Sony DRU-500AX DVD-Writer

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High Performance Dual RW DVD/CD Recorder for Microsoft Windows 98SE,Windows Millennium Edition,Windows 2000, and Windows XP Operating Systems

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Type of Drive: DVD-Writer

Internal/External: Internal

Interface Type: 40-pin IDC


Product Title: Sony DRU-500AX DVD-Writer

Manufacturer: Sony

Power Score: 3.6 | 9 Reviews

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Product Reviews (9)

At 10 months I thought the MYDVD...

Strengths: Plays and records CD's fine

Weakness: Made coasters out of DVDs. After 1 year you pay $20.00 for 2 weeks of remedial manual reading support. No Authorize repair for units after 1 year warranty. Its really disposable.

At 10 months I thought the MYDVD upgrade was the problem but at 2 months past the warranty I found out different. Hours of having the Support read things to try each day lead no where. I found dozens of post for help in many web forums with simular problems and no solution replies. Most listed 10 to 15 things they were told by the MFG to do that might fix it but still like myself, it was useless....
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By rbcheck - Apr 8, 2004

Buy a Plextor 708 and save the...

Strengths: It Worked fine for 12 months

Weakness: lasts for a little over a soon as the warranty runs out.Horrible customer service. Not worth repairing

Buy a Plextor 708 and save the headaches! Thats what I did. Wow! I love this drive. better at reading and so much faster.Comes with some good software too

By gonzanator - Feb 21, 2004

I bought this unit some months...

Strengths: it records +r discs

Weakness: it does not record -r discs at 4x, only at 2x, and is very fussy about some brands

I bought this unit some months ago. It performed ok with +r discs, and with some -r when recording at 2x; when I started trying 4x -r discs, I found out it would not record, some would give an error, and sometimes the unit would block completely, and the computer had to be restarted. Some brands would record well most of the time, but some would give errors, especially the cheaper ones, so I...
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By MikeF_pt - Oct 7, 2003

You must get updates from Roxio...

Strengths: Works will all formats. Works with most software. (Nero, Roxio, RecordNow, Alcohol 120%, Clone CD, DVDXCOPY & Express)

Weakness: Very expensive. The Software bundle stinks. Blank DVD roms also very pricey!

You must get updates from Roxio and Nero to get the drive to become present. Go to Sony's website to get the latest updates for its driver to reach the 4X speed. Overall, this was the best investment I made. Just make sure you buy good blank discs. This drive is a fussy one! Sony or TDK all the way in the blank dvd rom area. you can use just about anything when burning cds. It was well worth the...
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By jonkev14 - Aug 17, 2003

Few things I have bought have...

Strengths: Worked perfectly right from the get-go

Weakness: Somewhat more pricey than the others.

Few things I have bought have worked as flawlessly as this drive. The software that came with it I already had and use(NTI DVD Record) and it works great. Could not be happier with this purchase of the Sony, although I'm sure my other choices, the Pioneer and the Plextor would have work well also.

By jack_bunce - Jun 22, 2003

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