Plextor PX-708A DVD-Writer

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The Plextor PX-708A delivers the fastest performance in dual formats: 8X DVD+R write, 4X DVD-R write, 4X DVD+RW rewrite, 2X DVD-RW rewrite, and 12X DVD-ROM read. In addition to recording, rewriting and reading DVD discs in dual formats, the PX-708A supports 40X CD-R write, 24X CD-RW rewrite and 40X CD-ROM read speeds. All in one drive. Create a 4.7 GB disc on DVD media in about 8 minutes. You won't find a better DVD recordable drive to create, edit and share customized DVDs and CDs with friends and family using video, photo, audio and data. Capture, archive, organize and personalize your home movies and photos on DVD, VCD, mini DVD and SVCD. Create photo slide shows, complete with transitions and music. Burn your photos to Video CD to play on most DVD players. You can also back up and archive 4.7 GB on a single-sided recordable DVD disc or create photo albums for viewing with DVD players and much more.

Quick Glance

Type of Drive: DVD-Writer

Internal/External: Internal

Interface Type: 1 x Mini-phone Stereo Headphone, 1 x 40-pin IDC EIDE/ATAPI, 1 x 2-pin S/PDIF, 1 x 4-pin MPC Audio Line Out


Product Title: Plextor PX-708A DVD-Writer

Manufacturer: Plextor

Power Score: 4.6 | 30 Reviews

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You can't go wrong with the exceptional Plextor drives!

Strengths: Unique Plextor features (read specs on website), excellent reliability, quiet, not a single coaster after ~200 burns

Weakness: NERO not included, but Roxio/Sonic instead. Not a big deal if you already own Nero like myself.

Plextor is still the king :) Not a single coaster yet, and that is while on the internet downloading a file, while playing Dungeon Siege, and McAfee I.S. suite running 100%, plus BOINC (SETI@Home) doing analysis in the background. You can see when there was a buffer-underrun by the color of the blinking light - but BURN-Proof works flawlessly. Add the fact that a 40x CD-Audio disc is the exact...
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By Poseidonas - Jun 18, 2006

I had been happly burning DVD's...

Strengths: (when it works) burn speed

Weakness: reliability

I had been happly burning DVD's when one day a burn took over an hour, then the second burn errored out after 30 min. Plextor says check DMA, and use good media. I used Plextors own Media that was included, bought more Maxell and TDK Checked DMA, still the DVD burner burns at .9x to 1x. Plextor does not seem like they want repair the burner under warranty. I spent over $150 a few months back and...
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By bochba - Oct 27, 2004

I burned a compressed back up of a...

Strengths: Ez install and compatable with XP home. Software bundle works fine. Burns disc fast and accurate

Weakness: Read time is long but as fast as any other. Roxio does not make exact copy of compressed DVD.

I burned a compressed back up of a 6.7GB DVD to a 4.7 blank disc. REad time 20 minutes Burned in just over 8 minutes. An exact flawless copy. I own to many expensive DVD collections to have to worry about scratches ruining things. I paid twice as much for a Sony writer last year that is half as fast. It lasted just 2 months over the warranty date and made lots of coasters. My 15 year old Plextor...
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By rbcheck - Apr 8, 2004

This is my 4th Plextor drive....

Strengths: Absolutely does what it says.

Weakness: Not a one.

This is my 4th Plextor drive. These are the best CD/DVD drives on the market. Don't buy anything else. Haven't been disappointed yet. I no longer make coasters. Plextor is the tops in reliability. If you plan on burning to CD or DVD this is the drive for you.

By flaherty - Apr 2, 2004

Have had absolutely no trouble...

Strengths: Everything/Large DVD+R/W DVD-R/w compatability

Weakness: Nothing.

Have had absolutely no trouble with this drive from day 1. Burns on all media thrown at it, including cheap media as well as higher quality media. Works extremely well with Princo DVD-R and all DVD+R. My friend bought a liteon and since seeing my drive in action and burning the discs (quite a large range as well) that the liteon rejected, he has been regretting buying a cheaper brand and saving a...
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By jyoung2 - Mar 29, 2004

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