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Simple low-cost copier

Strengths: Fast monochrome copies, easy use/setup, cost

Weakness: Print quality mediocre, ink not individual tanks, ink tank cost (almost never a strength)

I am a lifelong Canon printer owner, but this is my first time buying a multi-function. I also went all the way down to the bottom of the line (price-wise).

Needed a scanner and a printer for a new computer, and figured this was the easiest way to do it. There are often sales/rebates on this machine, look for them.

Lexmark has high ink costs, HP are middling. Canon ink prices seem middling as well. The colors don't use individual tanks, but I suppose we can't expect that at this price.

I plan on using mostly black/white (I usually prefer cheap laser printers, but I do appreciate the occasional color option) so I will do with paying around $20 for each black/white cartridge. Not terribly cheap, but not terribly expensive in my book either.

No media card readers (see MP170--same printer, really the only different feature) but USB connection for newer digital cameras. Have not tried this, but I am sure it works fine.

Setup wasn't too difficult, but of course, USB cable not included, so find your own for cheap elsewhere (don't spend more than $10 for one).

Instructions are decent and the machine makes nice copies without a computer. Works nice on PC/Mac (I use both). The black cartridge that came with the printer develops some streaking after a little while; can easily be fixed by cleaning the cartridge (this is normal with inkjets.)

Speed is decent; I suppose about 7-8 pages per minute for standard black and white (which is fast enough in most cases). Note that whatever a manufacturer gives as a speed (18 ppm in this case) is always at the lowest quality/draft function. Divide that by half to generally get a practical estimate. And if you need fast printing (are you really in a hurry?), get a laser and or a high-end printer. Most users don't need a real high ppm.

Otherwise seems a bit better than average bargain printer.

By compcons - Jul 4, 2006

Canon PIXMA MP150

Strengths: Fast and versatile; ink cartridges not as expensive as other brands

Weakness: No ADF; a little bit bulky comparing to other all-in-one printers in the same class.

Setting up the Canon PIXMA MP150 is fairly quick and easy. MP150 prints really fast on black and white (up to 22PPM) for a low price inkjet printer. Besides its printouts are sharp for texts, decent for graphics and very nice for color pictures. All paper sizes are supported from 4R to 4A. This is the first all-in-one printer made in VietNam that I have purchased. The quality is super and durable for the very low price, and has been rated as the best all around all-in-one printer from many reliable hightech publication sources. Highly recommended.

By pnghiem - Jul 25, 2006

MP150 Printer

Strengths: Fast, good-quality print. Easy-to-use photocopy function.

Weakness: Odd print cartridge rack design. Relatively slow scanner.

The MP150 has an unusual futuristic design that is both appealing and functional. The control panel is nicely laid out, and the eject paper tray doesn't stick out very far.

I am pleasantly surprised at the fast printer speed overall, though the time-to-tray elapsed time when scanning in photocopy mode seems rather slow to me in black-and-white mode. I haven't tried a color scan yet.

The printer cartridges snap into place only with quite a bit of force applied, but then are solidly mounted. Everything works, but the finger pressure needed to insert and remove them is more than other printers I've owned.

Printer set up was easy with the included CD-ROM. The print head alignment pattern page took quite a while to print, but unlike my old HP printer, Canon corrects any misalignment settings without having to reprint the page, which is nice and saves on ink.

I had to find a bigger space for this new printer to be stored as it is physically quite large, but it's certainly going to get a lot of use since it's a real capable machine.

By dallrich - Jun 28, 2006

Decent Printer for the Money

Strengths: Good print quality, easy to use, carts are refillable

Weakness: Typical plastic parts are made to break eventually, PPM are less than advertised.

This is an average quality printer. Like most printers nowadays, the print quality is good but they make them out of cheap materials so eventually they need replaced because something breaks. I don't think this is any better than a myriad of other printers out there, so I would wait until I could get it on sale.

By m_corbelli - Jun 26, 2006

MP150 All in one.

Strengths: Scanner, Print quality. Multifunction

Weakness: Ink Expensive and used fast. little noisy.

I like this printer, despite the fact the ink seems to be flying. I originally got it for my home business then decided to use it mainly for scanning and printing for directions and sometimes pictures for general use. Every time I have printed a picture it comes out really nice. Being able to connect your camera and print directly from the camera is an added feature that many printers have now.
Scanning and coping is very easy one touch and it’s done. One thing I would have liked on this printer would’ve been LCD for pictures. The little screen it does have is really useless.

Sometimes I don't like the noises that come out of the printer but I called Canon to ask about that and they said it was normal. I got it at compusa after rebate so I really didn’t pay that much, so I can live with minimum noise. As for the ink it is expensive, it comes with black and tricolor inks, no USB cable. Remember this printer does not have any card reader built in so if you are looking for that feature look for a different printer.

Overall not a bad printer if you only pay about $30, but since Canon makes money on the ink, you will end up paying more in the long run.

By aceskull - Sep 5, 2006

Great budget AIO printer

Strengths: professional photo printing, fast speed, good scanning function, cheap price

Weakness: expensive cartridges, printing noise

This is a very good AIO printer if you have a limited budget. The printer is small and does not take much space. No PC is needed for printing. It can print fast borderless output from variable size paper up to A4.The copy function can copy up to 22 copies per minute in mono and up to 17 copies per minute in color. The built-in scanner has a 1200 x 2400 dpi resolution for crisp and clear scans. It is USB 2.0 compatible.

By jen05 - Jul 11, 2006

Don't pay to much for this one

Strengths: Good low end all in one, Fast copy and scan, small foot print, printer speed, ease of use,

Weakness: no media cards, paper holder small batch, top of scanner is not flat, so if you need to scan something oversized it comes out blurry

Great low end all in one, this would be a great printer to take to school or have as a back up to a nice photo printer. For the price ($60 ) after mir, great value. First canon so far very happy for what it is.

By fatsmoker - Jul 13, 2006

Leaking cartridges, not a very good after sales service

Strengths: None, sorry I brought it

Weakness: Leaks ink from cartridges, noisy, after sales service not acceptable at all, have had this printer replaced once for the same reason, had ink everywhere, desk, floor, wall

I contacted Canon about the problems,this is in Melbourne Australia, had to wait 20 mins before I was connected, told to take the printer back from where I purchased it, had the first one replaced, in July, this one I sent back a week ago for the same problem. Service centre states that I have used refilled cartridges, which is absoulte garbage, have only used Canon 40 & 41 cartridges, contacted Canon in Melbourne to be told that they had received a photo of the insides of the machine, and they could not understand why there was ink on the cartridges, even though , the reason why it went back was because the cartridges were leaking, asked what they were going to do about the problem, Canon supervisor said that the service centre would clean it and then give it back.

I have gone through 5 sets of cartriges since July, and that it not including the ones that came with the machine, I have not printed 500 pages as yet, and so far this has cost me $ 350.00 at least in cartridges. Plus I have ink stains all over my desk, the floor, and the wall behind the printer.

I would not recommend this machine to anyone, the Canon organistaion in Melbourne Australia are not very helpful at all, the ink cartridges are very expensive, and there are other better machines on the market. I would not take one of these machines if it was given to me for nothing.

By suzymay - Nov 1, 2006


Strengths: I got this after rebates for free. So far it prints fine. It also has a scanner which is a nice feature.

Weakness: None yet

I am wary of Canon Printers because I've had problems with them just after one year... This one is diferent because the print head is in the cartridge. The others had a separate one. Someone told me to soak my Canon 470 cartidges in Windex overnight and it worked for a while but enventually it died.

By jaydiane - Jul 3, 2006

Ink too costly

Strengths: Great print quality. User friendly.

Weakness: Ink cartridges very small and very expensive compared to HP. Also, you can't get these refilled anywhere!

Stick with HP. This is a great printer, but the ink costs is just too high to justify keeping it. If I could walk into Walgreens and get the cartridge refilled like I can with HP, I would choose this printer over HP. I just can't buy cartridges every three weeks. And, by the way, we use this strictly for home use, mostly on draft mode, or grayscale. The printer just sucks ink.

By anonymous; - Mar 9, 2008

Mp 150 good all in one.

Strengths: Multifunction, fast speed, nice scanning job.

Weakness: Ink expensive

I can't complain much about this printer, it works great. All its features are easy to use, printing, scanning, and coping. I replaced my old Epson printer with this one. Having a built in scanner has been a blessing. It prints realistic like pictures. I ended up with this printer for free, so I can't really complain, other than the fact ink is a little pricey. I even plugged my camera to the printer and was easily sent the picture to be printed.

I'm happy with it.

By imran2 - Sep 29, 2006


Strengths: works as advertised, better than the competition

Weakness: doesn't do anything really well

This is an adequate low end AIO. Black & white quality is very good, things like color web pages are fine also. Photos are OK, but nothing like what a 6 color photo printer can produce.

The scanner is again OK for non-critical tasks like saving receipts, but speed and quality are not really good enough for something like scanning favorite photos.

The software installed and worked correctly, which doesn't sound like much but is more than some other vendors can manage.

Overall this printer is not bad, and is superior to comparable Epson and HP low end AIOs. It would make a good starter or backup printer, with the bonus of the scanner.

By edavid - Sep 28, 2006

MP150 Printer Color Inkjet Printer

Strengths: Great quality

Weakness: ink a little expensive, somewhat slow scanning speed.

With this combination printer scanner and copier from Canon, you will be able to meet your everyday printing and copying needs. I have not had any major issues with this printer and the software is very intuitive. I would like to point out that the ink is a little on the expensive side and the scanner, compared to my previous HP all in one, is a little on the slow side. The final quality of print is very good though, so I can live with it being a little slow.

By hadjih - Sep 8, 2006

Great compact multi-functioning machines!

Strengths: Compact design, high quality print, cheap price, can print directly from camera

Weakness: The screen on the machine is too simple, not much use. Printing noise.

This compact all-in-one printer scanner and copier is easy to use. I love the picture quality it prints, just the same as other online printing services! The printing speed is also fast. The connection is USB 2.0 and it is very easy to hook up with your computer. I do not print much but till now this machine is quite impressive. I will recommend this.

By myxp - Aug 21, 2006

Canon MP150 Printer Color Inkjet Printer all in one

Strengths: All in one printer, fast, good-quality print, photocopy function.

Weakness: cartridges are expensive

This is a very nice AIO printer. The printer is tiny. The speed is fast, print quality is good as well. The photocopy function is so easy to use. This printer is also USB 2.0 compatiable. The price of this printer is also very cheap, although the cartridges are kind of expensive.

By geoffreyz2000 - Jul 13, 2006

cheap simple all in one printer

Strengths: print fast, the quality is acceptable

Weakness: no card reader slot, No LCD for photos

I use this printer to copy flowers and leaves to my mail letter, the speed is fast and the quality is acceptable.
It can print photos directly from DC.

Howere, no card reader slot, can not print it directly from SD card etc.

By anonymous; - Jul 6, 2006

simple, cheap all in one printer

Strengths: print fast and good

Weakness: no LCD for photos, only support copy number up to 9

I use this printer to copy the flowers and leaves to my mail. The speed is good, and quality is acceptable.
It can print via digital camera directly. But no card slot, can not read SD card, and memory stick etc.
But for the price, it is good.

By xip4 - Jul 6, 2006

Decent AIO for the money

Strengths: Good color print quality and ink is MUCH cheaper than for a comparable HP model.

Weakness: Slower print speed than the advertised 18PPM

I bought this printer mainly to use as a secondary printer and for scanning in documents. The scanner is adequate, but not nearly as good as most stand-alone flatbed scanners. The printer makes nice, crisp copies and prints but the advertised print speed of UP TO 18ppm is just not true.

By brentpresley - Jun 18, 2006

Canon Pixma MP150

Canon Pixma MP150 receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 2.64 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #31 all-in-one printer of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS' formula gives a picture of important consumer features, market value, and a...
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By - Jul 16, 2008

The Canon PIXMA MP150 is an entry-level...

The Canon PIXMA MP150 is an entry-level multifunction photo inkjet printer from Canons Photo All-in-One Inkjet series. The printer offers print, copy, and scan functionality, making it suitable for basic home use. It is a step up from the MP130 since it features faster print speeds of 22ppm black, 17ppm color, and can print a 4" x 6" borderless photo in 55 seconds. The PIXMA MP150...
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