Antec 550 Watt ATX12V Power Supply


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These power supplies feature dedicated output circuitry for each voltage so that each output delivers maximum power whenever you need it. To make sure these voltages stay accurate, TruePower also includes voltage feedback circuitry to improve system stability. New Low Noise Technology, system noise is substantially reduced, too. The power supply fans run at the lowest speed appropriate to load and conditions, controlled by an advanced temperature response system that outperforms previous solutions.

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Power Rating: 550 W

Product Type: ATX12V Power Supply


Product Title: Antec 550 Watt ATX12V Power Supply

Manufacturer: Antec

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Power Score: 4.6 | 5 Reviews

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I have an Alien Ware that I bought...

Strengths: So quite the only way I can tell if my computer is on is by looking at the hard drive light.

Weakness: Absolutely none

I have an Alien Ware that I bought in the beginning of 2001. The computer has served me well all this time, but I had grown accustom the roaring fan systems. The sound of such to not only annoy me on many an occasion and cause other family members to complain. My old PSU was only a 340W and with new AGP and PCI cards added and a filling of the drive bays, that prompted me to consider upgrading...
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By andrinoid - Jan 3, 2005

I'm running a system vith quite a...

Strengths: Lots of power to spread around, very stable power levels, small

Weakness: none, and believe me, I TRIED to find one

I'm running a system vith quite a few components reputed to be power hogs, and I'll admit that I was worried about the amount of power being used, even with a 550-watt supply. But no, no power shortages, no voltage instability, no problems whatsoever. I can't comment on noise, since I'm running five other 80mm fans, but it stays very cool without starting tornados in the room like my last couple...
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By Rehlyimah - Apr 11, 2004

Besides the fan connectors...

Strengths: Rated at 550 Watt Constant Power SATA Connectors. Special Fan Connectors. 2 90 MM fans to keep it cool. Extremely quiet. 20-pin Mainboard power input cable is shielded in mesh for better air flo

Weakness: Fan Connectors do not provide adequate power to the fans and will let your system overheat. Not enough Molex Output connectors. Mass of wires that is hard to hide and to keep out of the airflow's wa

Besides the fan connectors providing minimal power and causing my system fans to barely run and thus allowing my system to overheat, and besides the rats nest of wires that stick ouf the PSU and them being almost impossible to form into any sort of shape to allow airflow around the inside of your case, it's a damn good PSU. It's quiet, has dual 90 MM fans. Lots of features, it even has an...
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By resurrection20 - Feb 17, 2004

Had to resolve INFINITE LOOP...

Strengths: Lots of Power cables available.Made my AMD computer VERY quiet! Its true! Nice Online INFO FAQ (I suggest you read about it before you buy it) Very popular with PC addicts.

Weakness: NONE!!! cant say it enuff!! except for the fact that its not like the true control 550

Had to resolve INFINITE LOOP ERRORS. And didnt mind buying this one to replace the crappy 400watt psu I had (came along with the barebone system) Online forums highly suggested this. I had and ATI RADEON 9700 and a NFORCE mobo. Turns out the RADEON was a power HOG! My computer would black out when playing games. So this pretty much helped. You wont need this PSU if you dont have INFINITE loops....
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By JKVV - May 24, 2003

I installed this power supply to...

Strengths: This supply provides stability at each connector and is extremely quiet, excellent for gamers and any high performance system. It is also rated for continuous power at 550w and many others aren't.

Weakness: none

I installed this power supply to resolve standby mode problems and infrequent crashes that required shutdowns and rebooting, and also after not being able to determine my exact power requirements for various PCI cards and my VGA video card as the individual manufacturer techs could not provide this information. -- WELL WORTH THE MONEY -- *note This power supply will make many computers more...
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By AlexanderAkulick - Jan 26, 2003

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