Corsair 512MB DDR SDRAM Memory Module

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The Value Select line provides quality, tested, compatible desktop memory at competitive prices. The Value Select line is qualified for major current desktop systems. All Value Select modules are backed by Corsair's comprehensive warranty.

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Memory Bandwidth: DDR400/PC3200

Memory Size: 512 MB

Memory Socket: 184-pin

Memory Technology: DDR SDRAM

Error Checking: Non-ECC

CAS Latency: CL2.5

Number of Modules: 1 x 512 MB


Product Title: Corsair 512MB DDR SDRAM Memory Module

Manufacturer: Corsair

Lowest Price: $19.99 from

Power Score: 4.6 | 22 Reviews

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Very solid memory

Strengths: Very good price, very reliable, Corsair name brand

Weakness: none that I know of

I purchased this stick of memory to update my computer from 512MB to 1GB. What a difference it made! My first stick of RAM was from Buffalo, and since I couldn't find any more of that, I choose Corsair. I was happy with a stick of their memory I bought for a computer I built for my mother about 2 months earlier. Since Buffalo and Corsair memory OC differently, I can't OC the memory with both in,...
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By FormerFirebirdOwner - Sep 24, 2005

Price is great, just above...

Strengths: Price, latency and timing performance, firm reputation, lifetime warranty.

Weakness: Memtest86 error at consistent address in one of two sticks when testing both together in Athlon 64 rig.

Price is great, just above bottom-of-the-barrel sticks and with good 2.5-3-3-7 timings instead of the 3-4-4-8's you otherwise see. The firm reputation is good, so you'd probably be able to cash in the lifetime warranty should you need. The downside is that while each of the two sticks I bought tested perfectly alone, with both together in the same AMD64 setup, memtest86 threw an error in Test 6...
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By wcw - Jan 20, 2005

Excellent RAM - very fast. I...

Strengths: Speed (latency 2.5CAS), price. Good for dual channel.

Weakness: No heat spreader, and sometimes freezes when overclocked.

Excellent RAM - very fast. I actually over clocked mine to 442 MHz, but when I did, it seemed to freeze more than normal, so I put it back. I really wish this came with a heat spreader - maybe if it had one, it wouldn't freeze when overclocked. I will be getting a spreader. Excellent overall. ***Update*** I got a heat spreader, and my system has never been more stable. Would definitely buy again.
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By glwinc - Dec 11, 2004

PC3200 RAM with decent timings...

Strengths: Great price / performance ratio. Quality, performance name brand. LIFETIME warranty.

Weakness: Not an over-clocker's product (not really a weakness)

PC3200 RAM with decent timings 'out of the box' typically will run 30 to 50% more money. Corsair is know for it's performance and dependability. Stability is great at rated speeds, but I wouldn't advise overlcocking this RAM. For those of you inclined to get more speed than rated from stuff, pay a bit more for special RAM and enjoy yourselves. But for those of us who's budget vs. performance does...
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By wrhovland - Sep 15, 2004

Low price ram from a well known...

Strengths: Reliable brand, low price, installed and worked good, performance good

Weakness: None found

Low price ram from a well known co. Reliable operation. No problems what so ever. Lifetime warrenty. Compatible with most motherboards. Perfomance is good. Recomend highly.

By bops - Sep 12, 2004

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