Pioneer DVR-A04 Silver DVD Drive

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Pioneer DVR-A04 2x DVD-RW Drive w/Software.

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Internal/External: Internal

Interface Type: IDE (ATA/EIDE/ATAPI)


Product Title: Pioneer DVR-A04 Silver DVD Drive

Manufacturer: Pioneer

Power Score: 4.6 | 5 Reviews

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When I first bought this recorder,...

Strengths: Burns great after firmware update, very reliable.

Weakness: Very loud, vibration is awful, slow burn rate, and awful software bundle.

When I first bought this recorder, the DVD-R would melt, literally. After updating the firmware, it worked great. My biggest issue, other than the DVD meltdown, is the noise & vibration problem. When the drivfe spins, it would create this vibration that is quite annoying, and adding to it the noise from the spinning of the drive my be quite loud for most ears. I hope that the DVR-A05 would...
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By platini - Apr 17, 2003

Had a lot of frustration with...

Strengths: This is a great unit! Every DVD has been burnt, AND PLAYS! No Failures.

Weakness: Software package was not great........

Had a lot of frustration with various software packages which I purchased to edit, and then burn DVD's (Dazzle, Mainactor, DVDit and other Sonic products). Many problems.

Then, two weeks ago I purchased "Pinnacle Studio 8", which is an editing and burning software. Now I am spitting out great DVD's with the A04, with no problems. It is as easy as burning CD's.........

By ploung - Sep 17, 2002

Please take these other reviews...

Strengths: Burns DVDs!!!! Does exactley what it says it does.

Weakness: I would have preferred it to come with a version of Nero that allowed you to make a Video DVD with it.

Please take these other reviews complaining about speed with a grain of salt. Also ignore the outrageous prices that are quoted for media. I have found 15 places in the last 5 minutes that have media for around a buck a piece. Speed is 1x with most media and it does take about 45 minutes to burn a DVD. 45 minutes for 4.7 GB. My 20x CD Burner can do 700 MB in about 5 mins. That means 4.7 GB (6-7...
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By MindShatter - Aug 21, 2002

ok, its pretty simple. This drive...

Strengths: Cost It burns DVDs

Weakness: Slow

ok, its pretty simple. This drive burns dvds/cds. however, because it is so cheap, i went searching for a downfall, and here it is: the speed. It reads CD at like... 24x. I suggest buying this and then going out and buying a normal, fast cd/dvd reader, youll still come out about $150 ahead of all the people who shelled out $500 for a fast DVD writer. Oh, and if u are gunna complain about how slow...
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By peonslicer - Aug 17, 2002

This drive has met my...

Strengths: Good compatibility. Fairly easy to use. Hardware works as expected. Great price.

Weakness: Software bundle stinks, the drive is slow (on par with other drives though)

This drive has met my expectations, and I would recommend it but plan on getting some more software if you plan on doing any serious video authoring. The software bundle, specifically Sonic MyDVD and VERITAS RecordNow DX is not easy to use, and in my opinion, is not sufficient for even my simple needs. The recordnow DX software is not user friendly for creating data DVDs/CDR-RWs. It is near...
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By esmithiii - Aug 16, 2002

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