Patriot Memory Signature Line 1GB PC3200 DDR DIMM Memory Kit

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Memory Bandwidth: PC3200

Memory Size: 1 GB

Memory Socket: DIMM

Error Checking: Non-ECC

Memory Technology: DDR-SDRAM (DDRRAM)

Number of Modules: 2


Product Title: Patriot Memory Signature Line 1GB PC3200 DDR DIMM Memory Kit

Manufacturer: Patriot Memory

Power Score: 4.7 | 9 Reviews

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Product Reviews (9)

Fast memory at a slightly premium price

Strengths: Speed ratings, compatibility, solid performance

Weakness: Price

Works great on my i865 Abit AI7 board. It read the speed ratings rwrong at first but was easy to manually change. Read at first boot as 2.5 4-4-7 and changed to 2.5-3-3-7. I was also able to midify at run at CAS 2.0 with this set. The only thing I am not able to run at 1T which was a little disappointing. Overal for the $10-15 extra above the value ram this wasn't a bad deal. Would purchase...
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By fvpawli - Dec 17, 2006

Patriot PSD1G400KH CL 2.5 memory.

Strengths: Fast, heatspreader & low cost, reliable. Dual Channel.

Weakness: none

Works great with my AMD 64 +3200 processor and Abit mother board. Added it to my existing 1 GB memory for a total of 2 GBs. Games work great and don't lock up. Heat reducers help keep memory cool. Plug and play and easy install.
Free tech support and a lifetime warranty on this product.
Made in USA. Excellent RAM, excellent value!
I would recommend it to anyone.

By overtork - Jun 3, 2006

No problems on new system

Strengths: Price, heat spreaders.

Weakness: None

Bought this memory as part of a new system with a Gigabyte motherboard and AMD Athlon 64. So far, no problems after 3 months of use. I have always used Kingston memory in the past, and try to avoid generic memory. This memory was cheaper at the time I was building my system, and came with the heat spreaders. I don't pay much attention to boot times or latency as long as the system doesn't crash...
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By r_sweene - Apr 8, 2006

Patriot Memory PSD1G400KH

Strengths: fast low ,CAS, heatspreader

Weakness: none so far

I Got it from newegg at $70AR to go with AMD CPU,and have been very pleased so far.Runs stable and fast along,also as it has low latency,would recommend it to anyone

By light_tang - Feb 23, 2006

Awesome Memory for the price

Strengths: Its

Weakness: Nothing so far, works great with my FIC Cube.

If your looking for fast performance and a great price, look no further. This memory is fast and has been stable for 72hours. Go out and buy this

By wcthai69 - Jan 13, 2006

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