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The Stylish black PX-740UF drive delivers state-of-the-art recording speeds of 8X DVD+R Double-Layer (DL) and 4X DVD-R Dual Layer (DL) DVD (8.5 GB), as well as 16X DVD±R on recommended single-layer DVD media. The external drive supports dual interface Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and full-speed compliant IEEE-1394 FireWire, perfect for PC or Mac!. Burst data transfer rates for the external drive are 16.7 MB/sec for PIO Mode-4, 16.7 MB/sec for DMA-2, and 33.3 MB/sec for Ultra DMA33.

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Type of Drive: DVD-Writer

Internal/External: External

Interface Type: USB 2.0, FireWire/i.LINK


Product Title: Plextor Lotus LearningSpace Forum - License - 1 User

Manufacturer: Plextor

Power Score: 4.5 | 16 Reviews

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Excellent Device

Strengths: We are in 2010 and I still use this device. It is very fast and reliable. No problems with different medias. No problems with ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. If you still can find one... BUY IT!

Weakness: Well, the cooling fan makes some noise, but who cares? We are burning DVDs!

The best DVD-burner ever. Reliable, compatible. Some say it's ugly but for me it's just beautiful. Black, bold and solid. That's what I call hardware. Even if it's second hand it's quite expensive but it's worth every cent.

By anonymous; - Feb 17, 2010

Crashed my system everytime

Strengths: Since it only actually worked one time on my system, I personally don't have anything to say here.

Weakness: Since everyone else loves this product, I think it may be my old (2+ years) toshiba satellite laptop that can't handle this burner?!

If you have an older computer, I can't say that recommend this burner. Everytime I turned the Plextor on, my system completely crashed! Aside from the first time I tried and successfully burned 1 cd, I am very unhappy with its performance.

By sweetjimmie - Oct 11, 2006

Always Plextor

Strengths: High quality product.

Weakness: N/A

This is my second Plextor dvd burner. I bought my first Plextor for my DELL desktop. It is an internal one. It works great. Fast and reliable. Then I decided to buy an external one and here I am. All I would say for Plextor is a high quality product. Much better than other brand name.

By songwei67 - May 22, 2006

Plextor PX-740UF

Strengths: powerful, reliable,excellent burner

Weakness: none so far

I bought this one coz' people said that it's rebadged Benq 1640 which is thought as one of the best burners. It's the first one I own, so I could not tell the difference between it and other ones. But I am quite satisfied with it. Some people said it's bulky and heavy. I think it's normal for external DVD burner, since it requires 5.25 inch enclosure. It's not like the ones for hard drive. As to...
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By woodbear - May 6, 2006

Plextor PX-740UF

Strengths: reliable, fast operation; nice appearance; good rebate offers

Weakness: noisy cooling fan, no included firewire cable

PX-740UF has been a fast and reliable DVD burner which can handle all formats available including the dual-layer media. Its enclosure is presentable as well. I took advantage of a good rebate offer which makes the final price very competitive. However, the cooling fan is noisy - noticeably more so than other external DVD-burners. Additionally, Plextor did not include a firewire cable (a USB cable...
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By login4k - Apr 11, 2006

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