size, so I don't know how the edge-to-edge works out or the small sized paper handling. Use JetPrint Portrait Studio Satin or Glossy(available at Wal-Mart) and the pictures you produce will amaze you.

Oh, by the way, I have had very good results refilling my Epson ink cartridges too. :-)

By TerryC; - Aug 23, 2006

Epson Stylus C88+ Inkjet Printer

Strengths: Excellent printer at a very reasonable price. Wide variety of print settings produces quality and clear print from draft to photo. Installation is easy. Printer commands are intuitive.

Weakness: The four ink cartridges, although reasonably priced, are rather small. The black cartridge is the same size as the three color cartridges.

I am very well pleased with the appearance and the operation of the printer. The print quality is excellent, photos included [even though the printer is not marketed as a "photo printer"]. When printing, a preliminary screen shows the level of ink in the cartridges. If the black ink cartridge had been larger than the color cartridges and all cartridges would have been larger, I would have awarded five stars.

By edbode - Dec 13, 2006

Epson Stylus C88+ -- Good value.

Strengths: Compact & lightweight, 4 cartridges, economic.

Weakness: No Pictbridge (to print directly from camera), No slot for memory cards from camera.

Epson C88+ is a great general purpose printer with the added benefit of being a decent photo printer. It is easier to find the cartridges for cheap on the interent, especially if you have a good source for generic cartridges or know how to refill on your own. Less expensive than HP printers. I also like that individual cartridges can be replaced rather than having to buy a new drum just because one color has been used up. Overall it has decent print quality with good longevity. Not a bad value if you are looking for brand name budget inkjet/photo pritner combo.

By ReliableSeller - Jul 20, 2007

Stylus C88 Inkjet printer

Strengths: Very good for price. Works rapidly. Easy to use. Nice clear print.

Weakness: Seems to have short cartridge life.

We actually own three of these printers! One at home, and one for each daughter in college. The kids had no problems getting them up and running on their own.

By ree890 - Oct 21, 2007

Excellent value

Strengths: Inexpensive, separate color cartridges, parallel port in addition to USB

Weakness: No LCD, no media slots

This printer does basic functions well for its low price. Ink cartridges are small so in the long run it will cost you quite a bit of money. Buying generic ink on the Internet can lower these costs considerably. Since the printer does not have an LCD or PictBridge or media reader you need a PC to use it. But that's how most people use printers anyways. Having a parallel port in addition to USB is helpful if you have an old PC or don't have any USB port available.

By kostya2 - Sep 11, 2007

Simple but it works

Strengths: Good text quality and Okay picture quality (not as clean and sharp as I expect).

Weakness: The capacility of ink is some kind of low. Out of black ink with other three ink catridges half full when I print less than 200 pages.

Very easy to hook up. Every time I needs it just connect the usb port. As regular color printer, it works properly. But I did not try borderless photo through it because I doubt this manchine was designed for this level of work. Btw, I have never had 23ppm speed out of it.

By maynardflower - Nov 4, 2007

Crisp Text, Fast Prints, Vista Compatible

Strengths: Ease of Use, Quality Inks, Speed, Low Cost, Quiet

Weakness: High Maintenance Printhead,Clogged Nozzles, No USB printer cable provided, occasional paper jams using 20 lb paper

The Stylus C88+ is easy to setup. There is no need to install the Epson software if you are using Vista. Simply plug the printer into a USB port and Vista will automatically configure the appropriate driver.

The printer produces crisp text and good quality photos. Text output is very fast. Photos take much longer. The printer is quiet. The Durabrite inks are excellent for reducing smudges caused by moisture.

Thin paper (20 lb) sometimes curls inside the feeder and causes a jam. I have switched to 22 lb paper.

Overall, an excellent entry level inkjet printer.

By ktrout - Aug 28, 2007

Dependable Workhorse

I've used Epson printers for about 15 years and every one of them has been great. I just ordered my second C88+ as the one I've been using for 7 years is finally wearing out. Print quality is excellent, it's easy to use and doesn't drink ink like a thirst

By LD in WA on Adorama - Jan 18, 2013


I would recommend this printer to a friend, good price and very good pictures. Ink is expensive, since it takes 4 cartridges.

By Rick on Adorama - Jan 28, 2013

C88 Printer

I have purchased 3 C88s over time. The 1st was new, The 2nd was refurbished, the last is new. Refurbished was not available. I would be interested in checking on having the one that failed refurbished. They work as well as a new one. C88 is simple and eas

By Vern on Adorama - Sep 27, 2012

Epson Stylus C888+

Strengths: Cheap, easy to set up and use

Weakness: Ink cartrdiges don't last long

This is an economy model that is good for basic color and black and white printing. It is very easy to set up and use, very reliable, and the printing speed is a bit improved over previous generations. The only issue with this printer is that they ink cartridges need to be replaced pretty ofter. It seems Epson has cut the price of the printer and is making back the money on the cartridges. Depending on the volume of your printing, replacing the cartridges can be a major annoyance (and expense).

By ben4884 - Aug 23, 2007

Great bang for the buck printer!

Strengths: + Smaller than the previous model + Mac compatible + Prints border-less with great visuals

Weakness: - Uses a lot of ink, and ink is expensive - Paper feed sometimes gets jammed

This is my second Epson printer and they have all worked great. The visual quality is on par with a more expensive printer and the speed is on par with similarly priced equipment. The Epson ink is smudge resistant and even water resistant! Overall, this printer is totally worth the price and will produce great looking pictures for years to come!

By bulby - Aug 21, 2007

Epson Color Printer

Strengths: Color printer with with card reader

Weakness: sp far so good

The printer is compact with multi format SD/MMC/CF/MMS etc. card reader. The ink set is individually wrapped, but really each/all will be gone very quickly. Overall all, the print quality is recommendable!

By tsrj007 - Aug 20, 2007

C88+ printer not so great...

I have the printer a few years, had to replace another C88+ that was faulty. I thought I would print some photos on it, but it's 95% of the time used for documents. When printing docs, like my resume, I have to tilt the paper a bit in the feeder so that text comes out straight. Pages like that often take a long time to print, even though there aren't any pictures included, maybe this is because I don't use it very often. On the rare occasions that I want to print photos, I have to darken them on-screen first, because they come out too bright on paper. I thought my old Dell monitor was the reason for this, so I bought a new widescreen monitor, which as a photog, I prob needed anyway. well, it WASN'T the monitor, and it obviously was the printer. Pix I printed the other day in fact came out okay when I darkened them prior to printing. I wouldn't recommend this for photos. Ink has gotten very expensive. Paper sometimes jams. What's great about it... hmm... small in size.

By Lori on Adorama - Oct 8, 2013

Great little workhorse

After using a C82 for thousands of pages, it finally met it's end and was replaced with a pair of C84s. These ran for many thousands of pages as well so when these finally reached their service limit, I naturally chose the last of the family line, C88. Th

By OldManK on Adorama - Feb 18, 2013


I haven't been able to get it to work properly at all. First, I had to buy a connector cable so I could actually USE it (since one was not provided with my printer) and now that I have done that and set it up, the printer does one of two things: runs pape

By Obules on Adorama - Jan 4, 2013

Styles C88+ Printer

Have not been able to review my new printer because it now requires a password from the compter. This is the 4th Epson printer I've had on this Mac and never had to provide a password before. Why? I had 3 C88+ printers. One cratered on me so I bought anot

By Anonymous on Adorama - Oct 4, 2012

This is my 3rd Epson C88+ ...

This is my 3rd Epson C88+ printer. I print, on average, 6000 to 7000 course completion cards a year using this printer. The printer does a great job and the only reason I am on the 3rd one is I simply wear them out.

By sundrop kid on Adorama - Sep 14, 2012

This printer is ...

This printer is excellant. I use it to decorate t-shirts and many more items. I would rsconmend this printer to everyone.The print quality is verry good. Awsome printer.

By ed on Adorama - Sep 7, 2012

Great Printer

This is my 3rd one. Simple to use. Great results. Use for docs and prints. I had to find a new one when the last one died. Wouldn't buy any other printer. Love it!

By Irish Tom on Adorama - Sep 7, 2012

Replacement of the same model

My old C88+ gave the error message that the ink pads were full, so I ordered the replacement. It seems to be working fine.

By Tutor on Adorama - Aug 29, 2012

great printer for the price

This is my fourth Epson printer in 7 years. Always seem to have problems with the paper feeder though. But for the price it's a pretty good printer.

By crazymom on Adorama - Aug 19, 2012

As Advertized

Quick delivery, quick set up, works well. No problems after 2 months. Good value for price.

By Old Geezer on Adorama - May 20, 2012

Company policy

Product works but don't buy ink too far in advance. Company has habit of dropping printers using same ink. If printer dies there may be NO replacement printer using like ink and all ink purchased as backup becomes worthless

By fotografer1 on Adorama - May 6, 2012

Epson Stylus C88

Love this model, as I had a C84 before , for years with great luck, in fact I also bought a Epson NX430, as I love there product's, it is so easy to use and does a wonderful job in printing. Thank You, Bonnie

By Anonymous on Adorama - Apr 28, 2012

Epson Stylus C88+ Inkjet Printer

OK this is my third Epson Stylus C88 printer. I love it so much that I have one in my studio, one at work and one for my husband! I have never been disappointed in it in any way!

By jobeart on Adorama - Feb 28, 2012

My second C88+

My first C88+ was purchased in March 2009. It performed well up to a few weeks ago. After doing the self help instructions and talking with a tech rep. I was advised to have the print head replaced or purchase a new printer. I was very pleased with the C8

By bklyneddie on Adorama - Dec 18, 2011

Epson C88+

I replaced an Epson C88+ printer that was reaching expiration with internal parts. I've owned Epson printers since the C46 and have always found them reliable and more than adequate for my needs at home. I'm not sure my recommendation means very much sinc

By RF on Adorama - Nov 20, 2011

C88+ Purchase

I purchased this printer to replace an earlier C88 that served me well for about six years. I was satisfied with the old one, until it died of old age, and went to Epson on-line to check on a replacement. I was surprised to find a newer model of my old on

By Chris on Adorama - Oct 19, 2011

Printing problem

Sorry, but I just received this new printer this afternoon. Took it out of the box and hooked it upm properly, I thought. It will not print, however, and tells me that it is not properly connected. This printer is a Stylus C88+. The old one was a Stylus C

By Larry on Adorama - Sep 30, 2011

I just this printer for ...

I just this printer for my cake decoration. It work great with the eatable ink I purchase from another site. Now I need to fine the right rice paper if you know of any sites please let me know via email. sincerely Linda

By linda the baker on Adorama - Jul 24, 2011


the c88+ is a good printer. The 1st one sent to me had a hard wear problem and Epson sent me a new C88+ printer. Had a little problem loading the soft wear but not to bad. Had to load soft wear 3 times. the printer works very good. its fast, good pictures

By bill on Adorama - May 2, 2011

Colors not true

I bought this mostly for B*W printing, so I was not surprised the color pictures were not very good. I have another Epson with 6 color cartridges that does a wonderful job in that area, and I will use it for those. Fantastic Customer Service !!!! Fine pro

By Omi on Adorama - Apr 18, 2011

Epson Stylus C88+ Ink Jet Printer

After six+ years of faithful service, my Epson Stylus C80 printer died. I wanted another plain, workhorse printer (I don't need or want scan, copy, fax, etc.), so I searched for something similar to my C8O. The Stylus C88+ fits my needs. It installed flaw

By navydoc on Adorama - Mar 2, 2011


This is my second C88+. Good for all kind of printing. Very good on pictures. It does not jam easy.

By tkin1993 on Adorama - Mar 1, 2011

This makes the fourth ...

This makes the fourth C88+ printer we have purchased and they work very well for us. We use them mainly to address cards and self mailer brochures in all black. The only problem we have encountered is that they are programmed to stop after a specified num

By Anonymous on Adorama - Feb 7, 2011

Great little printer

This is my third C88+ and I have gotten great service from them. I print Photos of my art work, use it for printing hot presses for clothing articles, as well as general usage. It is very user friendly and the print quality is excellent, and permanent. I

By bill on Adorama - Jan 30, 2011

Love Epson

My last Epson (Stylus 880) lasted 10 years. It was used to print, everything... reciepts, tax forms, letters, tickets to events...and thousands of pictures. My new Stylus C88+ is faster, quieter, has better color, and totaly clear, smudge free printing. E

By hojokate on Adorama - Jan 29, 2011

Epson Stylus C88+ printer

I’ve been using an Epson Stylus C88 printer for 4 years. I used 40 cartridges in it to print everything you can think of. Photos compare with commercial shops. Although it’s still working perfectly, the foam pad is saturated with ink. Since

By Skip on Adorama - Jan 7, 2011

For over a decade now, I ...

For over a decade now, I have been using both Epson and other printers on an almost daily basis, and I find that Epson is by far the standard! This C88+ is not an expensive nor a big printer...not even can get EXCELLENT prints from this m

By CarefulPrinter on Adorama - Jan 4, 2011

C-88 is ok

pretty good color matching simple set up and use great price waiting to see how long ink cartridges last however

By phototeacha on Adorama - Dec 8, 2010

Epson Stylus C88+ Ink Jet Printer

Print quality is amazing! I have used Epson printers since 1992, from my first Pro XL Epson Color printer, through to my current Stylus Pro 4800, plus many various little Stylus work horses, and I never cease to be amazed by the print quality! This Stylus

By Herself on Adorama - Dec 6, 2010

Epson Stylus C88+

I have two computers running on different OS: a desktop with Ubuntu Lucid Lynx and an old notebook running WIN 98SE. This was one of the few printers with drivers that would span the systems. The printer installed entirely Plug & Play in Ubuntu and very e

By WindRose on Adorama - Nov 12, 2010

Epson Stylus C88+

Over the years -- we are now using our fifth Epson printer. The photos on photo paper are professional quality prints. Printing on plain paper is good as well. The DuraBriteUltra Ink holds up beautiful, even in direct sunlight. As long as the quality of t

By MA on Adorama - Nov 11, 2010

The best

This is our 8th Epson Printer. We also have an Epson 1200 Photo printer still running and purchased in 1999. There's 2 - more 88+'s still in cartons for backup purposes. I call the 88+'s utility printers; The advantage of printing quality photo color proo

By Steve on Adorama - Nov 2, 2010

A Relief

What a relief that when the C88 printer arrived, it worked perfectly. Many reviewers were less than happy with it so we were afraid to order it, but since a friend has one and raves about it, we took the plunge. We were utterly baffled at first by having

By nature nut on Adorama - Oct 20, 2010



By JCARRANZA on Adorama - Oct 10, 2010

Epson C88+

This printer is a real workhorse. Quality printing, fast, efficient, single ink cartridges and works easily with all lb paper. The draw backs are that two sided printing has to be done manually and it seems to only last 18 months. This is my fourth printe

By sd on Adorama - Sep 19, 2010

WOW...What a Printer

I needed a quality inkjet printer to support printing on transfer paper to do T-Shirts and other sublimation items. The quality printing of the Epson Stylus C88+ on the transfer paper I use is unbelievable. For the quality and price, this is the best deal

By JBird on Adorama - Jul 17, 2010

Good quality for the price

I was a little hesitant because of the low price, but I must say it has been a very pleasant surprise. It prints quickly and has good color reproduction. The ink is a bit expensive, but it seems to be lasting a reasonable time.

By FlaggMountain on Adorama - Jun 27, 2010

Epson Stylus C88 + Ink Jet Printer

I am completely satisfied with my new printer. It is compact and fits nicely in the space I have allotted. Makes wonderful sharp copies and the color is beautiful. I love Epson products. My old printer was a C64 and I had it for 9 years with no problem at

By Snickers1092 on Adorama - Jun 26, 2010

C88+ Printer

this is my fourth C 88+ printer i do extensive B & W print outs (abt one ream weekly) very fast & economical several of my friends use the same model & all are pleased

By Anonymous on Adorama - Jun 7, 2010

Best Ever

This is the second Epson Stylus C88 that I have purchased. I saw no reason to purchase a newer model as this one does everything I need it to do. Specifically I needed a reliable printer that would do user defined envelopes.

By Sandi on Adorama - May 8, 2010

I love it . . . But

I have purchased 7 C88 and C88+ printers in the last five years. I love the printing quality. The colors are crisp and vibrant, printing cover as well as 20lb. It is a workhorse - powerhouse. I currently own 3 - 1 still in the box - waiting for my move. T

By OKaye on Adorama - Apr 20, 2010

I would not recommend ...

I would not recommend buying this printer! The first and most annoying problem with this printer is that you will certainly encounter COUNTLESS paper jams that totally destroys the paper. This is not just my printer, Ive read all of the reviews and even t

By Twirl on Adorama - Apr 19, 2010


Been using my C88 for 18 months and when I switched to Windows 7, I had no problems going to the Epson sight to make it work.

By artalem on Adorama - Apr 5, 2010

Massive little printer

Prints great photos, makes awesome business cards, regular printing too. I especially like that the inks are not that expensive, and they are color fast, water proof (colored inks), and light fast. I have a couple of printers because they are not expensiv

By Sunrise on Adorama - Apr 11, 2009

Shut down notice & inks

My C88+ was the third Epson I've owned. It was 2 years old and the C88 [at about 18 months] both shut down on an "end-of-expected-life" error message - - and both became immediately useless. This time it was VERY FRUSTRATING because I was in the middle of

By Alvin on Adorama - Nov 27, 2008


I'm a long time Epson user and fan. Generally, I feel good about recommending their products that products that I've used to others. However, I've got really mixed feelings about the C88+. I purchased one to replace a C80 that died. On the plus side, it's

By BobMxxxx on Adorama - Oct 27, 2008


I choose this printer for our college bound son. I hoped it would last a semester in the harsh dorm planet - surprise... it is still going after 4 moves three stored summers, and 3.5 years since the purchase Needless tosay I am very satisfied!!!

By wendy on Adorama - Jul 25, 2008

Great Purchase

This has been a great little printer. I do both b&w and color printing as well as printing photos. I have had wonderful results no matter what I print. My next experiment is going to be on fabric. We wear our printers out, they don't break. I love the sep

By simiquilt on Adorama - Jul 24, 2008

Gets the job done

I got this printer to replace my old Epson, it does a real good job on prints and text. We are thinking about an Epson (all in one) for the wifes computer.

By Grumpy on Adorama - Jul 24, 2008

Epson Stylus C88 shortcoming

I owned an Epson Stylus Photo 820 and I was very pleased with it as far as being able to write letters and print business envelopes. Later when the printer failed I bought a new Epson Stylus C88. The paper feed is too narrow to accommodate a standard busi

By Junior on Adorama - Jul 24, 2008

Bought this printer for ...

Bought this printer for home use to replace an Epson C80 that was worn out. Generally happy with this purchase; It was priced right, it's relatively fast, not too noisy, text and pictures in normal mode look very good, though it uses the ink fast in this

By maddie045 on Adorama - Jul 24, 2008

Decent low cost printer

Purchased 2 at same time: Epson has a good reputation with me. Printing is Very Good, including color printing. Printer management, etc., is good, clear and concise, fairly good at being user friendly. What keeps me from giving it a higher rating is that

By Twayne on Adorama - Jul 24, 2008

Not Happy

I am comparing the Epson Stylus C88+ to my old printer the Epson Stylus Color 740. To me there is no comparison, the older printer did not consume mass amounts of ink like the C88+ does. The paper tray in the older printer was alot easier to adjust and pu

By Anonymous on Adorama - Jul 24, 2008

Epson Stylus C88+

Strengths: Inexpensive. USB and parallel.

Weakness: Expensive ink cartridges. No memory card reader.

Epson Stylus C88+ is one of the most basic photo printer out there, and that is why it costs less. Print quality is so so, but the most serious problem, which may be true of all Epson printers, is the capacity of ink cartridges was so small that they needed to be replaced very soon. The authentic Epson cartridges are very expensive and will cost more than the printer itself. One good thing I found about this printer is that it has a parallel port and can be connect to old PC's and spare me one USB port.

By SC4SHURA - Nov 23, 2007

OK printer

Strengths: printer price is good.

Weakness: Ink hog

Kind of dissapointed for this printer, printed only about 100 pages, it required more ink, need replace black ink. Email to Epson, got reply said:
it come with full ink, but printer head need be The printer ships with full cartridges. The first time ink cartridges are installed in the printer, some of the ink is used to prime the system. Ink is distributed through the print head and into the nozzles to prepare it for printing.

You should however, receive more printouts from any consecutive ink cartridges that are installed. To help preserve the life of the ink cartridges we suggest that you turn the printer off when it is not in use,
as this will cap the nozzles and ensure the printer performs the necessary initializing once it is powered on again.
I don't know since after ink exhausted, I didn't use it again, I switch to HP printer. But anyone who has blocked nozzle and ink consume too much, might want to follow what they suggest above.

By mhfgee - Oct 23, 2007


Strengths: none

Weakness: everything

This is probably the worst printer I have ever used. Even though it is cheap it is absolutely not worth your time. It goes though ink too fast, the paper constantly jams and is difficult to load properly, it has a habit of pulling through several pieces of paper at a time. It worked good for about a week and then turned into a complete piece of crap.

By anonymous; - Oct 8, 2007

Good buy.

Strengths: good quality, cheap inks, easy to use

Weakness: none for the money

This is a pretty good inkjet printer, especially given the cheap price. It prints photos with good quality, not thrilling though. It's very easy to set up and the printing speed is fast. The cartridges for replacement are inexpensive, that's a very important reason I choose this printer. Overall, I am happy with it.

By woshxn - Sep 27, 2007

Decent for the Price

Strengths: Good quality Prints, Fast and compact, Border less Printing, MAC compatible

Weakness: Expensive ink, Uses lot of ink, Problem with print heads

I would recommend this printer for the price i paid for it (Actually i got it very cheap after rebates. around $30). The print quality is pretty decent and it works great with my MAC. The best part is the border less printing and it works for the regular A4 paper sizes too. Another advantage is the compact size and it fits very well on my computer table. The usual drawback of expensive ink haunts this printer too. But i am sure this printer consumes more ink than many that is available in the market. So i would advice you to consider this printer as a use and throw one time use printer. Another problem that i face occasionally is ink clogging and the print head messes at times. But the usual printer maintenance softwares will handle this for you. Overall, a good printer if you pay the price that i paid for this printer.

By athiaga99 - Sep 4, 2007

Epson C88+

Strengths: Borderless, vivid and sharp color print

Weakness: INK runs out quickly

The best feature that I can see is that it prints borderless 8.5 x 11 pages - this has been really useful for some of my projects. The print quality has been fine the whole time. I only wish that the ink could last longer. By the way, the ink set for this printer is T0601/T0602/T0603/T0604.

By ttlizhang - Aug 18, 2007

Great printer for price

Strengths: cheap cartiages...i cant say more than that..

Weakness: i wish it was a all-in-one

As earlier poster had pointed out that when printing, a preliminary screen shows the level of ink in the cartridges. If the black ink cartridge had been larger than the color cartridges and all cartridges would have been large

By azygous1 - Aug 9, 2007

Pretty good

Strengths: Good quality, nice design

Weakness: lousy ink

The epson c88+ is a decent printer. I still prefer HP, but this epson i got works ok. it has good quality prints but the ink runs out fast and its expensive!! I recommend HP over this printer but its still an ok printer....

By packertown4 - Aug 8, 2007

very quick and good upgrade

Strengths: great pricing,quick setup and beautiful photos

Weakness: even faster photo printing would be better.

using for mostly documents and printing is very very
fast and great! somewhat long warmup time but other
than that all b/w is very quick. color seems to be
slower and photos are not as fast as other but higher
priced printers. otherwise a very good value.

By bluu171 - Jul 13, 2007

Best Economy Printer with Price Under $500

Quality is Good according to 6 Printer experts. -- "Enjoy incredible results, whether youre printing a photo or proposal" -- "amazing quality and durability, time after time" -- "very clean and sharp text, even at small point sizes" Read more to find expert opinions on more features like Speed, Refills, Interface,...
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By - Dec 14, 2009

Epson Stylus C88+ Ink Jet Printer (C11C617121)

The Epson C88 is a mid-range inkjet printer. Print speeds are decent, ranging up to 22 pages per minute. Colour resolution is high, with a maximum rating of 5760x1440 dpi. Photo-printing is an option as well, with support for direct-from-computer printing. Borderless printing is supported, for up to letter-sized prints. There are separate print servers available for wired and wireless networking...
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By - Nov 7, 2011