Corsair 1GB DDR SDRAM Memory Module

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The Value Select line provides quality, tested, compatible desktop memory at competitive prices. The Value Select line is qualified for major current desktop systems. All Value Select modules are backed by Corsair's comprehensive warranty.

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Memory Size: 1 GB

Memory Bandwidth: DDR400/PC3200

Memory Socket: 184-pin

Error Checking: Non-ECC

Memory Technology: DDR SDRAM

Number of Modules: 2 x 512 MB

CAS Latency: CL2.5


Product Title: Corsair 1GB DDR SDRAM Memory Module

Manufacturer: Corsair

Lowest Price: $34.99 from NewEgg Marketplace

Power Score: 4.5 | 30 Reviews

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Product Reviews (10)

An excellent value

Strengths: Performance, heat spreaders/heatsink, DDR Dual Channel, runs cool

Weakness: None that I can think of

I recently built a PC and used 2GB PC2100 RAM. The first game I tried was Battlefield 2. I instantly set it to the highest settings and began playing. It ran smoothly except when moving into a new area or zooming in on things with a sniper rifle. A week later, I received and installed this memory. While only 1GB, this RAM performed significantly better than the 2GB PC2100. Load times in games...
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By laboye - Aug 7, 2006


Strengths: The Best I see but not the cheapest i bought...

Weakness: it's so annoying to not find his weaknesses...

With normal timings i have the choice between CORSAIR and MDT. But for overclocking or aggressive timings i would prefer CORSAIR. Without to use for overclocking, i would prefer MDT cause it's more cheaper.

By anonymous; - Dec 29, 2005

VS1GBKIT400 by Corsair, Review

Strengths: Fastest DDR Memory for the price, Lifetime warrenty, Excellent Quality, Runs very cool at default speeds

Weakness: No heat spreaders (only needed for overclocking)

When I went looking to upgrade my ram, I decided that Dual Channel was the way to go. I found that out of all the cheapest DDR400 (PC3200) RAM that the Corsair Value Select ram actually had the absolute best timing with 2.5 CAS and yet was still cheaper than Kingston CAS 3 Dual Channel. Hearing all the horror stories about people getting ram and finding out it was faulty, I decided to run some...
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By ericzart - Sep 2, 2005

Hard to beat for the $$$ .

Strengths: Very stable and reliable , Corsair quality and warranty .

Weakness: none found

Corsair makes some of the most reliable , quality memory available . Ive been using Corsair memory for the better part of 5+ years without a single problem .
Corsairs "Value Select" is a definite value without comprimising on quality and matches very well next to the more expensive XMS. I have both the "Value Select" and "XMS" series , and both are excellant .

By stereo555 - Sep 2, 2005

Corsair Valueselect is great.

Strengths: Fast,cheap,lifetime warranty.

Weakness: None that I can notice.

This is a good, cheap gigabyte of quick ram that works perfectly in dual channel mode without randomly rebooting like the kingston valueram in my old setup. I recommend this to anyone and everyone. I recently changed timing to 1T to see what would happen. According to Sandra the bandwidth went from about 4800mbs/sec to around 5700 mbssec. I then tried memtest and made it through 2 passes with no...
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By Brannigan - May 7, 2005

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