Samsung SM-352B CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive


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CD-RW and DVD-ROM in one mechanismAdopting Superlink (Buffer Under Run Proof Technology)Supporting DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM Discs Read : Multi ReadSupporting Ultra DMA 2 ModeSupports Mt.Rainier

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Type of Drive: CD/DVD Combo Drive

Internal/External: Internal

Interface Type: 1 x 40-pin IDC Ultra ATA/33 (ATA-4) - EIDE/ATAPI


Product Title: Samsung SM-352B CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive

Manufacturer: Samsung

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Power Score: 4.3 | 18 Reviews

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All in all, this was a decent...

Strengths: It burns at the advertised speed, it allows me to play my DVD's on the computer, which is great!

Weakness: It is a bit noisy when first starting up, Nero 5.5 software needed to be upgraded to burn at 52X

All in all, this was a decent piece of hardware. After finally stepping up from my 24X burner, this is a lifesaver. I can burn disk VERY quickly. I have heard of other reviews with coasters burned, but the first 12 disks I have burned have been fine. I would recommend this drive to others. In fact, I liked it so much, I bought another just today for another machine of mine.

By buzzz - Jan 4, 2005

The unit was set up easily....

Strengths: Very easy to install, Burns at advertised speed, reads at advertised speed

Weakness: None that I could find

The unit was set up easily. Samsung's website had the latest drivers available. The unit was OEM not shipped with software, so getting the drivers was absolutely necessary. It works with the NERO 6 software I have installed. It found the drive right away, and I have been up and running since. Needing another drive for my other computer, I purchase another just today because I was so impressed. I...
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By mlrtyme - Jan 4, 2005

Overall I am very happy with the...

Strengths: Durability, reliability, quality of playback. High quality looking product.

Weakness: Possible quality issues copying cd's at the highest speed.

Overall I am very happy with the drive. It plays back cd's flawlessly, it has been durable and reliable. Nero software which comes with it, is relatively easy to use, and is very versatile. I have been using the drive mainly for ripping cd's to my external H/Drive, and in making copies of cd's for playback in my car or office. I have watched a few dvd's and it does an excellent job. One problem I...
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By tonycat - Dec 7, 2004

I'd give it a higher raiting if it...

Strengths: Pricing and DVD playability are adequate...

Weakness: @ least 10 coasters from nero if burning an image. Regular data cds are okay but that kills the bootability of OS cds.

I'd give it a higher raiting if it didn't sound like a 747 taking off when it spins up. I have an MSI Mega PC and between that and the samsung 352, the eject button is a regular struggle.....

Two Thumbs in my ears to quiet the noise......

By obsidian96 - Oct 31, 2004

If you are looking for a quality...

Strengths: Powerful burner, using a P4 3.06 HT CPU, & 1GB of DDR400, I am able to achieve advertised burning speeds, everytime. The 8MB cache is a bonus, you won't find elsewhere in the same pricerange.

Weakness: None. Very strong tray, & is as quite as a chruch mouse in operaation

If you are looking for a quality combo device for burning CD's & viewing or ripping DVD's for backup, this is the drive for you. In present day computers, this drive performs flawlessly. I've read the eject button is tempermental, but in my PC, as well as the 27 I've built for others, with this drive, not one has has this problem... Priced for budget, but outperformed the same Performance Combo's...
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By pcfixinman - Aug 28, 2004

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