NZXT PP500 500W Power Supply

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Introducing the NZXT Performance Power 500W: stable, clean and efficient power are delivered through dual individual voltage rails to provide your system with safe and performance. The Performance Power boasts plenty of SATA and Power connections for high end video cards and multimedia devices.

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Power Rating: 500 W


Product Title: NZXT PP500 500W Power Supply

Manufacturer: NZXT

Power Score: 4.5 | 2 Reviews

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Product Reviews (2)

Great PS, everything I wanted

Strengths: Good, smooth power, VERY quiet

Weakness: None

I got this PS about three months ago and have been very happy. It's lightweight but has a very solid build. Plenty of connectors, and, most importantly, it's QUIET. I'd buy another in a second.

By linda_greenwich - Feb 15, 2008

Feels light, works well so far

Strengths: plenty of connections, SATA, 20pin/24 pin, 12V for MB, and PCI-E x16 power

Weakness: feels light, indicative of non-heavy duty

The power supply works pretty well so far. Performance has been stable and it has all the connection- Besides the standard power for floppy and PATA/optical drives, it has SATA, 12V for mother board and PCI-E. It is lighter than expected. The weight depend on the size of capacitor which determines the quality of the power. The stability of the power supply may decrease faster than the ones with...
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By simbawang - Feb 10, 2008

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